PHOTOS: Ignition Northwest’s SeaCompression Lights Up Burien

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This past Saturday night, Ignition Northwest brought their annual SeaCompression fund-raising event to the former Burien/Interim Arts Space in Town Square.

Ignition Northwest is a non-profit organization with the mission to “…foster radical self-expression, participatory art, and the creation of positive social change by the Burner-based community in the Pacific Northwest…”

SeaCompression has been held to generate funds for the organization annually since 2002.

This weekend’s event featured participatory art, live music and entertainment, DJs and dancing and more. Or as described on their website, “Imagine one city block of Burning Man being transported – streets and all – to downtown Burien, and you’ve got an idea of SeaCompression.”

BTB publisher Scott Schaefer and photog Michael Brunk attended the party and put together the following photo gallery. You can click individual images to view them larger.

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8 Responses to “PHOTOS: Ignition Northwest’s SeaCompression Lights Up Burien”
  1. Lance says:

    The event was a blast! MAJOR props to INW for having thier ducks in a row to pull this off, and the city of Burien for allowing this to happen!

  2. Bucky says:

    Thank you to Burien for being willing to experiment again, and allow us space to bring out our art and our community. I know I had an amazing time at the event, and I hope the partnership between Ignition Northwest and Burien continues to bear amazing fruit like Seacompression! And thank you to the B-Town Blog for covering it and taking some really beautiful photos!

  3. I love the vision and execution, more please!

  4. Thank you for the photos, Michael. I’m particularly pleased with your shot taken from the transit center. It’s great to see the entire event laid out from that perspective.

    Ivan Cockrum
    SeaCompression Producer

  5. VERY TIRED says:

    “…foster radical self-expression, participatory art, and the creation of positive social change by the Burner-based community in the Pacific Northwest…”

    So…what does that actually mean?

    • Ian Gunsul says:

      It means it was really fun and entertaining.

    • Bucky says:

      Note: What you are quoting is our OLD mission statement we used for the last 5 years or so. The new mission and vision statements are:

      Mission: Ignition Northwest fuels community through participatory arts, events, and education.
      Vision: The vision of Ignition Northwest is to engage its membership in the shared values of collaboration, self-expression, and inclusivity.

      I think those statements are a bit clearer.

      But, to answer your question specifically:
      Radical Self Expression is the ability to express yourself in whatever way really makes you feel good. (And doesn’t impinge on others, of course.) So many times we limit our self-expression to a new tie, or a slightly different pair of shoes. But ask yourself what you would be, what you would create – and most importantly, how would you FEEL? – if you could express yourself “radically”…?

      Participatory Art – The essence of the art created for our events is that you are SUPPOSED to touch it, interact with it, poke it, etc. (As opposed to art galleries that tell you DON’T TOUCH.)

      Creation of Positive Social Change – This is an amorphous and general goal, that will most likely grow from people expressing themselves fully, and engaging deeply with interactive art. (And this lack of specificity is why we revamped our Mission statement this year.)

      I hope that information helps!

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