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B-TOWN BIZ: Phoenix Tea Shop Opening Soon In Olde Burien

A new business – Phoenix Tea Shop [1] – will be opening soon in Olde Burien, in the space formerly occupied by the ‘You’ve Been Worn’ consignment shop at 902 SW 152nd Street.

The folks behind the new biz include Virginia Wright, and Brett Boynton, local tea aficionados.

“We will be a tea retail shop, not a tea house or cafe-like space,” said Wright via email. “We will have at least one table where people can drink tea in the shop, and we’ll do tastings and sampling with people to help them learn about teas and find what they like.”

They’re aiming to open by the end of this month, and are currently doing some modifications – primarily painting and installing fixtures.

“Our primary goal is to create a comfortable, wonderful store where people can come in, learn, explore, and drink tea with us to discover the teas they really love,” Wright added.

Wright adds on her blog [2]:

A little over a year ago I started a tea company called Phoenix Tea Shop [3]. I worked on sourcing good teas and products during the subsequent months (along with branding and building the websites), and managed to find a lot of great connections and opportunities.

But I never really wanted to tackle this project single-handedly. I wanted someone to work with me to build the business and help define what it would grow into.

A little over a month ago I saw a glimmer of an opportunity when Brett Boynton of Black Dragon Tea Bar [4] announced that after nearly a decade as manager of The Teacup, he was unemployed. So I approached him with the idea of partnering with me in the tea business. We met, we plotted, we schemed – and now I am very pleased to announce that Brett is co-owner of Phoenix Tea.

Here are some pics of the space:

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