LETTER: ‘I, Bob Edgar, Am An Active Candidate For The Burien Council…’

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Dear Citizens and Voters of Burien;

I, Bob Edgar, am an active candidate for the Burien Council Position No.4. I am willing and eager to serve the citizens of Burien, if I am elected in the November election. I won the Primary Election for this position and I thank you for your votes. You will see me or one of my volunteers doorbelling in your neighborhood and around the city. I would appreciate your support and votes again in this November election.

Today, one of my family members received a political mailer from my opponent, Gordon Shaw. The intent of Mr. Shaw’s mailer was to mislead voters as to whether I was genuinely a candidate for the City Council Position. The flyer has, as its central theme, a letter that I have withdrawn from this election. Mr. Shaw, his campaign manager and treasurer are well aware that I am an active candidate in this election. They are also aware that I never withdrew from the election as it was not allowed under Washington State Law. They are further aware that the reason that I attempted to withdraw-even before the Primary Election-was for personal family and family health issues. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Here is a link to our story on Edgar’s re-entry into the race; here’s one on his attempt to withdraw)

Hopefully citizens and voters will not be mislead by this mailer.

As I previously stated in my letter to the B-Town Blog and the Highline Times, those family issues resolved themselves earlier than I and my family expected. I believe that Mr. Shaw’s campaign efforts to exploit my family health problems to imply that I am not a genuine candidate for this position are lacking in ethics and good manners. In my opinion, this flyer borders on attempted cheap political trickery with the intent confuse voters.

I will serve the citizens of Burien 100% of the time, if elected.

Thank you again for your support and vote.

– Bob Edgar

EDITOR’S NOTE: Below is a photo of Gordon Shaw’s direct mail piece that Mr. Edgar refers to in his letter:

Click image to see larger version.

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34 Responses to “LETTER: ‘I, Bob Edgar, Am An Active Candidate For The Burien Council…’”
  1. Sheila Doane says:

    You have my vote!

  2. Get a clue burien city council says:

    Gordon shaw can’t run on the issues because he knows he can’t run from being pro annexation

  3. William Forest says:

    Being against the insanity of annexing White Center is the very best reason for NOT re-electing Gordon Shaw and voting for Bob Edgar.

    Shaw is has his own agenda and its all about land development that has NOTHING to do with what is best for 99% of the citizens of Burien.

    I urge anyone who cares about Burien and is not beholding to special interests to vote Shaw out of office and in November cast your vote FOR BOB EDGAR!

    • Lee Moyer says:

      I think the insanity is expecting the county to efficiently adnimister a bunch of isolated urban residential areas totally surrounded by incorporated cities. I have my issues with Shaw but he is right on incorporation. The numbers are soft, but if the taxes in the city go up, it won’t be significant and it will be an adjustment in sharing back to where we were before the locals incorporated to keep the above average tax sources to themselves.
      If you are worried about special interests, look at the residents on Lake Burien. They have overwhelming influence on the city council and it will be worse with Edgar on the council. He seems reluctant to even admit he lives on the lake but was very active with other NIMBYs in flooding the council with testimony and hired legal and environmental experts. These experts gave the appropriate opinions to keep the lake as a private playground for the shoreline residents and opposed public access to a public lake, but their evidence did not stand up to real scrutiny. The special interest changes made by the council against the recomendations of the Citizens’ Advisory Committee and Planning Commission are the main source of the objections of the Dept of Ecology to approval of Burien’s Shoreline Master Program.
      Maybe it is the lesser of the evils, but Gordon Shaw represents the interests of all of Burien better than Bob Edgar.

      • William Forest says:

        Who are you the campaign manager for Shaw? It sure sounds like it.
        I notice you never even mentioned the words WHITE CENTER!

        The numbers are MORE THAN SOFT. They are a recipe for fiscal disaster for the city of Burien.. Service levels will go down, the aggregate crime rate will soar to the highest in the Puget sound. Property values will go down even further. The so called tax credits that supposedly will mitigate the millions in net revenue lost can be taken away or reduced at ANY TIME by the state which has a billion dollar shortfall they are trying to deal with. The city will have no choice but to raise taxes.

        You give yourself away by calling ANY residents of the city SPECIAL INTERESTS. You should not play poker because thats a huge tell.
        SPECIAL INTERESTS are Land Developers and real estate owners of vacant land in the annexation zone that will profit from the annexation deal. NOT RESIDENTS!
        I think Mr Shaw and ANY members of the council that stand to benefit financially from annexation should recuse themselves from voting on it.. But that’s not going to happen now is it?
        75% of the people in Burien are not even aware that they will not have a vote on annexation and don’t know that its all in the hands of the city council.
        If all the facts were known to all the residents of Burien then the PRO-ANNEXATION candidates like SHAW ROBISON and DUFF would go down to overwhelming defeat at the polls.
        Oh and your comment about the lake Burien residents having an overwhelming influence on the city council is a bald faced LIE! In fact the majority of the council disses and does not listen to them or for that matter any other residents.. They have the power and they have their own agenda.. It just happens not to co-inside with the best interests of the vast majority of the residents of Burien.
        Then you make stuff up like saying Bob Edgar is reluctant to admit he lives near the Lake.. That is a load of cow manure.. as I said before it sounds like you are the campaign manager for Mr Shaw who is willing to say and do anything to stay in power.

        In conclusion you are dead wrong about who would best represent the RESIDENTS of the city of Burien because that would be BOB EDGAR hands down.

        SHAW NEEDS TO GO>> he is a danger to the financial future of Burien and its residents

        • Lee Moyer says:

          William Forest,
          I didn’t mention White Center because I was describing a county wide issue.
          Soft numbers are not firm and can be used in many ways to support different points of view. You illustrated that nicely.
          I don’t see where I called “ANY residents of the city SPECIAL INTERESTS”. Maybe you could point that out.
          If it is a “bald faced LIE!” that the Lake Burien residents have special interest influence, maybe you can tell me who (along with the marine shoreline residents) pushed to weaken the environmental provisions in the S M P and wanted the unusual provision that says even if public access is acquired on Lake Burien, the public will still be banned from launching a small craft, although there is no such restriction on the L B residents. Do you seriously contend that the average citizen of Burien wanted this ban?
          You accuse me of making up stuff. I emailed Bob Edgar and specifically asked, among other thiings, if he lives on Lake Burien. In his reply he stated where he lives would not affect his position on other issues and did not state where he lives. If that is not reluctance what word would you use?
          You may have a point about who should be recused from voting on the council but it is kind of lost in the hysteria and distortions of the rest of the comments.

          • william forest says:

            Lee Moyer

            Are you even a resident of Burien?
            Sorry I don’t buy the reason you give for not mentioning White Center. Its because you wanted to avoid the connotation.
            Its not County wide>>> the discussion is about annexation of WHITE CENTER vis a vis the CITY OF BURIEN.
            From what I gather you in fact are one of the special interests whose agenda benefits yourself and your wallet not the citizens of burien.
            You state if the taxes go up it won’t be significant? Do you live in Burien? If not I guess its no skin off your nose then is it?
            Do you have an actuarial background or is that just your (unsupported by the soft numbers) opinion that taxes would only go up a little not a lot?

            You wanted me to point out where you called residents of burien special interests?

            Well I quote in your own words>>>”If you are worried about special interests, look at the residents on Lake Burien. They have overwhelming influence on the city council.

            Yes you did call residents of Burien special interests .. And yes its a bald faced LIE that residents that live in the area of Lake Burien have overwhelming influence on the city council.. Obviously you do not live in Burien or attend the council meetings or you would be well aware of that.

            In fact its ironic that you call residents on Burien “special interests” when in fact YOU YOURSELF ARE A SPECIAL INTEREST. You come into our town and want to change the rules on the lake that have been in existence (with very good reason) for many decades to further your business enterprise.. Sorry if we can’t accommodate you, but the vast majority of Burien residents could give a hoot about your concerns about not letting you bring your boat rentals onto the Lake.
            You appear to want to refute scientists with much greater knowledge than you have about the ecology of the lake.. Well I have no sympathy for you there. And if Bob Edgar not stating where he lived to you is interpreted by you as reluctance to admit where he lived, then you my friend are living in some kind of egocentric world that to my mind is divorced from reality.

          • Lee Moyer says:

            W F
            Your myoptic vision missed my point on the county wide issue. You seem to see only what you want to see in what I write.

            I called the residents on Lake Burien a special interest, not any resident of Burien, as you accused me of doing. You changed your words in the last reply. I also gave evidence to back it up.

            You say I don’t live in Burien and don’t attend council meetings. Both statements are false but you seem uninhibited by facts.

            You seem to prefer wild speculation to what I actually write. Referring to me you say “in fact YOU YOURSELF ARE A SPECIAL INTEREST” and accuse me of wanting to benefit myself and my wallet. I challenge you to come up with any actual fact or real evidence to back that up or to admit it is your fabrication.

  4. Keith says:

    Being spammed twice by Gordon Shaw (once in my mail box and another littering my front porch) is reason enough for me to not vote for him.

  5. Neil says:

    Mr. edgar, you have my vote. annexation is the single most important issue for Burien. Gordon Shaw is going to bankrupt Burien with his single minded approach to annexation.

  6. Reallly? says:

    You are REALLY??? What are your stands on the real issues facing the city not annexation.

    Where the campaign in the primary? Where do you live? On Lake Burien or in shorewood? I know you state at City Council you llive in Shorewood, but I have heard you live on Lake Burien.

    Are you paracticing to lie in the Council Chamber or do you live in Shorewood?

  7. Neil says:

    response to Reallly… why does it matter where this canditate lives. He is a Burien resident and is looking out for what the majority of Burien citizens want. We want to keep Burien the nice quaint city it is. We dont want to take over a dilipated crumbling city that is going to take resources away from our city. Our city council is supposed to represent us not area “y”. And what is your beef with lake burien. These are hard working residents of our town. Many of them own businesses in our city and contribute postively towards it. They keep their houses and yards clean and nice. they worked hard for what they got.

  8. Mark Ufkes says:

    White Center is about to annex Burien.

    Three Burien city council candidates support annexation of White Center at any cost. These are Gordon Shaw and North Burien/White Center residents Jerry Robison and Greg Duff.

    Shaw attacked fellow Burien City Council member Sue Blazak in the last election cycle, because Blazak had a “go slow” approach to annexation. He attacked Blazak when she was fighting cancer and had also suffered an additonal overwhelming personal loss at the same time. Kicking someone while they are down seems to be Shaw’s game plan.

    When I asked Shaw why he would attack Blazak when she had cancer, and was balanced in her views, Shaw stated that “I could’t deal with her” and that “(Lucy) Krakowiak is next” And to prove the point, Shaw helped host a fund raiser for “Annex at any Cost’ Greg Duff this past weekend.

    Bob Edgar will be a new independent voice for Burien and that is why the core council members are fighting against his campaign. They want Shaw’s herd mentality instead.

    And you should also vote for Debi Wagner and Lucy Krakowiak. They both are remarkable women in their own right, and both have a “go slow” approach to annexation as well. They will be independent voices and will not follow the herd mentality that prevades the Burien city council.

    If you elect Robison and Duff, and we will rund three more White Center residents in next election cycle, the majority of the Burien City Council will be from White Center by 2014. So get ready for a re-allocation of resources. And you can thank Gordon Shaw and Jerry Robison for arranging White Center annexation of Burien.

    And here are Seattle annexation facts; Seattle annexation of White Center would have doubled the police coverage (Burien provides one officer per thousand residents, Seattle provides 2.1 officers per thousand residents) Seattle would have given us our own gang unit, (think we need one there?) would have sited a Medic One heart attack unit in White Center and Seattle has the best fire service in the state (two tiers above Burien).

    Remember, Edgar, Krakowiak and Wagner are working for Burien and all support a go slow approach to annexation. Shaw, Robison and Duff are “Annexation at Any Cost” candidates. Vote accordingly.

    More later.

    Mark Ufkes
    White Center resident

    • Al says:

      Give it up Mr. Ufkes, you are just still crying because Seattle doesn”t want you. You promote everyone on the other side of Roxbury and do nothing for your own neighborhood, including the Highline School District which you tried to sell down the river at your Chamber meeting. Please tell me why would anyone listen to you. Your comments are in hope if Burien doesn’t annex White Center then you could go and beg the Seattle City Council again like you did before.

  9. May says:

    To Lee Moyer,
    Weren’t you the guy I saw last week on TV at the city council meeting complaining that some city council members never answered you letters? One of those city council members that did not write back to you was Gordon Shaw? So now you are his supporter?Aren’t you also the guy who builds or built boats for a living and ledor leads kayak trips for profit and wrote a book about how to kayak to promote your enterprise? So getting people to buy boats and getting into every place in the world is a for profit gig for you. Why aren’t you complaing about the hundreds of lakes in Washington that you can’t get your boats into?
    Also aren’t you the guy who left being an engineer to build boats in the 70s? You have been very critical of the scientists who worked on the Shoreline Master Plan-I heard you on TV. These were pretty darn good scientists by State and National standards. So when did you have a degree in shoreline management, wetlands, lake management or such to be constantly ragging on these scientists? Are you really an environmentalist for Burien? Are you really interested in the environment in Burien and have you joined the ivy pulls and the group to protect Seahurst Park? Everytime I hear you speak on the TV broadcast of the council meetings, you seem to be an angry boat builder who can’t get his boat on Lake Burien and the environment be da****. Do you plan to lead your kayak excusions for profit on this little lake? Are you the one who wants to have the boat rental business for profit, if you can even get access to this lake? You didn’t like Gordon last week and now you are saying vote for him. So now you are an expert on annexation, too?

    • Lee Moyer says:

      You bring up a point I didn’t mention: those who oppose the shoreline special interests can expect anonymous personal attacks rather than discussion of the issues.

  10. Neil says:

    Who is funding Gordon Shaw’s campaign. He has the whole area blanketed by his adds. Now our Mailbox is getting his junk mail with lies. All this costs a lot of money and it can’t be his money. The city council job pays under $1000/month. There is some special interest behind this that is influencing the council. The only one that hasnt been bought is Lucy Krakowiak so they are labeling her as difficult to work with. Wake up Burien before your city is lost forever. The city is covered with campaign banners for the pro-annexation canditates. Ask yourself where the funding is coming from?

  11. Bobby Leon says:

    In a way, I hope Seattle does annex Unincorporated King County (White Center, Boulevard Park, Top Hat etc). When they build at least 500 more low income units in the area (check the plans) then what are you going to say when your property values plummet. Do you think they won’t be using your fire department and police protection as back up to Seattle?. Do you think crime in Burien won’t rise (beware rich folks). The most important reason to annex is to control low income housing as Seattle and King County want many, many many more units and Burien would not give permits for it.

    • Raymond Miles says:

      Bobby… You know its interesting to note that the argument you give for Burien Annexing white center is the same bogus fear mongering that Shaw Robison and Duff use.

      You got something against rich folks? Middle class folks would be more like it !

      Maybe rich in comparison to the poverty in area Y but that’s the same kind of bait and switch class warfare misdirection that the GOP uses nationally.

      How about posting a link to these so called plans… I would be interested in calling your bluff on that..

      Regardless its irrelevant. The area is not going to change unless huge amounts of money are poured into it.. And I as a taxpayer and property owner in Burien have enough economic woes of my own without taking on the renovation of white center and its badly needed infrastructure maintenance and high crime rate.

      Annexation is a really really bad idea and if we allow it to go through will end up making Burien a much less desirable place to live.

  12. Bob Price says:

    In reading the letters on Mr Edger and Mr Shaw, I would like to make some comments. First of all, everyone keeps saying annexation of White Center. White Center is just a small part of the unincorporated area being talked about. The area is NORTH HIGHLINE and should be addressed as such. I have attended the Burien City Council meetings for the past 2 years and have listened to many things about annexation for the past year and a half. Any expansion that Burien does will have to be to the North,as that is the only direction not taken. I have heard Mr Ufkes make many comments about the improvements that Seattle is planning if they annex the Highline area. Just a few weeks ago the Seattle Mayor went on TV and stated that money for all the services that Mr Ufkes says will improve are not there and possible cuts will be made. Also, Seattle’s Delridge Area is one of their largest crime areas in the city and they built a new precinct station there and the rate has not gone down much, if any.. All I hear is the higher cost of everything if the Highline area is annexed. As I have heard, and what has been presented to the Burien City Council, this is not a large, if any, difference than anything that has already been done in annexation. I have gone to many presentations by Mr Martin of Burien and members of the city of Seattle presenters. In every case Mr Martin’s information stayed the same and so far all the annexation actions have been within his/ their predictions. In all of the presentations that I went to by the Seattle City people, there seemed to be a constant change in facts and figures. As to Mr Edgers running for Burien City Council, everyone I know who attended City Council meetings thought he was not interested in becoming a Council Member. I was very surprised to see him at the candidate’s forum the other night as I thought he had dropped out. Lastly, I would like to state that if I was a Burien Resident I would surely want the remaining Highline Area annexed to Burien. If it stays unincorporated, you people of Burien and some of the Seattle residents will see crime completely get out of control. The police of Burien and the police of Seattle will have little or no control over this area at all. And the county will be down sizing their support so the crooks and thieves will have a regular robbers roust. If I lived in Burien I would want the area annexed and Burien to get control of it for safety reasons. Also everyone should look at the facts of something like this and not take the great speech makers word for everything. A lot of the facts and figures that Mr Ufkes quotes are a lot different than are presented by the experts on these subjects. As for Mr Shaw’s mailing I am not sure when it was put together, but the way timelines are it could have been done before Mr Edger made his final decision public. Thank You

    • William Forest says:

      The key words in your post were IF I LIVED IN BURIEN.

      If you don’t live Burien then really your opinion is irrelevant.

  13. William Forest says:


    The argument you give for Burien Annexing white center is the same bogus fear mongering that Shaw, Robison and Duff use.

    You got something against rich folks? Middle class folks would be more like it !
    Maybe rich in comparison to the poverty in area Y but that’s the same kind of bait and switch class warfare misdirection that the GOP uses nationally.

    How about posting a link to these so called plans… I would be interested in calling your bluff on that..

    Regardless it’s irrelevant. The area is not going to change unless huge amounts of money are poured into it. And I as a taxpayer and property owner in Burien have enough economic woes of my own without taking on the renovation of white center and its badly needed infrastructure maintenance and high crime rate.

    Annexation is a really, really bad idea and if we allow it to go through, will end up making Burien a much less desirable place to live.

  14. Bobby Leon says:

    William Maybe you should attend the NHUAC meetings and you would hear group after group coming in speaking about the great development for the low income they are going to build. NHUAC has taken each group to task over and over again. “call my bluff”? I say you guys should get informed about what is happening in the North Highline area and stop looking beyond the lake. The lake people do not speak for the average citizen of Burien. Annexation is going to happen even if your little “select” group of people get voted in as there is already votes on the council to get it passed.
    You keep dissing on Shaw, Robison and Duff but those guys all know the area and know what will take to make it successful. Those three guys got my vote.

    • William Forest says:

      Well Bobby if you are attending the NHUAC meetings that tells me you are probably not a resident of Burien. If you are not then you have no vote who is going to be on the city council of Burien. Being president of the NHUAC does not carry any weight at all in the city of Burien.

      You claim you speak for the average citizen of Burien ??
      I don’t think so. In fact I doubt you even live in Burien.
      Even if you do your dissing the people at the lake (and btw I don’t live at the lake so you got that wrong) and putting the opinion of people that live elsewhere in Burien above those is other areas is really somewhere you really don’t want to go.
      Or maybe you think as Mr Duff thinks the only people that should get an advisory vote on whether to annex or not are the folks in the North Highline area who are apparently the only people he has any interest in representing.
      I guess developing all that vacant land will take up the rest of his time because that’s all he seems to be interested in talking about.
      Burien controlling the zoning in white center is not going to alter the situation in area Y. It has much larger expensive problems than that and Burien cannot afford to fix them.
      In fact if I lived in white center I doubt I would vote for annexation because I would lose services that King county provides and that Burien will not be able to.

      Btw Annexation is anything but a done deal. If Bob Edgar and Debbie Wagner are elected and Shaw and Robison get the boot, then the rush to Annexation will be curtailed and probably not happen anytime in the near future.

      Yes WE the residents of Burien want control of our own destiny and want a better future. That precludes jumping off the cliff of potential financial disaster that the annexation of white center involves. In fact annexation of white center would be the death knell of the Burien we know and love.

  15. Bobby Leon says:

    William You should try attending the NHUAC meeting sometime. Group after group comes in with their big plans to build their low income housing. Each time NHUAC lets them know that we don’t want any more low income housing. It is not irrelevant!
    If we don’t control the zoning we are going to have to put up with the zoning that King County or Seattle has and they LOVE low income housing. If you think that won’t affect property values, you better think again. One of the main reasons Burien became a city and one of the main reasons for the first annexation was so we would have control over our own destiny. Why is it not important now? Think about it.
    You guys like to get on Shaw, Robison and Duff about their views but I heard Duff say at the debate “the council is already moving ahead with annexation so what do you want, someone who does not know the are or someone like me who was president of NHUAC and knows how to make the area successful”. Duff, Robison and Shaw have my vote because they speak for ALL the citizens of Burien and not just a select group on the lake.

  16. May says:

    To Bobby and Bob,
    The North Highline Unicorporated Council-NHUAC pretty much has only white bread/white people members on the council. As I recall,at a recent point in time, there a effort to keep low income, people of color off the council by some of your members. Each time your small group of NHUAC council members comes to speak in Burien they only bring white people. So where is the voice of that diverse population that they keep saying that they love and cherish? Also, first your group has said that King County is forcing new low income housing on them-not true KC is mainly redeveloping old housing but has reduced the number of units available-so some of you cheished diverse, low income citizens have been put out of their housing. Then you say it is Seattle who is forcing you to have more low income housing-again not true.Now your complaint is that non profits are forcing you to have low income housing.
    The truth of the matter is that when KC reduced the housing units in the Greenbridge and Seola Gardens site-the old Park Lane Homes-a number of your diverse, low income residents were put out of their homes. These non profits are seeking to give housing to many long time residents that are now living two and three families to rental units. The North Highline Area Y had a chance to join Burien 17 years ago and elected not to. Most residents there wanted to stay with the County and were willing to tolerate their low income neighbors. You have had these low income residents living in your community since the 1950s. The stats show that as of 2000 at least 25% of the people that live in Area Y are on some kind of public assistance. Since this recession started, there has been a 33% increase in the number of people who need help from the food banks in the area. The County, the City of Seattle and the non profits are not the boggie men who are dumping car loads of new people on you. These are your residents that in this time need more help. Burien can’t even afford to fund its own animal control.Read this blog site about animal control in Burien. Burien can’t fund your needs. It can’t afford the extra $4.6 to $5 million dollars that Gordon Shaw openly admits it will take extra-beyond the amount of taxes Area Y/White Center takes in-to run the area. If the sales tax credits don’t come through or after they run out, Burien will be worse financial shape than it currently is in. Your diverse, low income friends in Area Y and neighbors won’t be able to get the funding, housing and services that they dearly need from Burien. So if you guys on the NHUCA have known how to make this area successful why haven’t you done it? Or is your plan for success to get rid of your low income diverse residents and neighbors by rezoning the land and forcing them out of the area? All that Mr. Duff talks about is rezoning. Mr. Shaw and Mr. Robison are land developers and real estate brokers and their major interest in your area is rezoning and land development too. So follow the money, who is going to benefit or profit? I don’t think your diverse, low income neighbors and friends in AreaY?
    Also, 3,000 residents of Burien turned in a petition that they were opposed to annexation. Now there are only about 80 homes around Lake Burien, so I don’t think the so called lake people account for all of those 3,000 signatures? Again don’t try to make these Burien citizens the boogie men that are the only citizens opposed to annexing Area Y. Many of us-Burien citizens- don’t want it because Burien can’t afford it.
    I learned most of the facts I quoted from watching the TV broadcast Burien Council meetings. You might try it some time!

  17. Al says:

    I have been to the Burien City Council meetings “May” and I noticed that the diverse group in Burien do not show up or are represented unless you are trying to say that Burien is made up of all white people. And getting your facts from those people you see speaking at the BCC meetings leads me to believe that you believe in what you hear and do not take the time to research the facts.

    • Wiliam Forest says:

      Al.. I think maybe you need to do a little research yourself and maybe take your blinders off and ear plugs out because what is said at the BCC meeting is democracy in action. You may not agree with it but that does not mean it is not usually accurate and informative.

  18. Bobby Leon says:

    First off, I am a resident of Burien and have been for many years. I attend NHUAC meetings because I want to see the opinion of ALL of the Burien residents. If the people on the lake had an open meeting that I know about, I would go to that too. Too say that NHUAC discourages people of color is insane. They have opened up their enrollment to any person living in the North Highline Area.
    As far as the advisory vote, Mr. Duff said at the debate that it would be too costly for the city and I happen to agree. 3000 residents turn in a petition against the annexation? How about the other 43000 residents who didn’t? Why is almost 40% of the low income housing in King County located in North Highline? Wow my head wants to explode with all the intelligence going on around here.

    • Wiliam Forest says:

      Bobby.. You are obviously a strong supporter of Duff and annexation.
      As far as your comments go on diversity I think the facts speak for themselves and the proof is that>> as Shakespeare said when referring to someones credulity. “Me thinks he doth protest too much”

      As far as intelligence goes.. I think it suffice to say that most of us are intelligent enough to recognize that math is not your strong suit and that nowhere on the planet do 100% of the people eligible to vote actually vote. The fact that 3000 citizens signed a petition against annexation should have been a wake up call to the council. They however chose to ignore it and you want to dismiss it also.. I would not call that intelligent, I would call it arrogant or just plain stupid.

  19. Eaton B. Verz says:

    “Wow my head wants to explode ”
    I’d pay money to see that!! Let’s do it in town square!

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