LETTER: Master Builders Association Responds To Claims About Gordon Shaw

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Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to a recent letter questioning City Council candidate Gordon Shaw’s contributors. The letter expresses concern over a contribution made by the Affordable Housing Council (AHC) on behalf of Shaw. As a point of clarification, the AHC is actually affiliated with the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties, not the Building Industry Association of Washington, which only endorses legislative candidates and those running for statewide office.

The AHC supports candidates in King and Snohomish counties who support diverse, affordable housing for our community, regardless of party affiliation. For a complete list of AHC-endorsed candidates, see: http://www.masterbuildersinfo.com/index.cfm?/Members/Political-Action-Center/page/Endorsed-Candidates. For those interested in learning more about the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties, I invite you to visit: www.masterbuildersinfo.com.

More importantly, we encourage readers to look at Gordon Shaw’s qualifications and decide for themselves how to vote in this race. The AHC endorses Shaw because he understands the importance of housing in the community, cares deeply about Burien’s future and has demonstrated leadership on countless occasions throughout his service on the City Council.

Samuel L. Anderson
Executive Officer
Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties

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11 Responses to “LETTER: Master Builders Association Responds To Claims About Gordon Shaw”
  1. Neil says:

    I am a little confused here. Gordon Shaw and the pro-annexation candidates are saying that if we dont annex White Center, Seattle will continue to dump low income housing there. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t the builders that build this low income housing members of the Master Builders Association and the Affordable Housing Council? If that is the case they stand to make a bundle by continuing to build low income housing in the annexed area and eventually Burien since now we have an excellent transit station. There is a nice piece of empty land right next to the Burien Transit station for a future low income highrise.

    • william forest says:

      You have it right Neil..
      This organization is all about making money on real estate .. its no skin off their teeth if that means higher taxes, less services and higher crime for Burien residents.

    • Ed Dacy says:

      The housing in White Center would be exempt from taxes

  2. Thom Grey says:

    Pish, Posh Dude,
    The Affordable Housing Council is a Political Action arm of the BIAW. The Attorney General of Washington State and the courts say so. Good try at trying to confuse voters but Dude it doesn’t work.


    Wikipedia–In 2008, the BIAW contributed to Dino Rossi for governor.[3][relevant? – discuss] More than $7 million provided by the BIAW was spent on ads.[6] Rossi’s top contributor was the BIAW.[3]
    The group also spent heavily in 2006 in an attempt to oust state Supreme Court Chief Justice Gerry Alexander.[10] The BIAW spent nearly $1 million on the primary campaign.[11] The advertisements said John Groen would do a better job of protecting “our constitutional rights to limited, open and accountable government”.[12] TV ads portraying Justice Alexander as an judge too old for the job were bought by the group.[13] In 2004, more than $500,000 was spent on independent ads by the BIAW to help Dino Rossi.[10][14] Rob McKenna, now Attorney General, received more than $415,000 from the “It’s Time for A Change”, one of BIAW’s PACs.[11] The BIAW gave $150,000 on the campaign of their former lawyer, Jim Johnson, running for State Supreme Court Justice.[15] State Supreme Court justice Richard Sanders received $35,000 from the BIAW.[16]
    While the BIAW has been contributing to Republican candidates, Democratic candidates also have received BIAW contributions, including Lt. Gov. Brad Owen, state Auditor Brian Sonntag, Rep. Deb Wallace, Rep. Marko Liias, Rep. Christine Rolfes, Rep, Al O’Brien, Rep. Pat Sullivan, Rep. Fred Jarrett, Rep. Judy Clibborn, Rep. Deb Eddy, Rep. Ross Hunter, Rep. Liz Loomis, Rep. Larry Springer, Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen, Sen. James Hargrove, and Rep. Dave Quall.[17]
    The BIAW uses PACs to fund various campaigns. BIAW has several PACs.[18][19] Washington Affordable Housing Council, “It’s Time for a Change”[1] and “Walking for Washington”.[1] The same legal contact information appears for all BIAW PACs.[20]
    The BIAW also gives funds to local affiliates such as the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties,[21] and the Home Builders Association of Kitsap County


    Dude, this group contributed to Shaw’s campaign.

  3. Bobby Leon says:

    There you go again William with some more of your “fabulous” facts that just aren’t quite facts. Are you saying we don’t need affordable housing? I’m sure you would love to have all the low income people living on the street. I talked to both Mr. Shaw and Mr. Duff and they both favor affordable housing, JUST NOT HERE. There are other parts of the county where affordable housing will fit in just fine. Both candidates are very aware that 40% of the low income housing in King County is located in North Highline and have fought to keep any more from being built. HOWEVER, all you have to do is attend the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meetings and you will find out that their are several organizations that plan to build many, many, many more low income units in North Highline. If we don’t annex, we will not be able to stop the building. Just because they will have a Seattle address does not mean that will not affect us. Where will all those kids go to school? What police department will provide back up to the Seattle Police Department. If you think annexation is expensive try not annexing and you are going to get a shock.

    • William Forest says:

      There you go again Bobby.. Using scare tactics and half baked conclusions to push your annexation agenda.. Let me guess you live in north highline? Do you own property in Area Y too ? You certainly can’t see the forest for the trees thats for sure.

      White center has been unincorporated for decades and it hasn’t cost Burien anything.. WHY IS IT GOING TO NOW? Where are those kids going to school NOW? Who is backing up the Seattle police department now? Apparently the high concentration of crime in White Center required bringing the Feds in so no police department is equal to the task of policing White Center. Apparently the suggestion is for white center residents to take an active part in policing the area themselves. I quote from the White Center Blog.
      Law enforcement can do only so much to stop gang activity, U.S. Attorney for Western Washington Jenny A. Durkan noted at a meeting of community residents in White Center Monday night (Oct. 24).

      The rest of gang prevention depends on “boots on the ground. That’s you,” Durkan told the more than 100 persons crowded into a meeting room in the Jim Wiley Community Center at Greenbridge.
      A sustained commitment will be what does it,” and that “will have to come from this room, she said.

      So does that mean if we annex white center Burien will be expected to police its own streets??

      The meeting was organized by the U.S. Attorney’s Office to inform and involve residents after Friday’s announcement that 53 repeat offenders, drugs and guns were removed from the streets last week, ending an undercover operation focusing on violent crime in the White Center area.

      King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg, whose father practiced law in White Center, agreed. “People are here to live and raise their families,” he said. The cooperative law enforcement effort was “remarkable, but it was just the first step.”

      “We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t believe White Center has every building block it needs to become a vibrant, healthy community,” Durkan added.

      In addition to Durkan and Satterberg, public officials participating in the special meeting were King County Sheriff Sue Rahr; King County Councilman Joe McDermott, whose 8th District includes North Highline; Sheriff’s Office West Precinct Commander and SeaTac Police Chief James G. Graddon; 34th District State Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon; and Gail Stone, the law and justice policy advisor to King County Executive Dow Constantine, who was unable to attend.

      A White Center resident later asked what individuals can do when they live next door to a drug house because “there is a lack of police response.”

      “That is the elephant in the room,” Rahr said. “Our resources in this state are not set up for unincorporated urban areas. There are not enough
      resources” to respond to every individual drug house.


      But, Rahr noted, White Center again has a storefront deputy –Benjamin (BJ) Myers. “He can triage to see where we can put our scarce resources.”

      Durkan said “I urge you, if a drug house is next to you, call it in again and again.

      So if the first call doesn’t work keep calling and calling and calling and maybe eventually law enforcement will do something??


    • Neil says:

      Bobby Leon, explain this to me. As per your statements, Gordon Shaw supports affordable houseing but NOT HERE. But than he takes campaign money from the Affordable Housing Association. So they are pouring thousands into our local elections just to be told NO. Either they are STUPID or Gordon Shaw is just too smart.

  4. Thom Grey says:

    To the B-Town Blog-LOL Dudes,
    I am wondering why my comments are awaiting moderation and not being posted.

  5. Bobby Leon says:

    William Forest Please tell me what you think would happen to Burien if 600 more units of low income housing were built in North Highline. Not just White Center but North Highline. I tried to tell you but you think I am using a scare tactic. Do a little fact checking and go to the NHUAC web site and listen to the last couple of years where group after group has said they are going to build LOW INCOME HOUSING. That is a fact! Since you don’t like facts, tell me where all those kids will go to school. Tell me what police department will handle all the calls and who will back them up. I have made this simple so you can answer the questions and not duck the questions with your anti annexaton rant.

    • William Forest says:


      I think you should be addressing these questions to king county not expecting Burien to fund or come up with solutions for an area that is in a financial hole.
      Don’t expect the residents of Burien to dig them out of it.. We have our own problems that need to be addressed.
      I am sure the Master Builders association has their finger in the pie though, and they are contributing funds to Gordon Shaws campaign.. It appears to me that you are ignoring the fact that the vast majority of Burien residents want nothing to do with annexation of white center and you and the rest of the special interests like the Master Builders association are scrambling to come up with anything to make annexation appear reasonable.. Sorry Bobby I am just not buying it..

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