BREAKING: Burien City Council Votes To Move Forward With Annexation

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This was the scene at City Hall just before Monday night's landmark Burien City Council meeting started. Photo by Scott Schaefer.

BREAKING: Toward the end of Monday night’s Burien City Council meeting, councilmembers voted to approve Resolution #323, calling for moving forward in the process of annexing the remaining unincorporated North Highline area.

By a 5-2 margin, lawmakers voted to approve the measure, with Mayor Joan McGilton, Deputy Mayor Brian Bennett, Gordon Shaw, Rose Clark and Gerald Robison voting “Yes” and Lucy Krakowiak and Jack Block Jr. voting “No.”

After a 40-minute discussion about the Berk Report, at 9:21 p.m., councilmember Gerald Robison made a motion to vote on the Resolution. Rose Clark seconded the motion. After Jack Block Jr. commented against the resolution, a vote was taken.

The movement towards this decision has been gathering momentum for quite some time, with many residents voicing their concerns, as well as approval of annexation, including at the beginning of Monday night’s session (read our extensive, previous coverage here).

The next steps, according to p. 73 of the council packet (PDF file), is

  1. City Council approves a Resolution calling for annexation by electionDONE 10/3/11.
  2. City staff files a Notice of Intention with the King County Boundary Review Board (BRB) and invokes jurisdiction by filing a request for review with the Board.
  3. The BRB sets a hearing date, holds a hearing and issues a decision. The BRB can accept the proposal, reduce it by no more than 10% or deny the request.
  4. The BRB decision begins a 30-day appeal period (appeals go to Superior Court).
  5. City Council indicates to the County Auditor its preferred date for the annexation election.
  6. County Council sets the election on the date indicated by the City.
  7. The election is held.
  8. City Council approves an Ordinance providing for the annexation and establishing its effective date.

A full report will follow soon, so be sure to check back to The B-Town Blog for a full story.

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2 Responses to “BREAKING: Burien City Council Votes To Move Forward With Annexation”
  1. Truthseeker says:

    I agree with Jack Block and Lucy K .. The vote for annexation is ill timed and the impact on the city of Burien not researched enough. The risks of financial calamity outweigh any potential short term benefits which are nebulous at best. It will change the entire charactor of the city. We will be the city that is overwhelmed with crime and the reputation of white center will carry over to the city of Burien proper. It will have a negative impact on potential incoming residents and reduce property values even more than they have been and make a return to former property values next to impossible.

    WHY does the city of burien need to GROW? We apparently cannot even maintain the city the size it is now. What happened to the SMALL TOWN vision that Burien was supposed to support. There is an election in November where the only appointed member of the council and the prime pusher of annexation, real estate developer Gerald Robisons term expires.
    I urge every resident of Burien who cares about keeping taxes down, retaining property values, maintaining service levels and does not want to live in a city which with annexation will have the highest crime rate in the county to VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE.
    Gordon Shaw who stands with Robison on annexation is up for election in november also. I think Bob Edgar is a much better pick for city council.
    The GOOD NEWS is that if we can get both Shaw and Robison OFF THE COUNCIL the opponents of annexation will outnumber the proponents of white center annexation and it can be stopped.
    PLEASE get out to vote and STOP ANNEXATION by voting both Robison and Shaw OUT of office.

  2. James Sharkey says:

    Dumping both Robison and Shaw in the next election will be the closest thing we can get to an advisory ballot.

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