PHOTO FRIDAY: Fighting Off The Zombie Horde

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We thought we’d share a special photo set with you this Friday. Something to help set the mood for your Halloween weekend!

BTB photog Michael Brunk recently had the opportunity to attend the 2nd annual zombie photo shoot organized by local photographer Brian Morris, of Morning Star Creative Group.

This event brings together amateur and professional photographers, models, make-up artists and other supporting folks for an on-location photo shoot featuring… what else, zombies!

Last year’s setting was an actual graveyard. This year the plan was for “hero” characters to fight off a zombie horde while taking shelter in an abandoned house.

The logistics for a photo shoot like this can be daunting. Finding the right location is just the first problem you have to solve.

The right location helps set the mood... the spookier, the better!

Scouting the site and figuring out the scenes you’re going to shoot and which locations at the site you’re going to use is next. It doesn’t work without a plan!

After that it’s a matter figuring out everything you need to bring to the location for the day of the shoot. Power, lights, tables and chairs, extension cords, flashlights, ladders and more camera gear than you can shake a stick at.

Brian Morris of Morning Star Creative Group briefs the crew on the plan for the evening

Getting it all there and setup is the final pre-shoot challenge but after that it’s time to brief the participants, turn the make-up artists loose on your models and then start shooting!

For a photographer, shooting the photos is the obvious payoff for an event like this. But that’s not to say that it isn’t a challenge both physically and mentally.

Managing the light when you’re shooting at night, in a house that is mostly pitch black, takes a fair amount of skill. You’re generally using a flashlight to set your focus and using one or more strobes to illuminate the scene when you make the photo.

In between shots you’re directing your models and figuring out how to squeeze yourself into a space that you’re sharing with other photographers and support crew to get the angle you want.

Do that for a few hours and then tear down all the gear, lights, generators and other stuff you brought to the location and load it for transportation and you’ve got the makings of an exhausting evening.

Artists from Fenix Face & Body Art work on transforming our models into zombies

But the results make it all worthwhile!

Here are a few photos of the finished product shot by Michael Brunk.

Zombies break in through a bedroom window

Remember, aim for the head!

You probably should have blocked those stairs!

Meanwhile, things aren't looking much better in the living room

The final showdown... who will win? Things are looking grim.

The heroes win of course!

A special thanks to everyone that helped make this possible!

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One Response to “PHOTO FRIDAY: Fighting Off The Zombie Horde”
  1. opinionated says:

    That looks like it was fun.
    Rainy, remember the first rule,, double tap.

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