ELECTION: Anti Annexation Candidate Bob Edgar Leading Shaw By Nearly 20%

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The early returns of Tuesday’s General Election results are in, with one-time ‘non-candidate’ Bob Edgar leading incumbent Gordon Shaw by nearly +20%, Lucy Krakowiak beating Greg Duff by over +28% and Jerry Robison edging Debi Wagner by just 8.45%.

Of course, these are all early returns, with 6,022 ballots of 22,405 counted – nearly 27% of all votes counted.

Results will be updated daily, and we’ll monitor them for any changes.

Final results will be posted Nov. 30th.

Here are the initial returns:

Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: * 6022 / 22405 26.88%

Council Position No. 2:

  • Lucy Krakowiak 3393 64.03%
  • Greg Duff 1886 35.59%
  • Write-in 20 0.38%

Council Position No. 4:

  • Bob Edgar 3123 59.74%
  • Gordon M. Shaw 2080 39.79%
  • Write-in 25 0.48%

Council Position No. 6:

  • Debi Wagner 2379 45.60%
  • Jerry Robison 2820 54.05%
  • Write-in 18 0.35%


In Normandy Park’s contested council races, incumbent Shawn McEvoy is edging challenger Todd McKittrick by just 8 votes, and Charlie Harris leads Stacia Jenkins by 6.

Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: * 1561 / 4681 33.35%

Council Position No. 3

  • Todd McKittrick 705 49.47%
  • Shawn McEvoy 713 50.04%
  • Write-in 7 0.49%

Council Position No. 5 short and full term

  • Charlie Harris 704 50.11%
  • Stacia Jenkins 698 49.68%
  • Write-in 3 0.21%


In Des Moines, Mayor Bob Sheckler is trailing challenger Rebecca King by 27 votes, while Jeanette Burrage and Dan Caldwell are leading, and Proposition No. 1, a proposed tax for Des Moines Beach Park and Streets, is being soundly rejected:

Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: * 4294 / 14805 29.00%

Council Position No. 2:

  • Jeanette Burrage 2280 61.04%
  • Carri Litowitz 1425 38.15%
  • Write-in 30 0.80%

Council Position No. 4

  • Dan Caldwell 2013 55.53%
  • Dave Markwell 1592 43.92%
  • Write-in 20 0.55%

Council Position No. 6

  • Rebecca King 1869 50.12%
  • Bob Sheckler 1842 49.40%
  • Write-in 18 0.48%

Proposition No. 1 Utility Occupation Tax for Des Moines Beach Park and Streets:

  • APPROVED 1509 36.91%
  • REJECTED 2579 63.09%


In the contested Highline School Board Director race, Tyrone Curry, Sr. is leading Sili Savusa by over +10%:

Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: * 15627 / 56914 27.46%

Director District No. 1

  • Tyrone Curry, Sr. 6824 54.89%
  • Sili Savusa 5510 44.32%
  • Write-in 99 0.80%


In the King County Council race, it looks like incumbent Joe McDermott is running away with it, holding a +34% lead over Diana Toledo, with 66.92% over her 32.7%:

Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: * 28552 / 110132 25.93%

Metropolitan King County Council District No. 8

  • Joe McDermott 16848 66.92%
  • Diana Toledo 8233 32.70%
  • Write-in 95 0.38%


In the race for the Southwest Suburban Sewer District, incumbent Scott Hilsen is leading Dan Johnson by over 24%.

Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: * 8783 / 31568 27.82%

Commissioner Position No. 1

  • Dan Johnson 2616 37.69%
  • Scott Hilsen 4287 61.76%
  • Write-in 38 0.55%

We’ll post more updates as they come in, so stay tuned…

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10 Responses to “ELECTION: Anti Annexation Candidate Bob Edgar Leading Shaw By Nearly 20%”
  1. Congratulations and thank you to all candidates. It takes people willing to run for office and lay it all out there in public to make and keep this country great. And to the citizens for voting!

    Joey Martinez

  2. Tom Harmon says:

    This is the closest thing to an annexation vote that Burien residents will get.

  3. Christine says:

    That is exactly what I thought Tom! My choices were all basically made on that one issue. I am simply not comfortable with annexation. Burien needs our own police department, a permanent animal control facility and better control over our own crime rate before considering increasing the size of our problems with annexation.

    • TcB says:

      I can’t understand why you’d vote to contain costs by killing annexation, then wish for millions to be spent on starting up a police department. That idea in itself would be killed by the “No Taxes” crowd.

      • William Forest says:

        Maybe because she has common sense and like the vast majority of Burien residents is concerned about the level of public safety in BURIEN , which should be priority # one with our city council. and Mike Martin..
        However apparently its not and we spend money on ridiculous things like proposals to annex white center rather than focusing on the needs of the current residents of BURIEN! IF we could be assured a tax increase would go towards MORE police and INCREASED public safety I think a majority of residents would go along with it.

        However when Mike Martin gives himself and his staff a 3.5% salary increase every year even when COLA is at ZERO we resent hundreds of dollars coming out of our pockets in tax increases to fund that and half a million dollar cost overruns on street projects that are inexcusable wastes of our money!

        • TcB says:

          You do know that cost go up and not down, forever. They can go up at faster or slower rates depending on various factors, and can appear to go down depending on the cost of living, but they do not go down. Costs will go way up if we create our own police force rather than a deal with King County, because we don’t have to own our own police cars, police precinct, pay our own management staff, etc. If you support creating a Burien police force from the ground up, then I’d read the proposals and see if it sounded like it would really cut crime, which i’m in favor of. Don’t think that you wouldn’t PAY for it though. I wonder what some people are thinking about how we move forward with a King County run portion of land on our doorstep, complete with police services being cut back, and concentrations of section 8 or low income housing. We won’t control it, but it will be next to us. What are we thinking, that we’ll put up a fence on our border with White Center?

          • Eaton B. Verz says:

            Section 8 housing pays property taxes,so thats ok right? no fence needed? Isn’t section 8 a subsidy of private rentals? I could be wrong. Let me know.

    • Chris says:

      WHAT!?!?!? Are you fickin’ kidding me? On one hand you want no annexation due to the potential costs associated with it. However, on the other hand you advocate for Burien to have its own municple police force??? Huh?

      Your comment really brings to light the issue of people making comments without FIRST actually thinking critically and doing some simple research.

      There are HUGE startup and ongoing costs associated with starting up a new police department. The current contractual arrangement with the KCSO realizes tremendous savings through economy of scales. Contract cities also reap the benefits of the many departments and divisions within the KCSO.

      Your comments are really amazing….sheesh.

  4. Christine says:

    My comments had nothing to do with the financial costs to the city of annexation. I am simply concerned about expanding the scope of our problems when I do not feel our city services are adequate to meet the needs of our current population. We may well need to spend more now and I would be okay with that for improvements to public safety and animal control. If parents can’t take care of two children, the answer would not be to have two more…same logic. I do wish discussions could happen here without them degrading into nastiness. That is unproductive as well as unpleasant.

  5. davidf says:

    In the best tradition of this country, VOTE THE BUMS OUT

    Regardless of your position on annexation, the point is the public is PISSED OFF at not being listened to.


    As part of the annexation, I only wish I could be un-annexed

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