King County Council Candidate Diana Toledo Victim Of Burglary, Loses Puppy

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King County Council Candidate Diana Toledo is asking our Readers for help – her West Seattle home was broken into Sunday morning (Nov. 6) sometime between 11 a.m. – Noon, with the only thing taken being a 7-week old puppy.

The puppy is a small, 7-week old brown pit bull that answers to the name “Jewel.”

“Someone kicked in the front door of the house and rifled through some things but only took the puppy,” Toledo said. “They left behind a laptop, digital camera and other small electronics that could have turned a quick buck, so they obviously came for the dog.”

Toledo adds that the Seattle Police Department was able to take fingerprints, and is doing a full investigation.

“The family is very concerned with the puppy’s health as no dog food was taken from the home,” Toledo said. “The Toledo children are distraught and we are asking for any help you can give. My 15-year old niece named her ‘Jewel,’ and the only thing on her Christmas list was to be able to keep Jewel.”

If you have any information about this case, please contact the Seattle Police Department’s Southwest Precinct at (206) 733-9800, email [email protected] or call their voicemail line at (206) 312-2228.

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7 Responses to “King County Council Candidate Diana Toledo Victim Of Burglary, Loses Puppy”
  1. Ba Ba Booey says:

    Who cares? Its probably a hoax for her to get more votes

  2. William Forest says:

    I feel sorry for her and hope they catch the burglar… but frankly another pit bull is not something we really need in our community.. I think the breed should be banned.. they are vicious by nature and dangerous to public safety.

  3. Hotrodgal says:

    Shame on you Ba Ba Booey — what a twisted, hurtful comment.

    To the Toledo family; I hope Jewel is returned safe and sound.

  4. Lynnette says:

    Incorrect, Mr. Forest. Apparently you need to meet some pit bulls. They are, in reality, an easy going, good tempered breed. They are noted for being very easy to train because they are so eager to please. On the occasions when you read of pit bull attacks, know that (regardless of what the owner said to an interviewer) the dog was either horribly abused, resulting in aggressive tendencies, or trained to attack. I applaud Ms. Toledo’s choice of this excellent breed as a dog for her children and I sincerely hope they get their precious puppy back unharmed.

  5. Al says:

    Thanks Lynnette, from a proud Pit Bull owner, who’s dog is regularly socialized around other dogs, adults and kids who has never shown any sign of aggression.

  6. whocares says:

    Blah,blah,blah.. this crap goes on all around here..welcome to the real world..

  7. Ido says:

    They are pretty good dogs until they knock some kid down and their primal instincts kick in and the kid they were just playing with turns into prey.

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