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LETTER: ‘Why Is CARES So Secretive About Their Operation?’

Dear Editor,

I have an injured animal on my hands. It took up residence in my yard, and is obviously suffering. He cannot eat, he has a large abscess on his face, and is missing an eye. I am going to guess he was either hit by a car, or lost miserably in a fight. He is skin and bones. I have tried contacting CARES many many times, and there is never an answer, nor do I ever get a call back. So, I called Seattle animal shelter. They said they’d take him, but once I got there, refused to do so. They referred me back to CARES. Still no answer from them. So, I just take the poor cat to them. I am told they are not in, and will not be in until after 4pm….yet their office hours clearly state 10am-6pm. I have tried every veterinary hospital in Burien and get told the same thing. CARES will not allow them to take him. CARES is not contracted with any veterinary hospital in Burien. Someone want to tell me why and who they are contracted with? This is complete BS. What is the point in having an animal control service, if they are impossible to work with? At least when Dr. Kasper had it, animals were taken care of promptly and properly. There was no run around and confusion. She kept it an open book. Why is CARES so secretive about their operation? Why do they rent from a small little hole in the wall doggie daycare, rather than have their own space?? (No offense to the doggie daycare) Why are they not in during their posted hours? Why do they not answer their phones, or call people back??

CARES is a f*&%ing joke. We need to either go back to King County animal control, or find a new group to take over, who will actually help animals and people in need. This is not my 1st experience with them, and just like every other time, the animals have to suffer.

– Abigail Kerns

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