LETTER: Former City Council Candidate Ed Dacy Endorses Three Candidates

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I have never before endorsed a candidate for Burien City Council, but since my loss in this years primary I have had a number of people urging me to endorse candidates. I have been closely following Burien City Council for years. I have given these endorsements a great deal of thought and decided that I can endorse candidates for all three positions. I did not make my decision based on any one issue, in fact I know I disagree on one issue or another with all of these candidates, but made the decision based on their overall qualifications.

For position 2 I am endorsing GREGG DUFF. I like his support of economic development, parks and sidewalks. He will make a good member of the council.

For position 4 I am endorsing GORDON SHAW. He has not been afraid to be the lone voice in opposition to proposals that have come before the Council. Many times his opposition was shown to be well founded as evidence by the majority of the Council agreeing with him in the end.

His opposition to the Shoreline Master Plan that came to the Council from the staff and Planning Commission is a recent example of being a strong voice supporting common sense. It would be a tragedy to lose him as a council member.

For position 6 I am endorsing GERALD ROBISON. I have seen many council members start on the Council. Though I was doubtful at first, he impressed me from day one with his understanding of the issues that have come before the Council. He has shown himself to be MOST qualified for the job as City Council member.

– Ed Dacy

Here’s a video version of Dacy’s endorsements:

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21 Responses to “LETTER: Former City Council Candidate Ed Dacy Endorses Three Candidates”
  1. william forest says:

    What Ed Dacy fails to mention that ALL THREE CANDIDATES he is endorsed are pushing the ANNEXATION OF WHITE CENTER (or “rat city” as it is affectionately known as).

    Mr Dacy himself is interested primarily in land development as are all the candidates he is supporting. So its no surprise he is endorsing the PRO-ANNEXATION candidates. He is pro-annexation himself.

    Mr Robison was not elected to the council he was APPOINTED by the PRO-ANNEXATION majority on the council which comes as no surprise because he is also PRO-ANNEXATION.

    I wonder if its a little sour grapes on the part of Mr Darcy because he was trounced soundly in the primary election by Lucy K who imo is the one of the few voices of reason in the council. Unfortunately she CURRENTLY is in the minority.

    We can remedy that by voting for Bob Edgar, Debbie Wagner and by re-electing Lucy K.

    We the residents need to take our council back and elect a council that serves the RESIDENTS of Burien and out of the hands of special interest supporters like Shaw Robison and Duff.

    If anyone saw the article in today’s Seattle Times about the massive amount of drugs and guns that were confiscated in White Center and the dozens of criminals that were arrested needs to ask themselves does Burien really want to take ownership of that??

    The DEA agent in charge was quoted as saying he had never seen so much crime concentrated in such a small area and apparently a number of business’s in White Center were in collusion with and giving a safe haven for these criminals to work out of.

    I most strongly urge residents of Burien>>> if you care about the financial future of the city of Burien, care about your homes value and are concerned about becoming the city in the Puget sound with the highest crime rate to vote Shaw of office , re-elect Lucy K and vote for Bob Edgar and Debbie Wagner and STOP ANNEXATION OF WHITE CENTER!

    • Al says:

      William, do you just wake up hating the world and then feel the need to vent it on the blog.
      You might want to check with your doctor to see if it is healthy to have that much pent up.
      It doesn’t appear that you have any positives. Maybe a hobby would help. Just saying…

      • william forest says:

        Are you in a state of denial or are you just part of the attack and distract pro-annexation campaign?

        Apparently you are really mad at my exposure of Ed Dacy’s pandering endorsements and you can’t refute my points on the merits so you descend to the level of personal insults.. In any debate I have been in that means YOU LOSE.

        The reality is I am trying to make sure cons like what is being perpetrated on the residents of Burien are exposed for what they are.
        MANY PEOPLE IN BURIEN ARE NOT AWARE THEY WILL NOT HAVE A YEA or NAY VOTE IN THE ANNEXATION OF WHITE CENTER and don’t know that only the residents of white center will be able to vote on it.

        The votes of the residents of Burien are being cast by the CITY COUNCIL of BURIEN the majority of which imo DOES NOT REPRESENT the wishes of the Residents of Burien. They are all about representing SPECIAL INTERESTS and that’s what the ANNEXATION of white center is all about.. Its a scam.

        The Truth is what it is and I know a con job when I see one.

        • Ed Dacy says:

          I am not in land devlopment. My issues were sidewalks for elementry age children and parks. If you mean by land development you mean my wsnting to build more sports fields on land the city owns, then yes.

          I’ve read the studies on annexation, my position was and still is it was to soon to do it. But that is only one issue.

          My endorsement does not mandate anyone to do anything, somepeople might even use it to vote the other way.

          I do have videos on you tube with my issues

          • william forest says:


            Annexation is the BIG issue.. Everything else fades to insignificance.

          • Ed Dacy says:

            If you think Annexation is everything, I do not that is not why I am hot on it.

            But if Burien does not annex The property Taxes paid to the Highline Schools will probably have to go UP.

            This is because it is proabably that both King County and Seattle would continue to put exempt low income housing into White Center. This brings more children into the Highline school. As the number of children from Exemptt housing go up the need for higher special levies go up and the peorty taxes in Des Moines, Normandy Park and Burien will have to make up the difference.

            Being Against Annexation is being for HIGHER school Taxes, which the the bigest part of the peoperty tax bill

        • Tired of same stuff says:

          If you want a vote, start an initiative campaign to put it on the Burien Ballot.

          Stop whinning and do something.

  2. Hotrodgal says:

    Didn’t see too much hate there…just William’s opinion on one of the major issues before us and who he encouraged our choices for candidates and why.

    “Just saying…”

  3. Jenny R. says:

    I really get tired of reading William Forest’s rant every time I read the blog. I am going to do what one other person did on another article and I am going to vote for all three of the pro annexation candidates. I had not decided how I was going to vote until Mr. Forest convinced me. It’s funny that we have not heard all the negativity from the pro annexation candidates. I hope others will start writing to the blog every time William Forest spews some of his negative comments and let him know that they have changed their vote as a vote against him. Maybe he will realize his comments are hurting Mr. Edgar, Ms Krakowiak and Ms Wagner.

    • William Forest says:

      Jenny R

      First of all I think you are a plant and are part of Shaw’s dirty tricks campaign. I doubt you are even a resident of Burien.

      But if you are (which I very much doubt) and you are basing your vote on what you call negative comments but which I call THE TRUTH! Then you are as another poster noted a very shallow and juvenile person, voting out of spite rather than logic and what is best for BURIEN!

      I have been insulted and personally attacked on this blog by Shaw’s trolls and have yet to descend to their level.. If you think I am going to descend to your level by responding in kind to your rant then you are sadly mistaken.

  4. doglover says:

    William yu are correct.. endorsing people who want the white center annexation is ALL ED is doing …shame on you Ed..putting your personal agenda in this….

  5. hotrodgal says:

    Ed likes who he likes
    doglover has likes as well
    William has made his choices
    And I have as well.

    However, a few of you have decided that
    they will NOT vote for the candidates that
    are endorsed by people they don’t like here
    on the forum.

    How juvenile. Perhaps we can begin having
    healthy debate rather than a troll fest?

    • William Forest says:

      Thank you .

      I am in total agreement>>> lets debate on the merits rather than resorting to an attack and distract strategy because the poster has no pertinent comment or rebuttal to make.

  6. Debi Wagner says:

    Ed referred to someone he knows well as (I believe he said) Kate Milner. Is he talking about former mayor Kitty Milne? How well does he know her? Just askin.

  7. william forest says:

    To anyone interested in knowing where the ROBO CALLS we have been getting are coming from and who is funding them. I think it says a lot about the candidacy of Gordon Shaw and where his true allegiances lie.

    We received a number of phone calls on Saturday telling us that a group called the Affordable Housing Council was calling asking people to support Gordon Shaw. This is a PAC group formed by Master Builders Assoc.and the BIAW-Building Industry Association of Washington.
    This group represents big developer’s and corporate monies. It has done some very nasty things in Washington political elections-in the past. Gordon Shaw has taken large donations from this group in all of his campaigns and this current one . This is OUT OF THE AREA DEVELOPERS MONEY being use to influence the election here in Burien.

    In addition, this group is now donating more money to Gordon’s campaign through the phone banking time of workers. I encouarge you to let your friends and neighbors know that the phone calls for Gordon-that they may have received- were sponsored by big corporation monies-not just little local folks wanting to work to make Burien a better place.

  8. Debi Wagner says:

    I think the yard signs, robo calls and hand outs say a lot about the candidates. I have 12 signs I made myself sponsored by two donations from individuals, one from my son in law who is a corporate tax accountant, another from a citizen who cares about our community. I did not go over budget ($100.00). Those are my only two contributions so far besides the countless hours of wonderful citizens calling and doorbelling. Many people have talked to have never had any candidates for council come to their door before. All my signs except one are placed in people’s yards who wanted them. Please notice there are very few signs on the east side of first avenue south (the abused living in the flight path). Many of Gordon Shaws signs are attached to land that is not attached to a homeowner. My point is who is beholden to whom is a good question people should consider when voting. Who will best represent the citizens and who will now be bought and paid for by developers and what is THEIR agenda for Burien?

    • Al says:

      Debi, I don’t think you are making a valid point, as I drove through Burien this morning next
      to every Gordon Shaw sign is a Bob Edgar sign so what is your point????? It is kind of sad how ugly it can get during election time.
      Speak at the Forums about what you can do for Burien not nit pick candidates on the blog.

      • william forest says:

        I think you need to follow your own advice all before admonishing others for exactly what you are guilty of.
        Oh and Yes she is making a valid point.. Shaw and Duff are both getting big bucks for OUTSIDE BURIEN .. They … unlike Debbie are beholden to OUTSIDE Burien Special Interests.. That’s obvious!.

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