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Highline School District Expecting To Save $40,000 In Energy Costs This Year

The Highline School District announced Friday (Sept. 30) that its facilities department expects to save “at least $40,000 on energy costs this school year by employing a new energy conservation plan.”

The school board endorsed the plan last week and updated its energy conservation policy to include more energy-saving measures.

According to a press release, the new energy standards cover lighting, heat and air conditioning, electrical appliances and electronics, water use and irrigation systems, trash, and recycling. The standards include small things staff can do, such as turning off lights and reporting dripping faucets, as well as broader system changes like maintaining moderate temperatures in buildings and reducing lawn watering.

“The district is committed to environmental stewardship and continuous improvement in the efficiency, maintenance, and operations of all our systems,” said Andrea Johnson, Executive Director of Facilities Services. “We expect all staff, students, and community users to conserve resources.”

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