PHOTOS: A Sneak Peek Inside Burien CARES Animal Control’s New Facility

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Story & Photos by Scott Schaefer

Burien’s CARES Animal Control Organization announced this week that it plans to move into a larger facility in 2012, in a building located at 909 SW 151st Street, just west of the Taqueria El Rinconsito Mexican Restaurant.

“The new site is 7500 square feet and will be able to accommodate our inbound animals and their needs more efficiently,” reads a press release. “Currently some of our animals are housed with sub-contractors and foster families. The new facility will have a storefront offering retail products and featuring an animal adoption center. It will also have inside kenneling and holding facilities and adoption rooms where potential pet owners can interact with an adoptable animal to see if they are a good match. We will also be sharing some of our space with a dog daycare on site as well as a dog self wash area. We start construction in December and hope to occupy by early 2012.”

We spoke with CARES Director Debra George, who gave us a tour of the building Wednesday morning (Nov. 16).

“Having this new space will not increase our current monthly costs,” George said. “We contract out all our boarding and kenneling, so moving everything into one central location will actually help us become more efficient since we’ll control everything.”

Plans are to build 30 kennels, with eight ready at the opening (slated for sometime in January), a dog wash area shared with ‘Paws and Relax,’ a reception area with some retail, a cattery and more.

George said that they’re currently looking for volunteers and in-kind donations to help build out the new building, which should cost “no less than $20,000 to remodel,” she added. If you’re a carpenter, contractor, plumber or have other skills or materials that you can donate, please email her at [email protected].

CARES will also be holding some fundraisers in the near future, so stay tuned to the blog for more info.

Here are some exclusive photos of the new facility, as photographed by Scott Schaefer:

CARES' new facility will be in this building at 909 SW 151st Street near Ambaum Blvd. SW.

The main reception area will be inside the blue-colored door on the right.

Pending some remodeling, this will be the main reception area.

Kennels and adoption rooms will be built in this area.

A dog wash area will be located in the area that most recently housed a liquidation store.

CARES Director Debra George shows off the plans for the remodel.

CARES has also added three new members to its Board of Directors:

  • Ray Helms brings with him over 10 years of business experience as an entrepreneur working with cities and their programs for Federal Way, Burien and 4 Culture. He is on a planning commission for Burien as well as an employee of the City of Burien.
  • Denise Ferguson brings to the board over 10 years experience as a business owner in Burien and expertise in human resources.
  • Cindy Joaquin joins the board also with her extensive 30 years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping as well as her 12 years of service to the King County Southwest Chamber of Commerce.

Here’s more from a press release:

Debra George currently serves the board as the President and also as the volunteer Director of the CARES organization. All of the Board of Directors are animal advocates and are committed to the best support and care in the rescue and welfare of all animals within the City of Burien. Recently the organization lost two founding volunteers whose enormous help, work and commitment is greatly appreciated. We are a better organization for having had their support and we wish them all the best.

As a new non-profit, our daily focus continues to be the highest level of welfare for the animals in the City of Burien. The organizations daily operations are managed by the volunteer Director. CARES employs a thoroughly trained Animal Control Officer and an Office Manager/Animal Placement Specialist. The organization fully follows the Policies and Procedures provided by the City of Burien in the execution of it’s contractual commitments regarding animal control. Each day brings this new organization closer to its goals and we anticipate many success stories in the months and years to come with the training, help and hard work of our employees and volunteers.

Join us during the Winterfest celebration on December 3rd for dog photos with Santa in front of OptiMark at 916 SW 152nd Street. There will also be a small silent auction with some great gift items. All proceeds and donations will benefit Burien CARES.”

You can find additional information about CARES at or contact the CARES office at (206) 812-2737.

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105 Responses to “PHOTOS: A Sneak Peek Inside Burien CARES Animal Control’s New Facility”
  1. doglover says:

    Just Read the post, SOMETHING is way wrong!! As I read this, none of the new board members have any experience in Animal Control! Two of the people who had the animal experience have left the organization?? Why did they leave the organization? Where is our city Manager in all of this? Certainly he can’t approve of these changes, which are not what we in Burien were promised!! This is most upsetting to me. This Debra person, I read her bio on the blog way back when they first announced the contract. Debra doesn’t have any experience in Animal Control. I think the City Council should review the contract with her. The only reason I didn’t have any problem with the group CARES is because of the three people who had any animal experience. I thought they were in charge. Now they want to open a new building here in our city. I have called the CARES number and no one ever answers to report a dog in my yard. A girl called me back and told me to ignore the dog, it will go away! She wouldn’t even tell me her name. When I tried to talk to her more about the dog, she hung up on me. Some service!! Is this what our city is paying for? I have my doubts about these changes. Can someone tell me the names of the two people who left the organization, I would like to talk with them and find out why they left. Thank you for your help.

  2. feralcat says:

    All of the these people are replacing :Sherry Myers and Guy Knepp.

    All the new members HAVE NO experience in animal rescue. Bookkeeping and an employee of the City of Burien. What about handling a 25 kittens that are sick. Is your stance on stray cats still going to be,”oh just don’t feed them and they will go back to their owners” really?

    When Debra can NOT even tell if a friendly male cat is fixed there is a big problem.

    I want to know what happened to the dogs and cats from both hoarding situations that “cares” got so much press about. Where is the follow up on that.

    This is nothing but a business deal and it looks like the people are going to win in this situation NOT the animals.

    I just can believe this is happening to the city of Burien. Talk about throwing our money away.

    People stand up and say something. The people of Burien need to be be VERY AFRAID!!


    • opinionated says:

      Maybe it was allowed to happen because nobody with experience in handling animals stepped up.
      Maybe you should volunteer to help out. Bring fcat with you.
      With all the bashing going on about CARES do you really blame anyone for not wanting to be a part of it?
      I know it said the bigger facility will help with the inbound animals but I`m still left scratching my head as to why they need a bigger facility when they don`t take any animals in anyways. (unless of course they find them in someones basement.)

      • Leslie Kasper, DVM says:

        People with animal experience have been there…. and have been pushed out due to the “leadership” not willing to hear what they have to offer! It is extremely painful to be knowledgeable and know how to help and then be told you’re not wanted!

    • Westside79 says:

      FCAT – you should join the burien theatre group because you are very dramatic!

  3. Marianne says:

    Wow! It only gets worse for the animals of Burien. A Board of Directors to replace the ones who resigned, with absolutely NO EXPERIENCE with animals? How was this even allowed to happen?

  4. wheels says:

    If it’s true that Guy Knepp and Sherry Meyers are no longer associated with CARES, I would be very interested to read an interview with either or both of them. It would be nice if the B-Town Blog would ask them why they have left the organization after such a short time.

    • SMyers says:

      Read the email string below, from the bottom up. I think it is very clear on why Guy and I resigned.


      From: sherry_myers
      Subject: Re: posting on craigslist
      To: DebraGeorge
      Cc: “Guy Knepp” >
      Date: Friday, October 28, 2011, 3:22 PM


      That is part of the problem – we sold this organization to the City as a group of 4 people, each with specific qualifications, and now you want to leave Mike out of most things and do lots of things without any input from the rest of us. I seriously doubt the City would have agreed to the contract with CARES if it weren’t for the combined set of skills the 4 of us brought together. I don’t care that Mike is a paid member of the team – he is still a vital part of CARES and there is no way we can be successful without him. You may think someone like XXX could do Mike’s job but I have to disagree. To be effective in the way this organization SHOULD work, you need to have these skills – 1) a true passion for animal welfare, 2) experience working with difficult animals in difficult situations, and 3) good people skills.

      I don’t have anything against XXXXX personally – I’m sure she is a hard worker and a good person. But, she has ZERO qualifications to work in an animal welfare organization. Since we have such an inadequate budget to provide the services we committed to, we MUST have someone in the office who can do what needs to be done. When I call the office, she answers the phone “hello”. Really? We need a person with far more experience and expertise as our face to the public. There is no reason we couldn’t find a person right for this position.

      Below is a list of issues that frustrate the crap out of me. I think Guy will agree with me on most of them. If you want to put together a plan and schedule on when and how these things can be addressed, I’m willing to meet. Otherwise, I’m going to spend my time and energy on the only rewarding part of this whole venture – helping as many animals as possible quickly get into homes.

      1. Per XXXXXXXX – no current health dept. permit and must have application filed by 11/1/11 in order for the new space to open on 1/1
      2. No policies, procedures, price-list, etc.
      3. No radio for field officer(s) – staff safety issue
      4. No micro-chip reader or implanting equipment
      5. No lights for van, no shirts for office staff, no jacket for Mike
      6. Office staff not qualified, not trained
      7. Inadequate care for cats in the office
      8. No volunteers – photographs, transport, cat care, etc.
      9. No fund-raising
      10. No board meetings – legitimate 501(c)(3)?
      11. No consistent financial reporting
      12. Untruthful on reports to City (number of animals euthanized/adopted)
      13. No professional IDs
      14. Animal welfare – inconsistent with health screening, paperwork for fosters, animals records
      15. Relationship with Police-why wouldn’t they allow the director to participate in the hoarding situation?
      16. Public Relations – false, untimely announcements

      — On Fri, 10/28/11, DebraGeorge > wrote:

      From: DebraGeorge >
      Subject: Re: posting on craigslist
      To: sherry_myers
      Date: Friday, October 28, 2011, 2:28 PM

      I totally agree and will talk to XXXXX about this posting. In the future if you could just e-mail me and Guy and not Mike on something like this as he is staff and puts him in a position he should not be. I know you do not think much of XXXXX but she is a good employee and hard worker – she starts full time next week giving her more time and any advise and education you can give her I am sure she will appreciate it.

      You and I need to work on our lines of communication and maybe we should sit down and do this in person sometime soon before it gets worse.


      In a message dated 10/28/2011 1:59:01 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, sherry_myers writes:


      XXX – we CANNOT put postings like the one below on ANY website EVER!!! (I’m not even going to comment on the spelling and grammar). I took this off craigslist just now. This is totally against all rules and philosophies of legitimate animal welfare organizations – and makes CARES look the most unprofessional, clueless group of buffoons to ever try to spell animal control. We can never, never place an animal that we might believe to be pregnant – we are only supposed to place animals that are neutered. We should not be contributing to the number of unwanted, un-neutered animals.

      I am at my wit’s end with the lack of professionalism in the day-to-day operation of CARES. We either figure out how to get competent staff, valid processes and procedures that are religiously followed by all, the equipment needed for us to keep our staff safe, and the resources to keep the animals clean and healthy, or I need to resign. (Although I’m not sure I need to resign from anything as I’m not even sure I have any official role beyond volunteer). I cannot have my name associated with something like this. Rescue – and saving unwanted, mistreat animals – is one of my passions in life and if I can’t be involved in an organization doing it right, I won’t be involved. We CANNOT continue like this!!


      A am a young female cat. I am showing signs of a possible pregnacy so if you where looking to have a family-I’m your cat. I looooove to be pet and snuggle. I recently did my first photoshoot. I loved the attention. Contact burien cares at 206-81-cares

      • Wheels says:

        Sherry, thank you for posting that. The public needs to know, even if it is disheartening. I’m told it’s the fault of the naysayers that CARES isn’t more successful, but from what you are reporting, I don’t have much hope that Ms. George can pull this out of the fire with any amount of advice or support. If she won’t listen to you, who will she get expertise from? How bad will the City of Burien let things get?

        • Catlover says:

          Cares has done an awesome job. I was a long time customer of Guy’s. I don’ t think I will be anymore. This was very unprofessional to post private emails.

      • wile e. says:

        So tell us smyers,
        Sorry but I`m not the sharpest knife in the drawer after getting my head banged so much chasin` that damn bird around the grand canyon so in trying to shorten your rant so I can understand just wtf, is this sentence adequate?

        When the oven got hot you just got your ass out of the kitchen?

        • Leslie Kasper, DVM says:

          I have know S.Myers for several years! I worked very closely with her during an American Eskimo hording rescue in 2009. She does not run away!
          Debra George has some sort of special deal with the City Manager! She has to! Why else would she have received this contract. She promised to work with these experienced folks then threw them out to take the money for herself and her own projects. From S.Myers own emails she states that Debra George has been falsifying records to the city, not providing the required services by law and contract, and has ignored the advise of those who know better. I don’t know many people who would remain in such a dishonest organization! She can do better for animals out from under Debra George’s thumb!

        • doglover says:

          Really this is the best you can come up with? Your one of the new board members trying to hide behind a phoney post.. I know who you are..

  5. Gail says:

    WOW! It is very clear to me why Guy & Sherry left the organization. I don’t blame them at all. What a terrible situation. Now there is a staff of people who has NO experience. Obviously Mike Martin doesn’t care about the city who employees him. The ones who will suffer now the most will be our pets. I agree, some new building isn’t going to fix the lack of experience these people have. God Help our pets! What can we do as citizens? I agree the Blog should interview Guy & Sherry about why they left!

    • opinionted says:

      What can you do as citizens you ask?

      • huh? says:

        Or recall Mr. Martin and the other Council members that don’t want to properly fund services for the animals of Burien. Remember…up until 18 months ago, Burien was still contracting with King County Animal Care and Control.

        When the contracting cities were working with King County on a Regional Animal Model, Burien Leaders made the decision to not sign on. These same Leaders fed Dr. Kasper a false bill of goods; she finally had to shut down. Now CARES is struggling. And the animals are the losers.

        Some may harp on $10,000 a month being a lot of money, but it is a drop in the bucket!
        Animals Rescue and field services is expensive folks—and I’m not talking about World Class here…just the basic needs of surrendered and stray animals: food, adequate shelter, vaccines, worming medications, ear mite/flea treament, spay/neuter, any other needed surgeries, bedding, leashes, collars, toys, dishes, behavior assessments, vehicles for transporting, cages, kennels, dog runs, humane traps, safety equipment for handling animals, training Vet Techs/Vets, and on and on and on….

        Go back to King County Regional Animals Services. There is no shame in doing the right thing.

        • TryAgain says:

          Right on!!! I totally agree. If only the City Council could be convinced.

        • huh? says:

          Regional Animal Services of King County has contacted Burien’s Mayor, offerring to meet and discuss the regional model with her.

          Please read Lorraine Patterson’s Letter to the Mayor and its attached fact sheets. The letter can be found at:

          Then, if you are a Burien Citizen and believe contracting with Regional Animal Services of King County is the best path for Burien’s animals and people, write the the mayor.

        • Tom J says:

          I might be wrong but I thought King County Animal Control was $300,000 per year compared to $100,000 for for the current program. It sounds easy to just go with the more expensive program but the county was only offering one animal control person and that was for a very limited amount of hours. As a tax payer, I don’t want to have my taxes raised for animal control.
          I agree that the program we have now is not what the Burien City Council originally agreed to but I also believe they can take another look at it and demand changes.
          Let’s stop looking at only the surface of something and think we know everything.

          • huh? says:

            Tom J: It may have been $300,000, (possibly a bit more) to contract with King County, which is based on the average cost of each animal that enters the shelter. Regional Animal Services offers much more than just a field service officer. Did you read the link I included?

            ‘Let’s stop looking at only the surface of something and think we know everything.’ I am way below the surface on what it costs , and what it takes to rescue animals. Bottom line…$10,00 does not even come close to taking care of Burien’s animals. The council & Mr. Martin don’t know how much it costs and takes, otherwise they would know $10,000 per month wasn’t even close.

            Have you looked at the financials for any of the local or national rescue groups or municipalities; or scheduled an interview with say the Director of Seattle Animal Shelter to understand what it costs? I have. The data is out there. You are the one that needs to stop looking at only the surface and do the research.

            It is obviousl that $110,000 per year is not providing even close to adequate care for all of the Burien animals that require/need assistance. For $180,000 more, Burien citizens and their animals, recieve full service from experienced professionals that have 300+ volunteers.

            I have looked at the numers and understand what if takes to

        • Chris says:

          WAIT A MINUTE!!! If the amount agreed upon by BOTH parties is not enough, then why on earth did CARES agree to it?!?!

          I have a copy of the original contract and legislation right in front of me, and Item #2 on page number two (Compensation and Method of Payment) CLEARLY stipulates that “Payments shall be made by the City to the Contractor (CARES) in the amount of $10,000 per month. The total amount to be paid to the contractor from May 1, 2011 through April 30, 21014 shall not exceed $360,000.”

          So, it was NO secret, nor was it hidden deep in the contract about how much CARES was going to be paid. As the contractor, they had the obligation to do their own due dilligence to determine if the could operate this organization PROPERLY with the amount of money AGREED to.

          Further, the contract says the contractor “…at its expense obtain and keep in force any and all necessary licenses and permits to perform the work provided for herein…”

          Is this the case? Is CARES operating with the proper licenses and permits?

          Also, the contract in Section 8, Part-A says: “The Contractor shall maintain accounts and records, including personnnel, property, financial and programmatic records which sufficiently and properly reflect all direct and indirect costs of any nature expended and services performed in the performance of this Agreement and other such records as may be deemed necessary by the City to ensure the performance of the Agreement.”

          Now it seems that this is actually not happening, and that proper accounting and records are not being kept.

          This whole thing sounds like a total quagmire!!!

    • William Forest says:

      Ahh… You are just now realizing that the only thing Mike Martin is concerned about is his job security and his hold on the puppet strings of clueless council members like Rose Clark and acting Mayor Joan McGilton. Now that Shaw is a lame duck we can hope that the majority on the council will override these incompetents and put a tighter leash on Martin. Maybe then something positive will get done about Animal care in Burien.

  6. btowner says:

    Who will will file the law suit on behalf of the animals? Isn’t it about time? The City is just as liable as C.A.R.E.S.

  7. Trish says:

    WOW – it would be really nice to hear from some people who have had the sme grat experience that our fmily had with CARES.
    We adopted a very healthy, happy, friendly little guy who has brought so much happiness to our family.
    Yes, I understand that there are issues still being worked out but the organization is still getting off of the ground. I agree whole heartedly that having everything under one roof is not only good business decission, but will certainly make CARES more accessible to the public. The facilities that they are working out of are not easy for people to get too. In the new facility things will be more efficient and anyone can drive right up to the door and see all of the good that is going on. As to all of the comments about needing people who “really care about animals” working there I can tell you that you can sleep easy tonight. The new girl – who I assume I am not to name, judging by all the XXX’s in previous blogs – cares about animals more than anyone I have ever met. I have known her for a long time. She is totally devoted to giving the best of care and placing all of the pets in loving homes. She spends countless hours of her personal time, off the clock when CARES is closed, just checking on the animals, taking them out to run around and play etc. She has posted Pet of the Week listings, found many homes for the animals already through her Facebook friends, etc. She has only been full time for 2 weeks and has already done a lot of good for CARES. Why don’t you give her a chance to prove herself, as I am sure that most of the people posting negative comments probably haven’t met her, toured the facility or thought about the potential the new location has to offer the Burien community. Growing up in Burien our family would walk to the Burien Pet Store and Kirks Feed all of the time to see all of the new little critters. Many a pet came to our home from those walks. The new location, being visible in the heart of Burien, where hundreds of people are out walking can only be a positive thing. I wish people would settle down and give this agency a chance to really get established. I see nothing but great things in their future.

  8. Eaton B. Verz says:

    Wow, I think I just heard a collective “I told you so!!” It’s O.K. though. Just look at the fancy blueprint Ms. George has!! And it’s close to the Mark.

  9. Leslie Kasper, DVM says:

    How is it that Debra George has convinced the City Zoning folks to change thier rules when I argued with them for over 6 months on allowing me to utilize a similarly located facility and they stood their ground! This area is NOT ZONED for animal use, especially overnights! Not to mention, an old building like this will NOT BE SOUND RESISTANT and all the neighboring businesses will hear all the barking!!!
    I was forced out because the City would not listen to my concerns and expertise on animal care and humane treatments. How does a restaurant owner know any better? Especially when half the CARES board members were pushed out due to her dictatorship?
    Burien Council needs to re-evaluate this program and fast! Even if it is a City Manager decision, it is clear misguided motives have led us to this place!

  10. huh? says:

    The City Council, Mayor and Burien’s Citizens all need to get their act together and contract with King County Regional Animal Services. Citizens…step up to the plate and insist that the animals of Burien deserve humane, quality care–and be willing to pay for it–not just talk about it.

  11. huh? says:

    Someone should send King County Public Health to the new facilitiy…

    • Catlover says:

      Cares has done an awesome job. I was a long time customer of Guy’s. I don’ t think I will be anymore. This was very unprofessional to post private emails.

  12. skeptical says:

    The new shelter location is 100 feet from the back door of the Mark restaurant. Was the location chosen because it was best for the animals and for Burien? Or was it chosen for its convenience to Ms. George?

  13. opinionted says:

    What do you all say maybe someone who THINKS they have a better idea or way, step up to the plate and offer some sort of solution instead of sitting behind this forum bitching.

    • huh? says:

      @opinionted: I have offerred a better option and one that has been available to the Burien City Council & Mr. Martin since July 2010….the city of Burien should contract with Regional Animal Services of King County.

      Go back in history. The council ‘n’ Mike thought they could do a better job of providing animal services, for way less money, by starting their own city program. In fact, they even gave themselves a little award! That was 18 months ago.

      It is time for Burien Leaders to make a solid decision that immediately cares for Burien’s animals. The animals don’t have the time to wait for safe housing or for any new group to learn about how to run a shelter; field services; provide basic pet health care; etc. They need help now.

      • watching says:

        Apparently you haven’t noticed that the City doesn’t have $300,000+ to spend on animals. There are a lot of pressing human needs out here that need city services, too. It looks like volunteers are what CARES needs, not carping by people that seem to think they have been left out. Sour grapes is what most of this sounds like.

  14. thedogzoo says:

    I have to say that I am shocked and disgusted by the posts that I am reading here! Such overwhelming negativity! I visited the shelter along with my children and was assisted with adopting a cat by Jamie and I found her to be a lovely, competent woman whose love and concern for the welfare of the animals in her charge was very obvious! I have no idea who all of you are talking about when you mention employees not knowing what they’re doing, etc because that does NOT describe this woman at all! We were very happy with our experience there and would recommend it to anyone! Keep up the good work Jamie and hold your head high – you’re performing a wonderful life changing service for these animals that have been so carelessly thrown away!

  15. Kitt says:

    Well well well…..seems to be that this isn’t about the animals at all – is it? No…..this is about people having a grudge against Debra George. If that were not the case, all of you people sitting there writing your nasty negative posts, so sure you know the right way to do things, would be lining up at the shelter’s doors to volunteer your “expert” knowledge and experience. Being that until CARES came to be, Burien had no shelter so there was nothing you could do to help – right? Certainly you’ve just been waiting for the opportunity to come along so you could jump in and get involved and help these animals – right? Well here’s your chance! Dazzle us with your experience and training! And show up with the screen name you chose to post with here so we know it’s you! Unless this really is just town politics and NOT about the animals at all?

  16. Jacey says:

    Wow Sherry… about sinking to new lows! There is a reason that inter-company communication is called “inter-company”! I would be surprised if you have not just opened yourself up to legal action from Debra by posting inter-company documents without her permission! And what do you stand to gain by it? You partially trashed XXXXX publicly and you trashed CARES all the while making you and Guy look like the struggling saints who just couldn’t take it any longer…..what about the animals Sherry and Guy? Wasn’t that what this shelter was about? It appears to me that Debra was trying to work with both of you and the issues you raised and she was making sure that new employees were getting trained properly…..but you bailed on the animals anyways! If you truly loved and worried about the welfare of all the animals that have been thrown away like so much garbage, you would have stayed and made it work no matter how much office politics you had to ignore or how many things needed to be fixed. Shame on both of you. The people of Burien have issues with this Debra woman and it’s been that way for years…..both of you knew that going into this and you both signed on anyways… would appear that once people started in on the shelter that you bailed on the animals just to prevent your names from drowning in the mud along with Debra’s. What happened to your concern? What happened to helping the animals – the ones that you both just walked away from and left in the hands of the very people you just berated and labeled incompetent. That’s compassion for you…..hope you feel proud now!

    • Catlover says:

      I will never take my pets to Guy’s again. This is horrible. This Sherry person is a joke and a problem for Guy.

      • Guy says:

        Please stop saying you are one of my customers, You are not !! I know who you really are, you don’t fool me for a second.. My Customers are very smart people, and know that my number one concern will always be the animals, thier safety and the safety of those involved. Try again… silly girl..

  17. perplexed says:

    Has Ms. George given any thought to how ridiculous it will be to house a shelter AND a doggy day care in the same facility? Kennel cough, anyone?? As it has been pointed out by just about everyone commenting on CARES, it is a system that is sorely lacking. Ultimately, Burien is responsible. I am just waiting to read about the first lawsuit to be brought about because of inadequate animal care and control in Burien. I don’t think it a matter of “if”, but “when”.

  18. Trish says:

    where does “Huh” get the idea that the animals are not receiving “humane, quality care”?

  19. JustMe13 says:

    I’m not going to bother to comment on how unethical and inappropriate it is to post inner-office e-mails here.

    If XXXXX is supposed to be Jamie I could not disagree more with the above statements! She cares about those animals more than anyone else I’ve met that works there. Unlike the majority of you, I have actually spent time at CARES and have adopted a cat from them. I went in with my kids to ask about cats and the first person I talked to (who is NO LONGER THERE and one of the people you’re all freaking out about leaving) had very little information or desire to help me. Jamie however, immediately took us back to tell us a little about each cat they had. It was obvious the animals adored her and she knew so much about each of them. Anyone could tell the basis of these animals – if it’s a boy/girl, how old, type of cat. Jamie knows these cats personally and told me things like this one doesn’t like kids, this one will need a lot of attention and probably not for you if you’re not the majority of the time, this one is a talker and very loud, this one is scared of the dark (how did she even figure that out???) She also knew the history of each cat. If it was owner surrendered she knew why, she knew which cats came from homes with other pets, which one was a finicky eater. She let my kids name a few of the strays because she believed all of the animals deserve a name. Some of the kittens we were not allowed to pet because they were just brought in and hadn’t been seen by the vet. My kids and I were asked to Purrell our hands between touching each cat and there are postings on the walls about preventing and spreading germs. She let my kids interact with each of the cats and when they picked one that was too young to leave she allowed them to come visit him until he could home. Not only that, before we signed the adoption papers she set up a visit for us where we were able to bring in our dog and let him and the kitten interact to make sure he’s a good match. Since that time we have returned to CARES with our kitty for his required sterilization surgery. They allowed us to take him until he was old enough, set up the surgery details and even provided his transportation and overnight care. When we brought him in for his surgery several weeks after we had him we saw several of the same cats that were still awaiting adoption. Very healthy and happy, just needing a home still. There is NO WAY that would happen with the humane society because they would put them down after a few days.

    This is clearly an “I hate Debra George” thread that has very little to do with the operation of CARES and the welfare of these animals. I think it’s odd that someone is complaining that she secured a facility for them when the former manager couldn’t. Um, doesn’t that say more about the previous manager than her? She made it happen, with approval. ????? Where is the controversy in that. And as far as the location being so close to the mark….. irrelevant. She’s not going to cook the animals and serve them in her restaurant, or cook the animal’s food in her kitchen at the mark. SO WHO CARES?????

    And since I feel like being “catty” I also heard a rumor that Feral Cat Rescue and one of the employees no longer working for CARES illegaly removed cats from a home. I don’t know the story on that but I’m thinking prior animal experience doesn’t give you permission to break the rules. If you’re not willing to follow them you can’t exect to keep your job. Sounds like a liability to me.

    Thank you Jamie and CARES. We love our very healthy and happy cat and I will continue to refer people to you.

    Oh – and F-CAT my absolutel favorite cat

    • TryAgain says:

      This is 100% absolutely false. Get your facts straight so you can accuse the correct people!

      “one of the employees no longer working for CARES illegaly removed cats from a home”

      • JustMe13 says:

        Did you not read it? I said it was something I heard and didn’t know the story behind. I offered zero facts that I should get straight. Everyone is so worked-up about these people being gone, my point was you shouldn’t take Sheri’s word over anyone elses because we don’t know how she behaved in her job functions.

        • DresdenDollz says:

          I heard about this as well. From what I understand a feral cat program was in charge of this, mishandled it and then called cares to fix it.

          • feralcat says:

            DresdenDollz says:
            November 17, 2011 at 6:15 pm

            I heard about this as well. From what I understand a feral cat program was in charge of this, mishandled it and then called cares to fix it.

            I can pretty much 99.99% guarantee that NO feral TNR group was called. I know that neither FCAT or FAF were called in to do anything with this hoarder. Both of our organizations could have come in and got all of the cats fixed in ONE WEEK. Now I am getting calls from the neighbors wondering what the hell happened. To make matters even worse, there were at least 4 pregnant cats, so now there are more kittens.

            Again ‘cares’ did take some cats to the Feral Cat S/N project BUT not 60 like it said in the article.

    • Guy says:

      Sorry the cats that were taken were all about Debra that one is on her, We had nothing to do with it! get your story strait!!

      • DresdenDollz says:

        The original poster said that they heard CARES was responsible. I posted that I had heard they were not reponsibe and it was a feral cat program that was in charge. I’m confused as to which of us you’re disagreeing with. Perhaps there was more than one incident being thought of here because I was not referring to the cat hoarder. This was more recent than that.

  20. JustMe13 says:

    Whoops! My new kitty stepped on the keyboard.

    My absolute favorite older kitty is one of the hoarders cats. Jamie named her Sarah and told us she’s afraid of starving and tries to hide her food. So the hoarder cats are there, and are for adoption. You should ask instead of criticize.

  21. Trish says:

    SOOOO glad to see positive input for both Jamie and CARES. Even more so that someone is bringing to light the real story-The “I Hate Deborah George” team and the people who so easily walked away from the animals they say they are so concerned about. Nice way to show your concern!

  22. huh? says:

    Trish…I don’t even know Debra George. My concern is what is best for the animals. The council and Mr. Martin sold Dr. Kasper and CARES a false bill of goods.

  23. LauraMG says:

    What a bunch of crap! Jamie is my sister and one of the biggest animal lovers I have ever known. She has a tattoo of her cat on her arm for crying out loud! It’s disgusting how many of you will judge her based on Sherry’s biased opinion.

    Sherry – if you’re so concerned about Jamie’s lack of animal expertise why did you reject any effort she made to learn? Why did you refuse to help train her or even answer her questions when she asked? It must be really embarrassing to get caught lying to your boss’s face. You should appreciate that you were allowed time to resign and save face instead of them tossing you the minute you became so insubordinate. Your behavior on here shows exactly how unprofessional you are.

    Jamie – keep your head up. You have a good heart and a strong desire to get these animals adopted to great homes. Maybe it’s not a lot of experience but it’s nothing you should be doing this job without.

  24. MikeTheMan says:

    Oh yum! Another roasting of Deborah George with animals as the appetizer. You people really don’t care what the topic is as long as you can rip her apart

  25. PetsRule says:

    Let’s all just remember to think about pets happiness and do our best to help pets.

  26. feralcat says:

    SO now the word is out that KCAC is having a meeting with council. I just found out today talking to Lorraine. Maybe some thing can finally move in the RIGHT direction, but I doubt it. The city of Burien will not grow enough in the future to even cover cost of running the “shelter” by licensing fees. Fundraising is a very time consuming issue. There is no one on the board even qualified to do that.

    I do find it interesting too that this new building is NOT even close to being ready to open after the first of the year, there is no way that will happen. They don’t even have the money to get up and running. As it is they are over budget. Debra herself is asking for help, for constructions workers and donated supplies. Are you kidding me?

    As mentioned above it is NOT zoned for animals and correct about the businesses around that dealing with barking dogs all day. So again this is a business deal it could not be any more obvious.

    As for the former people on the board being rescue people ok a bit but ONLY IN DOGS. You have/had no one who can/could deal with cats.(friendly or feral). Any rescue/shelter who actually knows what they are doing, should be able to: vaccinate, deworm, flea treatment, and KNOW what the difference between and roundworm and a tapeworm is and how to treat for them. All local rescues/shelters do this themselves!!! I personally can do all of this and more to save my rescue money. ‘cares’ was taking to the vet now while that is fine, again needless waste of money. Most importantly the ability to euthanized animals. Spay/Neuter period.

    How is that hoarding site going? Did they all get fixed? I really doubt that, so now the 50 cats will be around 75 or more in less than 6 months. FYI a lot of the those friendly cats(that came from this hoarder) have eartips, which does NOT cost the person/rescue anything. So waving cost..hmmmm

    Burien needs better hoarding laws, that should not cost the citizens any money it is just a matter of getting ordinance in order.

    People keep asking FCAT and FAF why don’t we help? Well we haven’t been asked. Not to mention we wouldn’t be getting paid anything LOL. We also have full time jobs not to mention running our rescues. It is not a difficult phone call to make say hey: we have some feral cats that need to be TNR’D. Guess what it would actually get done instead of swept to the side. ie the hoarding site……..DUH. AND yes if asked FAF/FCAT would train these people how to do all of the above mentioned and even pull blood for combo test(FELV/FIV) oh they probably don’t know that if you are rescue/shelter you get those combo tests at a discount. WOW.

    Look at the facts business business that is what this all about. Animals will suffer in the long run. I totally AGREE with the lawsuit issue it will happen.


    • Wile e says:

      You probably haven`t been asked because of your negativity and It`s called volunteering for a reason. What do want, a written invite? Get real.
      Seems to me you just want to run your tongue.
      Feral cat, it`s time for you to put up or shut up.
      If we are voting I vote for shut up part personally.

  27. Gail says:

    Thank you Sherry and Dr. Kasper for telling it like it is. I can’t wait to see what Guy has to say about all this? I am waiting for his post.. It is true that Debra convinced the city to change the zoning for the building behind the Mark Restaurant. How convenient. This way she could travel between both buildings and control her soon to be empire. The email that Sherry posted IS NOT company inter office as you say, it regular old email, nothing special, if She or Guy or anyone want to share what was written, so be it!
    Instead of attacking the two people for leaving an organization they were trying to develop with their exsperinace and education, good will you should be asking? Really, why did they leave? These are two people who have done rescue work and placed many animals for the past years on their own time, their own dollar. Again why did they resign? Read Sherry’s letter to the City Manager (Mike Martin) obviously HE doesn’t care. Or he would have done something about this!! He never responded to Sherry’s letter she waited over a week and then sent a letter to the City Council. Guy can tell you more about his non-chalant response.
    We the people need to tell our City council to go back to King county animal control, enough is enough! We tried the Martin plan and it didn’t work, twice! Ten grand a month is not enough to properly fund a real Animal Control operation. You heard Dr. Kasper he wouldn’t give her what she needed to succed, so why is Debra getting what she wants? And even if Martin agreed to give more money. The current people have NO, Zero exsperinace in Animal Control. Let’s do the right thing for our city. Go back to King County.

    • Westside79 says:

      My favorite part of your post is the word “exsperinace.” Wow.

      • Gail says:

        I so Sorry Mr Westside79 I am a 85 year old women, so my spelling isn’t always right on the money. so go a head and have fun making fun of my spelling, it still doesn’t change the facts.

  28. DresdenDollz says:

    It’s very disheartening to see how spiteful and vengeful people here are. Most of this has had very little to deal with the animals at all. I don’t understand why those with the education and experience would rather look down their noses and criticize rather than step up and help out. I dare say, some of you seem pretty crazy.

  29. MikeTheMan says:

    I just scrolled through the archives right here on the blog. LOL You’re all this bent out of shape because the dog groomer quit? Wow, must be “ruff” to replace a dog groomer.

    • doglover says:

      He is more than JUST a dog groomer; if you knew anything at all you would know that “the dog groomer” has been grooming for more than 11 years and rescuing Chows (a difficult breed) for more than 15 years, as well as the placement and rehabilitation of special needs animals. Also is certified in dog grooming and has a national certification in both. “The dog groomer also has completed Certifications in Animal CPR and First Aid, and always is continuing his education to be the best! And from what I know this is just the tip of the iceberg from his background.
      I say all this because I am a long time customer, he has helped me through difficult times when my dogs have died, and welcomed my new dog. I know all this because I care where I take my dog to be groomed. I personally want to know what people’s qualifications are when it comes to my animals and I expect no less from my Veterinarian. Attacking a person because of what they do for a living is a low blow. Some of you here need to grow up and see the real picture of what is going on!
      Our community is at risk; our animals are at great risk! At the hands of people who know nothing about what they doing! Yes is does cost more to have Animal Control with King County, but at least WE are getting experienced people who know what they are doing and have been doing it for many years. Our City Manager trying to save a buck at expense of the welfare and safety of our pets is so wrong. We need to send a message to our city council that the current situation isn’t working.

      • doglover says:

        As a long time business owner in this town Yes it’s on 152end.I am sure many of you have stopped in for drinks and food. I feel that OUR City Council has let us down again; they should take a deep look at this whole CARES thing, its operations, and who is running the organization. Why are they being allowed to operate in such a negligent manner? I will be sending my final draft to the City Council about this very subject tonight. Hopefully I won’t get one of those generic letters that says “Thank you for your interest in the City of Burien, We receive many letters from our citizens, but don’t have time to answer personally, nor do we really care. Enclosed is a BTOWN sticker we hope you will display it on your vehicle proudly, thank you again Your City Council.

  30. Tom J says:

    I take my dog to to one of the best and most convenient Vet Clinics around, South Seattle Vet and they love CARES. Let’s stop with all the petty name calling and come up with a real solution. Do we really want to pay $300,000 per year for King County Animal Countrol? How much are you willing to have your taxes raised to pay for the limitid services the county was offering OR what services whould you like cut to pay for animal control?

    • huh? says:

      Tom J–just in cased you didn’t see my early reply:

      It may have been $300,000, (possibly a bit more) to contract with King County, which is based on the average cost of each animal that enters the shelter. Plus, any pet license fees that are sold for a specific contract city goes directly to offset the aforementioned $300,000. That means Burien could reduce their out of pocket expenses if they implemented well thought out pet licensing program. Maybe they could even collect enough license fees their contract with King County would only cost (out of pocket), $120,000 a year!

      Regional Animal Services offers much more than just a field service officer. Did you read the link I included? King County offers far more services than CARES does or Dr. Kasper (did), because $10,000/$120,000 a year is not enough moeny.

      ‘Let’s stop looking at only the surface of something and think we know everything.’ I am way below the surface on what it costs , and what it takes to rescue animals. Bottom line…$10,000 does not even come close to taking care of Burien’s animals. The council & Mr. Martin don’t know how much it costs and takes, they would be ashamed of themselves.

      Have you looked at the financials for any of the local or national rescue groups or municipalities; or scheduled an interview with say the Director of Seattle Animal Shelter or King County Regional Animal Services to understand what it costs? I have. The data is out there. You are the one that needs to stop looking at only the surface and do the research.

      It is obviousl that $120,000 per year is not providing even close to adequate care for all of the Burien animals that require/need assistance. For $180,000 more, Burien citizens and their animals, recieve full service from experienced professionals that have 300+ volunteers.

  31. Denise says:

    The Board of Directors for CARES would like to thank everyone for their passionate responses to our press release about our new facilities.

    Please be assured that we are
    1) Following the law
    2) Following the policies and procedures set forth by the City of Burien for Animal Control
    3) Providing excellent care for the animals that have been taken in by our Animal Control officer
    4) Providing on-going training to our staff and volunteers
    5) Actively working within our budget and actively procuring external funding as any non-profit organization would do.

    We would like to again thank Mr. Knepp and Ms. Meyers for their many contributions to the organization as we move forward after their voluntary resignations from the board. We wish them the best. We will continue to uphold ourselves and our organization to the highest standards regarding animal welfare.

    • Westside79 says:

      Well said Denise! I have no concerns that you, Debra, and the other new board members will do a great job!

      • doglover says:

        Westside Really, I know who you are!! a regular at the MARK.. So you give Kudo’s to people thathopefully will give you a free drink?? what a joke !! The new Board is a joke! again I will tell you that they have NO !!!!!!exsperiance at animal control OR welfare.. How can they “succeed” as you say? Get a grip.. hang onto that rail at the bar so you don’t fall off…

  32. skeptical says:

    Denise, I assume that you are Denise Ferguson, a new board member for CARES.

    The business model of CARES, as I understand it, is to get some funding from the City and rely on donations and volunteers to bridge the gap toward an adequate animal services program. If you need the good will of the citizens of Burien in order to succeed, then you might start by giving honest answers to simple questions.

    In a previous post, Sherry Myers made 16 fairly specific allegations about the operation of CARES. If those allegations are true, then I would not want to donate my money or time to CARES. If they are false, then I think a representative of CARES should demonstrate why those claims are false. Show me the lights on the work van, the Animal Control Officer’s uniform jacket, radio, ID, and microchip scanner. Give us a link to financial statements of how the taxpayers’ money is being spent. Show us a copy of the Health Department certificate that approves that shelter location and design. Tell us what training the office staff has had. Most importantly, share with the public the documentation on adoptions and euthanasia, including who performed those euthanasias, how, and why.

    If you can’t or won’t refute the allegations made, if you are just going to tell the public, “We are right and our accusers are wrong simply because we said so,” then that’s a pretty clear indication that you are trying to cover something up. The court of public opinion is not like a court of law where you are innocent until proven guilty. If you want the support of the public, and if you are following the law and doing everything right as you say you are, then show us. Asking us to trust you is asking too much.

  33. CuppaJoe says:

    What a joke. If it weren’t so tragic, it would be laughable. Anyone working in the fields of animal rescue, non-profit, or local government can see that there are red flags ALL over this set-up. I appreciate that the now-former board members do not want to be affiliated with CARES if their concerns are not being addressed. If those so close to the situation cannot facilitate improvements, who can?

    I’m not going to rehash the checklist above, but it (along with anecdotal evidence of public frustration) clearly indicates a lack of professionalism, protocol, and best practices, not to mention realism. Where is the accountability? Where is the transparency? Not the photo ops and secrecy, but the real action and responsibility?

    The current operation appears to be a liability for the city and the pennies saved are sure to be wiped away by legal action that may come from any number of missteps. Do Burien citizens really need for it to get that bad?

  34. doglover says:

    Thank you so so much skeptical !! you are right !! no one could have said it better!! and really all Denise just gave us is lip service.. Show us the proff?And yes your are correct. it is Denise Ferguson, the owner of a business across the street from the Mark, and a long time friend of Debra’s. Go figure????????

    Again I am still waiting for Guy’s responce to all of this???

    I will call him tomarrow and ask him again to respond. please!!!!!!!

  35. btowngurl says:

    The fact is burien city council already admitted they don’t care about the animals and refuse to put money into it. Who chose these morons to run cares? What a effing joke. Contract with RASKC for everyone sakes.

  36. I hope we can do as much as possible to help CARES succede. Most, if not all of the council has pets and I would think that they do care about the animals.

    Also, don’t rely on this blog to vent your concerns. Over the last several council meetings only “feralcat” has been actively commenting at the council meetings. If you cannot attend, at least send an e-mail to “[email protected]”. It will be a part of the public record. Not all of the council is on this blog, but they all read the email for the record.

    Yesterday, one of my dogs went missing. My boys and I split up to find him and I sent my youngest to the in-laws (they live next door) to check their back yard. Unfortunatly, he found our dog and he had passed away. Screaming for his brother, my oldest hopped a 6 foot fence like it wasn’t even there. I can say my boys consider our dogs like brothers.

    There is a definite training issue, or policy issue with CARES at this time. The reason I share this is because I called CARES to ask what to do with the body. They directed me to public works dead animal pick up. Public Works only picks up animals off the road. We are lacking in animal services for Burien at this time.

    What I am saying is that we should demand that CARES structure itself after RASKC. They can identify in which areas they are deficient and we all can work to fill those deficiencies. From the city to the volunteer, if we can’t afford RASKC, at least we can get RASKC-esque service.

    They’ll probably need more money so maybe that 1% levy increase could be directed to CARES or even used to pay for RASKC. I hope we’re open to that.

    Joey Martinez

    • Eaton B. Verz says:

      Joey, look forward to your comments at the next coucil meeting!

      • Eaton B. Verz says:

        council….. sorry, no coffee yet

      • Eaton, I will probably just e-mail them in. You don’t want to see a grown man cry do you? 🙂

        Joey Martinez

        • Eaton B. Verz says:

          Joey, loss of a pet is difficult at best. Sorry for you families loss! This cares situation is a great example of why we need to focus on our present little city instead of trying to make us expand. If our leadership cannot get this public service right (and there are many other examples) imagine the chaos if we annex. Mr.Martin and the majority of the council really don’t give a crap about the animals. They had an opprotunity to fix this problem when Dr. Kasper quit. If they can get someone foolish enough to accept the responsibility for such a small amount they feel that absolves them.No REAL research was done by anyone involved as to what it takes to run this type of operation. It really brings into question Ms.Georges motovation. As a successful business owner/operator you would assume she would do her due dilligence before jumping into this. Now we hear allegations falsified records,secret finacials and many others without a real response to specifics.Joey, this system is broken and until the council gets off its butt and accepts responsibility nothing will change.Heaven help us if we start up a police force with this group. I, for one would be willing to pay the 1% increase to fund REAL animal control. This whole deal really makes our city look like a monkey screwing a football. Again, sorry for your loss. Eaton

          • Burienite says:

            OMG, quit calling this our “…little city.” Burien isn’t some tiny, one stop light town deep in a rural area.

            Burien is NOT a small town!!! It’s a moderate size urban/suburban city with a population approaching 50K.

            Get real tired of hearing “keep our little city the same!, etc.”

    • CuppaJoe says:

      Yes, please everyone, let city officials know how you feel. Another problem with the animal “collection” process is that when a dead animal is picked up, there is no record kept. If your family pet is struck and killed by a car and then taken away, you will never know its fate. Animals should be scanned for a microchip and, at the very least, the date/location and it’s sex/breed/markings, etc. should be documented. Of course, this requires someone have enough knowledge to do that, but it is a service that Burien (human and furry) citizens deserve.

  37. feralcat says:

    oh wait ‘cares’ has NO scanner. Oh wait all shelters should have one.

    YEP you are right I have been one of few people who show up at the council meeting expressing my concerns. I even went to the meeting where debra george gave her update. WHAT a JOKE that was, she is horrible speaker and her facts were wrong.

    Most people show up for annexation issue, which is great too.

    I really doubt this will change again not trying to change the subject, but seeing how the council decided to move forward with the annexation, it is apparent they do NOT care what or how the public feels.

    So hopefully people really will step to the plate and talk in front of the board. Letters are good too, but the face to face thing and on public television.

    Also be warned about letters, make sure they do get into public record, I am just saying.


    • Trish says:

      Feralcat – you may think that you have all of the answers, you might even have some good ideas, but you come across as a really self righteous bitch. No one is going to pay any attention to what you say because of the way you express yourself. If you really want to help the animals and your community you really should try to learn some common courtesy and quit being the playground bully.

  38. Eaton B. Verz says:

    Sorry, we need to focus on our moderate size urban/suburban city with a population approaching 50K.

  39. btowner says:

    I think Joey should shut up about the 1% increase. Lots of hot air coming from that big body.

  40. feralcat says:

    really trish? you don’t think a rescue should have the basics like a scanner and you are calling me a bitch and a self righteous one at that? Go right on ahead and join the club and get in line:)

    That is not being a bully that is just telling the truth, but I guess you can’t handle the truth.
    What suggesting that people write letters or go to a meeting is being a bully? That is our right.

  41. CuppaJoe says:

    It’s interesting that commenters can call others names and tell them to shut up here (something that I appreciate West Seattle Blog doesn’t allow). Keep it classy, Burien.

  42. feralcat says:


    SHERRY who wrote the letter and resigned will be speaking.

  43. Lynnette says:

    Okay, I was only going to read these comments and not say anything, but Denise Ferguson’s bizarre letter was TOO MUCH. It was posted on Nov. 18th, if you want to scroll down to it and it is absolutely wild. She states that CARES is following the law. Not even close. In their short history, their animal control officer has already been ordered to do illegal things such as confiscating animals without proper authority. Denise says that CARES operates according to the animal control policies and procedures of the city of Burien. Sorry, Denise, but there aren’t any. Go ahead, call the CARES office and IF you can get someone to answer the phone, ask a question about any animal control policy you can think of. The non-answer you get will be revelatory. Denise’s remark about CARES providing excellent care for the animals that have had the misfortune to fall into their hands is an absolute howler. Go down to their present “shelter”. If you have trouble finding it, you can follow the smell. It REEKS — because the cats housed there are in dog crates with individual cat boxes. I was there and I saw it and the cat boxes were full of mess. They very obviously hadn’t been cleaned in a long, long time. A couple of people who posted here described the lady who works in the CARES “shelter” as such an animal lover. Right. Go down to the shelter and take a look at how she has been tenderly caring for those poor cats. To the poster who wondered, “What can we do?” Get to your computer and send e-mail after e-mail to the city council DEMANDING that they contract with the GENUINE animal control and sheltering organization, RASKC. Do not believe that foolish old wheeze about how King County will demand lots of money and only give us one officer for a few hours a day…. NOT TRUE. RASKC will give us reliable animal control, a safe shelter for lost and homeless animals, hope of finding our animals if they become lost, and accountability — unlike the horrible comedy show we have substituting for animal control right now. If nothing else, unlike CARES, RASKC ANSWERS THEIR PHONE.

    • Wile.E says:

      What can we do. Thats because they need folks like you to help out a little Lynette.
      Maybe you oughta volunteer to clean cages. I`ll supply the bleach.

  44. Lynnette says:

    You know, Wile.E, if I believed that would help, I would do it. However, the problem is much larger than cleaning cages. Burien has, for all practical purposes, NO ANIMAL CONTROL. The fact that CARES’ “shelter” keeps cats in conditions that would be regarded by most animal rescues as abuse is only a symptom of the problem. The heart of the problem is that Burien’s attempt at animal control is run by one person who has little knowledge of animal rescue, no knowledge of animal control, no knowledge of animal law, and no business being in charge of such an agency. If anyone is thinking of volunteering with this outfit, I would advise them not to. That would only enable this bad plan to keep on going. In my considered opinion, it would be much better to put that time and good intent to use writing to the Burien city council over and over and over and over until they sign us up with RASKC. That excuse about “it’s too expensive” is mush. RASKC has numerous options for contracting cities. Each city signs up for what type and how much animal control and sheltering service they want and they pay according to that. We could do anything from signing up for the full program to a deal like Des Moines has where they have their own officer and she uses the sheltering facilities at RASKC. Tell you what, Wile.E, I am NOT a cat person, but if B-town Blog readers can join the letter writing campaign and help end the CARES disaster, I will joyfully give all those cats a free ride down to the safe, comfortable accomodations at RASKC where they can be adopted out into good, forever homes.

  45. feralcat says:

    Finally, I was to write this I would get backlashed.

    Lynnette is CORRECT do NOT go down and volunteer, go take pictures and prove that ‘care’ is neglecting the animals. Yes the office person does not care about the animals if she did then again those litter boxes wouldn’t be so gross.

    I know Michael is doing what he can, but one person can NOT do it alone.

    The worse part in all of this is the city council OTHER than LUCY, She never wanted to do the burien animal control thing, she wanted to stay with KCAC.

    I do know most of the cats that are in the “shelter” came from the hoarder that debra got so much publicity on. Well guess what debra NEVER went back to follow up on the other 25 cats. The neighbors got so pissed off they called me in. I was able to get 11 of the 25 fixed, then hoarder closed up but the neighbors will be working with me to get the rest fixed soon. The ones in the ‘shelter’ were ALL ear tipped. Which means the s/n was FREE. While vaccines and health checks up were done. She did not tell the public these cats were going to be ear tipped.

    Again this new ‘shelter’ is joke. As said earlier the lawsuit is just around the corner.

    Of course NO one should up the council meeting to express concern, but that doesn’t surprise me. Typical. Step up people.


  46. Jan H says:

    The cats at CARES are in sad condition, When is the city council going to end this CARES nightmare ??? The people involved have NO clue what they are doing !! they are not animal people, and owning a dog doesn’t mean thay know what they are doing!! Yes we need to go back to KCAC and save our animals.. We need to start a writing letters to the city council,,just matbe if enough people write letters, they will change back to KCAC !!!

  47. feralcat says:

    Well the sad fact ism that is NO one is willing to come to the council meetings, I doubt writing letters will help either.

    The biggest issue is the council members EXCEPT Lucy, they do NOT care.

    This needs to go to the major news media and make “cares” and the burien city council look bad.

    As of right NOW I do not see the city of burien going back to KCAC, there is TO much money tied into what is going on right now, between debra AND mike martin. This all very crooked in my opinion, Getting a building that is NOT zoned for animals and not even set up properly for housing animals safely.

    This is just damn sad and the animals are SUFFERING for it.


  48. huh? says:

    FCAT…are you a licensed facility that has been approved by King County Public Health?

  49. feralcat says:

    I don’t need a license t have a rescue, those are for breeders. As for king count public health unless someone reports me, it is not an issue.

    • huh? says:

      You do need a permit, inspection and possibly a license. Public Health regulations have changed. :

      Animal Shelter is any facility used to house or contain and offer or distribute for adoption as pets any stray, homeless, abandoned or unwanted animals… operated or maintained by a public body, an established humane society, animal welfare society, society for the prevention of cruelty to animals or other nonprofit organizations, or ‘by a person or persons devoted to the welfare, protection and humane treatment of animals.’

      In the eyes of KC Public Health, you are operating illegally.

  50. Marianne says:

    First, FCAT does the vast majority of adoptions at off-site events at local pet food stores. Second, in the link you sent, at the bottom (you didn’t include), it states that “animal shelters” having on-site adoptions fewer than 21 days per year do not need to be licenced.

    Animal Shelter is any facility used to house or contain and offer or distribute for adoption as pets any stray, homeless, abandoned or unwanted animals other than livestock that is owned, operated or maintained by a public body, an established humane society, animal welfare society, society for the prevention of cruelty to animals or other nonprofit organizations, or by a person or persons devoted to the welfare, protection and humane treatment of animals. Animal shelters include satellite pet adoption facilities but do not include pet adoption services performed at an animal shelter or satellite pet adoptions facility not more than a total of 21 days per year.

    • huh? says:

      [email protected] Marianne: Didn’t include it because it wasn’t important in defining FCAT’s ‘shelter’.
      FCAT’s facilitly houses/contains cats and kittens, then offers or distributes them for adoption.

      It appears to be an animal shelter under Public Health’s definition: ‘Animal Shelter is any facility used to house or contain and offer or distribute for adoption as pets any stray, homeless, abandoned or unwanted animals’

      The phrase you are referring to, ‘Animal shelters include satellite pet adoption facilities but do not include pet adoption services performed at an animal shelter or satellite pet adoptions facility not more than a total of 21 days per year.’ In reading FCAT’s posts, it appears that people come over to her facility more than 21 days a year to meet and adopt cats and kittens.

      All rescue groups should be held to a high standard. That’s the only point that I’m making.

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