Car Pros Burien Nissan Raising Money For Highline Medical Center Foundation

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Car Pros Burien Nissan (BTB Advertiser) has teamed up with the Highline Medical Center Foundation to help raise money – with every new car purchase made by Highline staff, volunteers and/or donors, Burien Nissan will donate $200 to the Foundation’s goal of $50,000.

Here’s more from a press release:

In addition, individuals will qualify for fleet pricing, which is not available to the public. This pricing is generally thousands off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price depending on the vehicle.

Highline Medical Center Foundation and Car Pros Nissan have a goal to reach the $50,000 by August of 2012. The campaign started Monday, Aug. 22nd with fleet pricing available immediately to all Highline staff, medical staff, volunteers and/or donors. Car Pros Nissan has a huge inventory of new, used and certified pre-owned vehicles to choose from. Fleet pricing will allow a stream-lined, reduced price, direct buying experience for those who are eligible and participate.

If you would like to take advantage of this fabulous fund raising opportunity, please call Matt Summers, Fleet/Internal Manager for Car Pros Nissan – Reference #081910 – at (206) 245-1075 or email him at [email protected].

Or if you would like to donate to Highline Medical Center Foundation, please log on to

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8 Responses to “Car Pros Burien Nissan Raising Money For Highline Medical Center Foundation”
  1. jimmy says:

    who the hell would want to support highline they hate people that are on welfare or ssi have you ever been in there er on Medicaid or Medicare they will will treat you like dirt its a shame support a good hospital like Virgina mason they actually care for people no matter of there insurance i mean its bad enough that your in a situation where you end up in a er but to get treated wrong just because of your insurance it just makes thing even worse and there ceo offices doesn’t seem to care and the fact that if you post bad comments about them on the Internet they will try to get them removed like this comment might even get removed since highline advertise is on here but i don’t care just trying to get the word out

  2. Really? says:

    Gee Jimmy, maybe with programs such as this put on by Burien Nissan, maybe the Foundation could help with your welfare or SSI bills? Or, maybe they are just responding to your attitude?

  3. Greg Duff says:

    Highline Hospital is a great hospital. Anytime I have had the misfortune of needing a hospital, I have found Highline to be a first class facility. The staff is not only very knowledgeable but extremely caring. Last year I ended up in a hospital in Paris which was a total nightmare. The day I got back I checked myself into Highline and I knew I was “home”.
    Kudos to Car Pros for their fund raising efforts on behalf of Highline Hospital. It is nice to see two first class Burien businesses working together.

  4. jimmy says:

    yes but witch insurance do you have that how they pick to treat people even some of there own employees get treated wrong at least in the er i have herd that some other parts of the hospital are fine but the staff in the er tend to be rude like when i went in two may be three days after there new er open my doctor told me to go to the er after checking me out for some stomach pain gave me a letter to take to the er explaining the problem the first nurse in the back to see me as soon as i came a round the corner she said o i have dealt with you before and i try to be a nice guy then she try to tell the doc that iam probably lying about my pain while she and the doc where standing at the end of the bed where i could here both them talking even after seeing my regular doctor and him giving me a physical exam of the area that was hurting now i have never had a problem with that nurse in the past but i have had a problem with a different doctor up there that try to yell at me because my back hurt really bad and he thought i was after drugs and i had to explain to him that no iam in a lot pain that is why i ended up here i did not want any drugs i wanted to get check out and try to figure out what was causing the pain and how to fix it if i needed to exercise or watch what iam lifting and how iam lifting stuff well after that experience i filled a complaint against that doctor that had nothing todo with that nurse just the doctor and i filled a complaint on a website call insider pages about my experience and i also end-up talking to ceo offices about theses problems well nothing happen except they got my comments plus the other bad comments all removed off the site and of coarse keep any good ones witch there was only one and about 5 or 6 bad ones yes they can be rather rude it depends on what insurance you have and with your credit in the area mr Duff that is probably why they where nice to you they know you have a little more power in the area than average joe smow you more likely to let other representatives in the area know about any problems that could get highline in deep pile of crap and can get more things done about it than a regular person like my self but anysways some people like that place some don’t just becareful if you choose to go there is i have to say about it thanks for reading this and sorry for any spelling/grammer errors

    • Really? says:

      Jimmy, sorry you have had less than expected experiences from Highline. It’s very hard for us to judge/understand your story in this forum, and I hope all has turned out well for you. However, I must balance out what you say about Highline. For many years, I have trusted my life to the staff of the Highline ER, and in all cases, have received wonderful caring treatment. I know many there, and value their work and friendship.

  5. Highline Medical Center says:

    We take all feedback very seriously and would like the opportunity to follow-up on your concerns directly. If you would like to share more information about your concerns, please email our Quality Department at [email protected].

    • jimmy says:

      well first off i would like to say sorry for my rant i did not realize it was that long but to highline medical center i have e-mail you about it when it happen i also talk to one the heads of your trustees witch how i got in contact the ceo offices at highline medical and nothing changed so yea some people have good experience i have some ok visits there but after my experiences i just choose not to go there anymore and leave it at that it is nice to hear that some people with Medicaid have been treated good but just be-careful i have not been there in a little over a year now i had to to go er last month and i went to virginia mason downtown and everyone there was just really nice and i mean everyone from the person at door to the people come to change garbage bags where extra nice and it actually made me feel better and i never felt like that from highline even with my few ok visits but i don’t want to rant and it probly won’t change anything anyways i have contacted all the offices that i need it to so i have given up on highline i even have a heart doc from there that my doc wants me see and iam probably going find someone else at a different location to treat me i just have no trust in highline

  6. Me says:

    I have medicaid, and I have never had a problem with Highline’s ER. Maybe your’s was just a special case. It sounds like it was a 1 time incident. Anyways, I always have, and will continue to, use Highline’s ER.

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