38 Dogs Rescued From Burien Home Thursday; We’ve Got Exclusive Photos

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38 dogs were rescued from a Burien residence Thursday night, most of which were kept in these dirty, urine and feces-filled dog crates. Photo by Scott Schaefer.

Story & Photos by Scott Schaefer

In what police are describing as a major “animal hoarding” operation, detectives and animal control officers raided a Burien house Thursday night (Oct. 6) in the 1300 block of SW 120th Street, where they rescued 38 dogs, nine of which had to be euthanized.

Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and Chin dogs were found in the residence at around 6:15 p.m., all in relatively poor health and kept in extremely dirty dog crates.

Fourteen of the dogs were in good enough condition to be saved, and were taken immediately to a veterinarian’s office.

According to Debra George, Director of Burien’s Community Animal Resource and Education Society (CARES), the surviving dogs are receiving proper care and will need homes.

“Our first concern is the health and well-being of the dogs,” George said, “so all of them are being checked out and treated at local veterinary offices. We want to thank everyone who helped out in this trying situation.”

“We need help getting these poor dogs new homes,” George added. “After they receive medical attention, we’ll put them up for adoption.”

George added that the 27 surviving canines will be cleaned up at Posh Paws in Burien Friday evening by volunteers, then possibly put up for adoption next week.

Police say that a man at the residence said the majority of the dogs were his, and claimed some were show dogs. Furthermore, he said there were additional dogs at a house near Issaquah.

Detectives and animal control officer from King County subsequently served a search warrant at a residence in the 5900 block of 189th Ave SE in Issaquah and found another 62 dogs. These animals were in relatively good health and in clean crates, but due to the condition of the house, the dogs were taken by Regional Animal Services of King County.

The investigation into the Burien residence began after the Sheriff’s Office was contacted by Pasado’s Safe Haven. They received a tip about conditions at the house and gathered additional information. That, coupled with the Sheriff’s investigation led to a search warrant.

Burien detectives and Sheriff’s Office detectives were assisted by CARES, as well as Regional Animal Services of King County, who sent six officers and a vet technician to assist at the Issaquah location.

“This was a very quick and coordinated effort by all involved”, said Burien Police Chief Scott Kimerer. “My thanks to Burien’s CARES staff, the Sheriff Office, and Regional Animal Services of King County personnel. Everyone worked well into the night on this investigation,” he added.

The Sheriff’s Office investigation into both locations is continuing. So far there have been no arrests but felony and/or misdemeanor charges are possible.

Expect followup stories on these dogs over the next week or so, so be sure to check back if you have room to take in a rescue dog.

Publisher/Editor Scott Schaefer was given exclusive access to the rescued dogs Friday, and below are some photos he took:

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10 Responses to “38 Dogs Rescued From Burien Home Thursday; We’ve Got Exclusive Photos”
  1. Wheels says:

    Will this person be charged with a crime and spend time in jail?

  2. CITIZEN says:

    I have dealt with Cares a couple of times and they need a bid ADDA-BOY from all of us animal lovers. THANKS Cares……Great Job……

  3. Me says:

    And I will ask again, which veterinary hospital(s) are they working/contracted with? Why does no one seems to know this information?

  4. Adi says:

    How do I go about adopting one?

  5. doglover says:

    Way to go CARES you can count on me for a donation to help..

    Also the place is “The Posh Puppy Spa and Boutique located on 148th… the owner is also one of our animal control officers who I see at the Farmers Market… I stopped into tonight and saw the process of the dogs being groomed and cleaned.. they are great

    Thank you

  6. ObjectiveObserver says:

    Are donations of healthy dog needed? If so, where do I take it?

  7. If the 62 dogs were in clean cages and in good condition, what difference does it make if the house is clean or not as long as the animals are in good condition and clean? Do they have a yard and is there sufficient exercise should be the only criteria on which they should base their seizure. If animals and children are removed when a house is messy or dirty, then half the children and animals in this country would be removed. I am a retired EMT and found that half the houses we entered were filthy and full of junk and hoarders, but we didn’t remove animals and children. What they took from that woman’s house are very valuable show dogs, many of which are champions. That is literally grand theft. I know the woman, who is also a dog show judge and while I personally don’t like her I wouldn’t want to see her dogs removed if she takes good care of them which it sounds like she does. She can live in filth if she wants to, but as long as her dogs are cared for and have sufficient exercise, then that is no one else’s business. Beatrice

    • Sara says:

      Did you read the article? The dogs taken from the Burien home were found in poor health and were living in cages that contained feces and urine. Would you want to live like that – not have someone step in and rescue you?

      Grand theft…? Seriously lady?

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