Salmon Returning To Miller & Walker Creeks; Count ‘Far Exceeds’ Last Year

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The City of Normandy Park is reporting that salmon have been returning to Miller and Walker Creeks, with a count that “far exceeds last year’s total.”

“To date, the volunteers of the Community Salmon Investigation Team have reported seeing 209 live coho, and 44 carcasses!” reads the City Manager’s Report. “This far exceeds last year’s total coho count of 25 and only 6 carcasses.”

Salmon investigation results are now posted on the Miller-Walker salmon monitoring web page here.

The city says that results will be updated about once a week.

“Among the interesting facts the CSI volunteers have uncovered is that the pre-spawn mortality rate is only 23% (higher than a pristine stream, but much lower than some of the urban streams nearby), and the proportion of hatchery fish (as indicated by the carcass inspections) is so far 61%,” the report said. “No one has reported seeing any chum yet, but it could be any day. Last year the first chum was reported on November 7.”

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11 Responses to “Salmon Returning To Miller & Walker Creeks; Count ‘Far Exceeds’ Last Year”
  1. last cast says:

    Dang, almost good enough to have a season..*lol*

  2. Jack Block Jr. says:

    I am embarrassed that Burien has a Salmon Creek with NO salmon in it! I’ve been trying to address this since I was on the Parks Board. I’m tired of nothing being done.

    This next year I think that it is time to hold my colleagues who “claim” to be environmentalists feet to the fire. One of my goals for the coming year is to have funding and a plan in place to remove the man made barriers at the mouth of Salmon Creek to restore fish passage and allow restocking.

    • Lee Moyer says:

      I agree, To my knowledge, the only barrier is a strategically placed rock in a pool below a ledge so the salmon can’t jump. It looks almost natural but was placed deliberately and illegally.

      • Jack Block Jr. says:

        The other barrier, the culvert under Shorewood Drive, is too narrow for fish passage and needs to be replaced. In an ideal world the mouth of Salmon Creek would be (short bridge) daylighted.

    • Mark says:

      Think of the bright side Jack, it wasn`t Burien until it was annexed..*lol*

  3. last cast says:

    Seems I remember a story years ago that back in the early 40`s folks were poaching
    salmon (chum) by the hundreds out of salmon creek until some local gal
    that lived there decided enough was enough and actually took it upon
    herself to stop the poaching by stopping the salmon.
    I think at the time she thought she was doing the fish a favor but we all
    know better now but I would be willing to bet it wouldn`t take much to get
    the fish back in there in good if not great numbers. It`s already a natural
    breeding ground for them and no matter how many generations of fish have
    swum by there since then I know some try and get up that creek.
    We used to catch rainbows out of salmon and miller creeks when I was
    younger (about 45-50 years ago) with single eggs.

    • Jack Block Jr. says:

      Took the first step last night by asking that restoration of Salmon Creek fish passage be included in the Capital Improvement Project, (CIP) list. Now’s the time to lobby the rest of the council to ensure that it gets on there.

      • Lee Moyer says:

        More good news. However, the critical issue is the cooperation of the land owner. On Miller and Walker creeks, many land owners cooperate with the salmon survey and habitat restoration. One land owner owns all the land along Salmon Creek below the road and he seems to have an impressive gate.
        Let me know if I can help.

        • Jack Block Jr. says:

          Best way to help is to contact the rest of the council and let them know that restoration of Salmon Creek should be included in the TIP with a high priority.

  4. Feral dog says:

    Anybody tried banding a few folks together and moving that rock you were referring to or can you not get to it?
    Maybe a chainsaw winch and a block and tackle could yard it out there?

    • Jack Block Jr. says:

      We’re talking (big rocks) cranes, dump trucks, a secure place to put the rocks, permits from the core of Engineers, Fisheries, DOE, etc. As a Longshoreman, I’d love to go cowboy on this one, but that tends to alienate higher powers that are needed to fund and support other projects. Also, your suggestion doesn’t address the other part of the problem, culverts under Shorewood Drive that are too narrow, (salmon need to have light to entice them to enter a passage), for fish passage.

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