LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Seems Like Burien Is Rapidly Changing…’

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Hi Scott,

Just thought you might want to know it seems like Burien is rapidly changing.

In the four years that we have had Bistro Baffi, there have been no incidents.

However, in the last six months we have had several unpleasant events. We had four tables stolen from our patio. We had both of our outside heaters stolen in spite of the fact that they were chained. The patio has been vandalized with flower pots stolen. It is really demoralizing and concerning. We involved the police.

You might want to let the locals know via your blog to be more vigilant about their own private property. We feel that it is a “local job”!

Dinka Vujovich
Bistro Baffi
15217 21st Ave SW
Seahurst, WA

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19 Responses to “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Seems Like Burien Is Rapidly Changing…’”
  1. Jane says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the problems at Bistro Baffi. The area between 21st and 22nd SW and 146th and 149th Ave SW have had a lot of problems also. Since June there have been at least 5 daytime burglaries that I know of. I also think that it’s a “local job.”

    So, so tired of this. We, as neighbors and citizens, need to keep track of who’s doing what in the neighborhood.

  2. So we checked our cameras at Bistro Baffi and were able to see that the last robbery was done by a heavy set man with light shoulder length hair and he drove a red pick up truck. The police has been notified.

  3. Feral Dog says:

    And it`s more than likely the same clan of thieves. Catch them little f^&%ks and watch the
    crime rate go down. Then post their pictures.

  4. Loren R says:

    Yes, we have experienced the “change” in Burien also. And when we called the police after we were broken into, they were polite and told us, ” there is nothing we can do, we don’t have enough resources”.
    So, as more and more undocumented people come here and gangs become more prevalent, who is going to do something? Your property is their property.
    As the teenage unemployment rate continues to climb because of the irrationally high minimum wage, who is going to do something while teenagers have all this free time to walk around Burien in packs looking for trouble?
    While our taxes go to keep people dependant on government instead of keeping us protected who is going to do something? Politicians promise to cut waste and fraud every political season yet there is more waste and fraud at all levels than ever. Whatever happened to common sense?
    Who is going to do something? It looks like it is going to have to be us.

  5. Erik says:

    With the Tin Room,B-Town Press,Elliott Bay and now Germaines and Bistro Baffi one wonders where the police are. It seems to me that the criminals know that the Burien Police are too busy in “North Burien” to be concerned with Burien itself. This is one of my major concerns with any further annexation. Unfortunately maybe Bistro Baffi needs to invest in a Video system so at least we can see who is doing this. I tried a few years back to start a block watch in this neighborhood and the consensus from a major portion of the people I talked to was that “we don’t need one in our neighborhood don’t let the door hit you in the [email protected]# and quit bothering me.”

    • Shari says:

      You might get a different reaction if you tried again now…in our neighborhood last year, after a rash of residential burglaries began, we reached out to the PD to find out about block watches. They offered to come whenever we needed to lead a neighborhood meeting to let people know what was and was not involved in a block watch and to give us all tips for neighborhood safety/security. So we set a date and time and passed out flyers. We were surprised at how many folks came and since then have had a great group of neighbors taking part. I think a lot of folks worry about invasion of privacy and/or time commitment, but when you meet with the PD to find out how block watches actually go, those fears are alleviated. I’d say give it a try again and you’ll find the PD very willing to partner with you to make it work.

  6. btowner says:

    I think policeman in general, like the day shift. It interests me, that they would not have a night shift, that equals the number of officers that are on the street during the day. Even half would be nice. Any chance they only have 1 on duty during the day??? They all want to be a hero and treated as such…but only during day time hours! Policeman would cruise neighborhoods, and talk to people back in the day. Now they just speed by on their way back to the office. With all the money spent on the latest equipment an technology…. it cant be that hard to find a FEW people moving around at 3 or 4 a.m. Maybe if we had local officers they would care more. I hope that hero…. that isnt afraid of the DARK…. shows up soon!!

  7. jimmy says:

    o wow how surprising people are trying blame north burien for the problems this crap happens ever summer there a lot kids out of school for the summer witch now most are back in school but sometimes during the summer months crime goes up its happen for years now its just a lot of crap to blame north burien for before it was north burien a lot of the same stuff happen the cops seem to be cracking on the crime and criminals in north and south burien i have seen at least 2 drug bust in the past couple of weeks and the gangs are statewide problem so for who ever hell wants blame north burien for the problems pull your head your uptight rich ass and realize this type crap happens install alarms cameras work with cops on watch programs work with neighbors to keep a eye out if you see something going on call the cops you see someone walking up the street that looks there looking in cars or looking for unlock doors call the cops i have live in the north burien area for about 25 years now and every few summers this type stuff happens or if your the owner of a business that has or think is going to have problems then arm your self and get a cot and sleeping bag and stay a couple nights in your business and if something happens you can defend your property and call the cops this will also help is stop crime make sure you drop all cash in the bank at the end of night so that if something does happen they won’t get your money even just a good mag light in your hand to confront a criminal can scare them a way and if you have to clock them up side the head with it

    • Al says:

      Thanks Jimmy for comment on North Burien/Highline. It slays me that these people think all of King County is being brought down by a 3 square mile area. Don’t you think that if this were true that the Police would have an easy time rounding them up. I have lived in North Highline for 25 years and have never had an incident with burglary or anything else. The people in Burien need to look in their own backyard and find out they are probably breeding their own gang members. Not every child that gets in trouble is from a low income family, some are from very influential families, don’t forget the Menedez brothers. So continue to blame everyone else for your problems. As for the annexation, I would think if you joined forces you would be able to control the problem.

  8. Jane says:

    Here’s my thought: The police are up to their eyeballs with calls and not enough resources to cover every square inch of Burien. I belong to our neighborhood block watch and our block has been hit repeatedly during the daytime. I carry a gun at all times and if somebody tries to get into my house, I’ll be asking what they’re doing there after I shoot. I’ll just be helping the police.

    • Feral dog says:

      You`re my kinda gal Jane.

      • Really?!? says:

        Do you two live near Sylvester Middle School?

        • Jane says:

          @Really?1? – I live in Seahurst towards the water. Not too far from Bistro Baffi. Nice area, nice neighbors. It used to be a nice, quiet neighborhood. Maybe a car prowl every so often but that was the extent of it. Now, in the last 3 months, there have been at least half a dozen daytime burglaries within a two block area – and those are the only one’s I am aware of. But when these things happen right next door it is a little unsettling.

          I’m still packing and like I said, these punks better be darn careful as to what house they choose to hit. They won’t walk out of my house.

          • Shari says:

            I’m pretty new to the Burien area, and I’ve been confused by something for a long time now, and Jane, you might be just the person to clear it up for me. I notice that people in that neighborhood by the park use “Seahurst, WA” in their addresses (for example, the way that it’s listed in the Bistro Baffi post and on their website) nd refer to themselves as being from/living in “Seahurst.” Burien isn’t ever mentioned… Is Seahurst a neighborhood of Burien or is it its own municipality? thanks for clearing up a thing I’ve wondered about for a long time.

  9. Rob says:

    Lived in north Burien myself for over 10 years and my experiences are about the same as Al’s. No problem, set aside for a car break in. We had more problems when I was a kid and lived with my parents near Seahurst. I too think it unfair to blame No. Burien for all of Burien’s problems. Hey we pay the same taxes and get fewer services from the city- maybe has something to do with misconceptions~ just saying

  10. Brenda says:

    The times are changing. I don’t think it’s just the kids and gangs but the homeless and out of work people have grown and people get desperate. Things just aren’t the same as they were 4 years ago. I too might be homeless if it wasn’t for my daughter taking me in. 4 years ago i was making 80,000 a year working in construction and now I can’t even get a job making 10/hr. It’s a sad situation and I don’t have any solution but I don’t think we can blame one area, one group of people or even the PD department. Implementing more preventative measures may be helpful but it’s a different place we live in today and I don’t think it’s going to get any better anytime soon.

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