CARES Of Burien Has Over 60 Cats From A Single Home Up For Adoption

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Burien’s new CARES (‘Community Animal Resource & Education Society’) Animal Control recently rescued over 60 cats that were living with one person in Burien, and they’re hoping BTB Readers will lend a paw hand in finding homes for them.

CARES is waiving the usual $60 adoption fee as an incentive, but since these fees help fund CARES’ work, anyone who wishes to donate the fee back to CARES is greatly appreciated.

They initiated the rescue because the overwhelming number of cats had become an issue. With the owner’s agreement, CARES will remove the cats eight at a time and take them to the nonprofit Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project for spaying, neutering, checkup and rabies vaccination. The first appointments have been set for Oct. 3 and Oct. 6, and the cats will need homes immediately afterward.

CARES volunteers say the cats (and several kittens) they have come into contact with so far have been very friendly and loving despite their circumstances. The cats spend time outside as well as indoors.

Hard-sided plastic cat carriers are also needed to move the cats to and from the Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project since the project does not allow the use of cardboard carriers. Either temporary loan or permanent donation of the carriers would be appreciated.

CARES, which stands for Community Animal Resource & Education Society, is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides animal care and control services for Burien. The organization’s mission is to encourage responsible pet ownership and enforce animal laws and ordinances in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of people and animals in Burien.

To adopt a cat or for more information, call 206-81-CARES or email [email protected].

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29 Responses to “CARES Of Burien Has Over 60 Cats From A Single Home Up For Adoption”
  1. Erik says:

    Thank you Cares. This is very good news. I hope all of the naysayers will acknowledge that this is a step in the right direction.

  2. doglover says:

    A big THANK YOU C.A.R.E.S. I knew that all of you knew what to do to help,, We as a community just needed to give you time. I agree with Erik ! I hope the natsayers will start to support and help rather than be negative..

  3. Marianne says:

    Finally CARES is providing an actual animal control service for the $10,000 a month they receive from the city. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  4. feralcat says:

    Help what help they don’t even have enough hard carriers to get these poor cats to the FSCNP. Between FAF and FCAT we have tons, not to mention then getting them up there.
    They have no place to even put these cats, remember they don’t have any cages or shelter to speak of just a hole in the wall.

    IN other blogs I mentioned this might happen and said “cares” would NOT be prepared and guess what they ARE NOT. FAF and FCAT deal with fosters and chances of most fosters keeping these cats indefinitely is highly unlikely, not to mention adoptions are very slow at all shelters and rescues.. So trying to find homes for 8 cats in a week is highly unlikely not to mention these cats will get sick with URI.

    Also 8 at a time, really well guess what more will get pregnant and more kittens will be born. This organization is an absolute joke. ON average cats can have 3 litters a year. I aborted over 1000 kittens this year alone, not to mention over 600 already been s/n.

    oh I am a naysayer the facts speak for themselves they are NOT a shelter, a shelter would have taken ALL cats out of there that are friendly and get the ferals fixed. Would “cares” allow the feral to go back or KILL them? So $10,000.00 for since june, you haven’t had the opportunity to buy some carriers? Again ILL prepared, not mention asking for the 60. 00 to cover costs. I know a female only cost 25.00 at feral cat project, 15.00 to neuter a male, vaccine, 5 and advantage 5. Rabies, 5.00 at the FCSNP. Oh wait if this shelter they would OWN vaccines they could save money that way. Does this “shelter” have strondgid, to demworm, again why take to a vet to have to pay for that too. Advantage, um you can save a ton of money if you buy the large dog size of advantage you can treat up to 5 adults, instead of the small cats size as the same price. Again a waste of $10,000.00 down the drain.

    What about the ones that are not adoptable due tell what will happen with them? The city has said to kill them after 3 days to save money that is what Dr Kasper said in her interview, again another fact.

    What a joke


  5. doglover says:

    Its ALL about you and what you do and how you do it and what you would have done and how nobody can do it better than you. Your the joke !! Get a life…

    I donated 3 carriers for the cause, also 8 is a better start than none !! which is what you have done..NOTHING.. why you don’t you donate the use of a few of those 100’s of kennels.. I get it !! its not about you..

    Atleast C.A.R.E.S. is doing something abou the problem

  6. JustMe13 says:

    Oh my gosh!!!! You’re the same crazy cat person I saw on the King 5 website saying the same thing. Be quiet already. It’s plainly obvious that you doomed them to fail before they even got started. If you genuinely care about animals why in the world would you publicly declare them feral and sick. Who is going to adopt them when they were unfairly and dishonestly labeled that? By you. None the less. Have you come into contact with any of them? Because according to the owner of the cats and the staff at CARES these animals are tame, healthy and have had consistent interaction with people. They stand just as good of a chance of being adopted as any other cat in any other facility including yours. Have you never heard the saying “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all?” Geez. Get off your high horse already.

  7. feralcat says:

    It is not about me, again you are not seeing the facts people. $10,000.00 per month and they don’t have 8 carriers? Really you don’ t think that is a bit odd? You should be questioning where this money it going to, any shelter should have vaccines and other meds on hand, again that is what the $10,000.00 is for.

  8. JustMe13 says:

    You keep harping on the $10,000 a month. They’ve been operating since when? July? So they get hit with 60+ cats on top of their normal duties within the first operating quarter and you want to criticize them for reaching out for help? They didn’t say they didn’t have 8 carriers, YOU said they didn’t. They said they needed more and instead of forking out the money to buy them all they reached out and asked people to donate some – and people are! Way to make the pennies stretch and get the community involved CARES! Keep up the good work!

  9. Leslie Kasper, DVM says:

    I am glad to see CARES was able to work with this woman. I too investigated this home (Along with a neighboring ACO) and at the time the house was well cleaned and providing plenty of food/water/litter. Plus we only saw a couple cats. Although we knew there were many more there, we were unable to negotiate with the woman to take many. We were able to rescue a litter of 5 wk old kittens but their mom was too scared to be contained. Upon further phone calls and visits, I was unable to make further contact or capture the dozens of cats. Its not as easy as just “seizing” them in many situations: this isn’t TV! I am very happy to see that their efforts have paid off.
    In regards to other comments made: they do have plastic kennels — they were provided by the city in 2010 when the program started and transferred to CARES this summer. But these are designed for groups of cats or dogs, not for single cats generally.
    Also to CARES: I would remind you to reach out to Seattle Humane Society and NOAH to help with placement of these cats. Both groups worked well with me during our times of “overload”. I realize that limits your return of funds, but if you are waiving the adoption fees, reducing your numbers can be greatly helpful.
    Good Luck.

  10. Thom Grey says:

    Dude Feralcat,
    You do a great job with cats. You helped me a couple of times and you helped my neighbor too. The resources you sent me to for help were good and very cheap. You loaned me your equipment-no charge. Keep up the good work if you can afford to cuz’ the city gives you nothing but refers people with cat problems to you. Thanks.

  11. catperson23 says:

    Thank you Ms. Kasper and others for your support. You are correct, CARES does have kennels for medium to large dogs, I spoke to the person at the Market about this. Also the place that is spaying and nuetering these cats requires them to be in hard kennels, NOT the carboard ones you can purchase from your Vet.

    I am going to donate one of my used cat kennels for them, and cat food to help also.

    I know that CARES has placed many animals in new homes including Cats. And is planning to administer shots and chipping for all animals. Everything takes time and money/donations.

    Keep up the good work,and good luck with the cat project.

  12. mydogbarks says:

    OMG !!! its the crazy Cat Lady from King 5 news.. I knew it as soon I read your post.. I will tell you what the City of Burien has gotten for its 10 Thousand dollars a month.. my 3 dogs were returned to me within 72 hours after they got out one late night. The Animal Control Officers were very kind and understanding !! HAD we not had CARES my dogs might have been lost or hit by cars.. I am truely thankful that my dogs came home safe and sound.. So stop picking on them for doing the best they can with what they have,, they are still very new and need all the community help they can get to succeed.

    REALLY I don’t think you are doing thier job !! I havent seen you post how your helping with the cat situation in Burien where you say you live..

    I wish CARES the best with this cat task

  13. ObjectiveObserver says:

    CARES…thank you for developing a plan to get these cats into safe homes. It takes time to build a quality, program and for the animals’ well being, I hope you are successful.

    Feralcat focuses on what everyone else does ‘wrong’ or isn’t doing it her way, otherwise she might have to pay attention to her own shortcomings, including how nasty she is to people. Just go to F.C.A.T. facebook and look at the statements she posts. She seems to ‘pride’ herself on not looking like a crazy cat lady. However, what she doesn’t seem to understand is that her behavior is what makes her crazy. When people behave as she does, they lose credibility and the chance to make any positive change to the situation.

  14. Marianne says:

    CARES related but not directly to the 60 cats…
    My senior citizen friend tried to rescue a Burien cat losing his home. She called CARES and was told they could take him for $115 or $85 if she had paperwork showing he was neutered (because according to CARES it is very difficult to tell if a male cat is neutered). My friend lives on a very limited income and was going to borrow the money so the cat could be placed by CARES. I was so angry I called CARES to ask if they would waive or reduce the fee for low income, elderly, or homeless people. I was told there was no way around the fee because the city asked for it. When I asked what people with a limited income should do, I was told they were advised to contact the Humane Society. Well, beside having a nine month waitlist, it seems a bit unfair to expect that the Humane Society take all the animals from the poor while CARES makes money on those they take in ( in addition to their adoption fee and $10,000 per month contract). I won’t let my friend be swindled and will work to place the cat with a rescue that NEVER demands an intake fee. You can’t tell me that CARES is getting $115 for each of those cats from the hoarder. I am anxious to see CARES explain how it spends its money at the council meeting Monday.

  15. Hotrodgal says:

    feralcat says: “…Again ILL prepared, not mention asking for the 60. 00 to cover costs. I know a female only cost 25.00 at feral cat project, 15.00 to neuter a male, vaccine, 5 and advantage 5. Rabies, 5.00 at the FCSNP.”

    Huh? Let’s see why the $60 fee is requested by CARES…
    That’s a total of $40 for the surgery, etc PER CAT. Another $20 for someone to drive TWO round trips to Lynnwood (34 miles per round trip); once to take the 8-cat groups up and once to bring them back. Let’s now multiply that by 60… That’s a $2,400 plus 15 round trips of 34 miles each (~500 miles).

    BTW-you wouldn’t be the same person that charges folks to attend to T&R of ferals…or are you? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought spay/neuter services at the FCSNP was FREE with an ear-tipping of free roaming cats.

    Please clarify the above for us. I do hope I’m reading your outrage wrong…

    I applaud CARES for taking on this sad situation and having the sense to ask the community for help.

  16. Marianne says:

    CARES could schedule their own clinic at FCSNP making it only two or four trips back and forth to Lynnwood since the clinic can spay and neuter 50 cats at a time. Please also note that CARES charges the public $115 to surrender their own or a stray cat. You can bet this hoarder was not charged anything and gets away with only a slap on the wrist. Why CARES would consider waiving adoption fees I don’t really understand. It will only encourage impulse adoptions.

  17. someone who cares says:

    Does anyone out there know what CARES doing?Rumor has it – it’s not what we would have thought-we need to make the city of Burien more reasonable for whats going on- and its not what we think- lets see documention where the money is being spent- it would surprise you- I ,personally would rather give the money to King County than trust our animals in the care of cares. Debra George has NO experience in Animal Control- and it’s beginning to show- run the MARK- leave AC to someone with the experience,
    I am Dog owner and also have rabbits-what I’ve heard about CARES-I would not trust them with my animals.

  18. Hotrodgal says:

    Many apologies for going off on a rant without proper research.

    Is it true that Burien mandates the fee for C.A.R.E. collecting unwanted pets?
    Is it also true that it is mandated these animals be euthanased in three
    days if not adopted?

    Is the contract between CARES and the city of Burien public knowledge?

  19. Marianne says:

    You can get a copy of the contract at City Hall. Yes, Burien requires CARES to collect the fee for surrendered animals, no exceptions. Not sure about euthanizing after three days. CARES will be speaking at the Burien City Council meeting Monday at 7pm.

  20. doglover says:

    I spoke to the person at the Market once again, CARES is not recieving ANY money from the cat hoarder in Burien! Also If you were told that you had to pay a surrender fee for your cat.. you should have explained that the cat was found… they should have waved the fee… I support CARES and want the comunity to help with the cats.

  21. Marianne says:

    I never said the hoarder paid a surrender fee for his/her cats. It would have been thousands of dollars anyway. Why is CARES waiving the adoption fee for these cats? It’s not like they have all 60 of them to finds homes for at one time. They are taking them in groups of eight (hopefully females first so there won’t be more kittens). It is reasonable to expect that the public would be more than willing to pay an adoption feewhich will help CARES cover expenses.
    My friend who was trying to save the cat did tell CARES that the cat was not hers and was still told she would have to pay the fee. FAF/FCAT took the cat and didn’t charge, as they never do. CARES would be better off making their fee optional and suggested so that people living on fixed incomes and their pets won’t be discriminated against. What is your connection to CARES doglover? Your passion for them is interesting.

  22. Me says:

    Anyone know which, if any, veterinary hospital CARES is working with? I have talked with every vet hospital I know of in Burien, and NONE of them do business with CARES.

    • Eaton B. Verz says:

      I think they use”Bubbas Veterinary Clinic and Radiator Repair”

      Just kidding………. I think the cook at The Mark is moonlighting………….

      Really, just kidding……BUT

      Don’t order the soup of the day……….

  23. Marianne says:

    Could we please have an update on this situation?

  24. Jan H says:

    The Update on the cat hoarder is that Debra continues to do nothing, I went by CARES and spoke with Jamie, She told me that out of 50 cats only 16 have been taken, so the big push from Debra to get money and supplies was a joke, NOW where did ALL the money go for this? WE should ALL ask CARES for their finance sheets, I donated money to help the cats; obviously it wasn’t used for that? Basically what I saw was the cats living in their own filth! In this little room in the back at Paws N Relax, dirty cat boxes in each crate, the smell was god awful!! There was a Rabbit also in a crate that was soaked in urine. I know this because I petted the rabbit in the crate; my hands were grossly wet with urine… I asked Jamie about this, she stated that she was afraid of the rabbit!! Really???? And she was waiting for Officer Mike to come and clean the kennel. I asked her how long the Rabbit had been like this, Jamie said it was a few days. This is not acceptable!!
    Later that same day I came back to CARES and was about to go into their area, when I observed Officer Mike picking up a small Poodle from behind the desk, as soon as he started to walk away, I saw Jamie flip the poodle of with both middle fingers and repeat at least 5 times F-U poodle !! I hate you!!! I left right after that. I was just shaking from what I just saw!! I will never go back to CARES again. I will be writing a letter to our city council telling them what my experience was with this group!! What a shame this is what our tax dollars are paying for?? Someone please help me with this, I have been reading the blog, now I know what I have been reading is true!!!! How can Burien City Council allow the miss treatment of our animals from this group??

  25. Marianne says:

    Jan, Thank you for the update, although I was hoping CARES would respond. It sounds like Burien’s stray and unwanted animals need our help more than ever. Jamie sounds both uneducated on the care (how ironic) of animals and frankly quite dangerous. The next council meeting is December 12th. Would you please contact me at [email protected] Jan?

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