Young Girls Walk Dogs, Earn Money …Then Donate It All To Burien CARES

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Annie and Madeline walked dogs in their neighborhood to earn money, which they donated to Burien CARES to help with 38 recently rescued dogs.

Burien CARES employee Jamie Murray alerted us to this charming story – last week two young girls showed up unannounced and made a “huge donation” of $155.67 to CARES after reading our Oct. 7th post about a dog-hoarding and rescue in Burien.

We mentioned in the story how CARES was looking for donations to cover significant costs for boarding the 38 dogs, which were rescued Oct. 6, along with veterinary expenses for emergency care for four of the animals and euthanizing nine others that were too sick to recover.

“They earned the money by walking neighbor’s dogs and asking around for donation to help the dogs,” Jamie said in an email.

According to Burien CARES’ Facebook Page:

This is Annie & Madeline.

Together they earned $155.67 and donated to our poor dogs from the dog hoarding house!!

We are so touched to have so much help from two young girls.

They where very sweet and very excited for the chance to help these poor dogs.

Thanks again you guys!! ?

We contacted Jacqueline Drumheller, the girls’ Mother, who filled in the rest of the story:

The girls (and several of their friends) have been collecting money by offering dog-walking services and selling lemonade in the neighborhood.

They’d collected about $60 total when they saw the article about the dog-hoarding situation in Burien and they were really moved to step up their collection efforts.

I think they pulled in another $100 just in the past week.

One of their little friends even threw in $20 of their allowance money to help.

If you’re interested in helping CARES, which still needs donations to help with the rescue dogs, click here for more information.

You can also reach them at (206) 81-CARES or (206) 812-2737 or [email protected].

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11 Responses to “Young Girls Walk Dogs, Earn Money …Then Donate It All To Burien CARES”
  1. Sara says:

    Way to go Annie and Madeline!!! You are amazing and inspiring!!!

  2. Rob says:

    Way to go girls! You two are Awesome!!!

  3. Al says:

    Nice job girls, glad to see someone cares!!

  4. Thom Grey says:

    To Annie and Madeline,
    This was a very kind thing to do. However, Burien should not be trying to run an animal control program on money raised by small children. The adults in this situation are not being responsible about the compassionate and sustainable care of animals. Please Girls, have all of your classmates and friends write a letter to Mike Martin/City Manager and the City Council members asking them to provide enough money to care for animals in the City of Burien. Explain how concerned you are about how these animals do not have enough money to be cared for. Maybe 20 or 30 letters from your friends will help these adults to be more responsible. Keep your kind hearts, dudettes.

    • Christine says:

      I agree. I am so proud of these girls for their efforts but the city needs to set a realistic budget and make sure we have a proper permanent facility for animal control. This issue needs to be addressed before our city becomes even larger and the needs get larger too.

  5. Shari says:

    Madeline, Annie, and all of your friends: thank you. You saw a need and it moved you and you acted out of deep generosity and compassion to do what you could. There are so many other ways you all could have spent your time and so many other ways you could have spent hard-earned money. You’re my heroes today.

  6. Gail says:

    Great work Madeline, Annie and friends. You not only raised money for a good cause, but you got some adults thinking about their responsibility to our community’s animals and what we should being doing about this issue from now on.

    I will write letters to the City Council and City Manager as suggested above, and I think you have inspired more people to get involved through your thoughtful donation.

    Gus says woof

  7. Al says:

    Madeline, Annie, and friends, what a thoughtful and inspiring thing to do. This is not just a dog or cat issue, today. Some adults think keeping wild animals indoors is ok but when they grow up they become hard to handle and people just let them go, or they break out.

    You have reminded us adults of our responsibilities to the animal world and you took action…bravo!!

  8. Madeline says:

    Thank you! I feel so proud. ;D

  9. Marin says:

    Way to go Madaline and Annie. This was such a thoughtful and caring thing to do for animals in our community. You are setting a positive example for your peers and for the adults in our community to step up and do their part as well!

    It is SO inspiring to see you guys out there spending your time and energy on something that betters our world. There are so many distractions out there that often take up our time but provide no importance for a greater good, but you took the time to do something that really helped someone (some dog/cat!) out.

    Keep it up girls!

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