Your Empress Of Information Welcomes Fall Weather – It’s Perfect For Reading!

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by Marilee A. Cogswell
Manager, Burien Library

Fall is here, which means we’re back to the drizzling rain, spiderwebs, slugs and other things that make us all want to stay inside and READ!

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  • Oct. 1st  at 2pm – Burien Library
  • Oct. 6th at 6:30pm – Boulevard Park Library
  • Oct. 10th at 4pm – White Center Library

The Burien Library will be hosting a visit from Melissa de la Cruz, Author of several popular series for teens, including the Au Pairs, Blue Bloods, Ashleys and more!  We’ll be celebrating the release of the newest Blue Bloods novel Lost in Time with trivia, giveaways, and cupcakes.  Copies of Melissa’s books will be available for purchase through Secret Garden Books. To see more about this event, visit:  For more information about Melissa, visit

  • Saturday, Oct. 1st at 2pm (this program is for teens)

For a complete list of programs in any of your local libraries visit

‘Cleopatra the Great: the Woman Behind the Legend’  by Joann Fletcher and ‘Cleopatra: a Life’ by Stacy Schiff

Read together, these two books bring a wonderfully three dimensional picture of the life and times of the history’s most infamous queen.

In the first book author Fletcher extrapolates from her extensive research of that period in history to create  scenarios of what it must have been like for Cleopatra growing up as one of the  privileged and entitled elite. Fletcher’s approach brings the reader a greater understanding of how it actually might have been possible for Cleopatra herself to believe that she was a ‘living god’.

The second book, equally informative, illuminates Cleopatra in a more tradition biographical sense, following her life and family tree, outlining the intrigue and informing the reader of just how dangerous it was for any member of the family to succeed to the throne. Cleopatra was more than Mark Anthony and Caesar’s lover (which she is best known for) much more – she was an outstanding leader of people, a military a strategist, and a true Egyptian- proud and protective of her country and its people.

Both are highly recommended – especially for all you Egyptophiles out there!

Until next time – see you in the stacks!

– Marilee A. Cogswell

Marilee A. Cogswell is the Manager of the Burien Library.

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