Special Needs Man Severely Beaten In Burien Thurs. Night; Police Seeking Help

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The King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that a 21-year old man was severely beaten as he walked home from downtown Burien Thursday night (Nov. 17) around 9 p.m.

Police say that Joshua Sheen, a special needs adult, arrived home around 9 p.m. bloodied, and had to crawl to get into the house. He had “pretty much everything in his face fractured” said his sister Brianna Davey. Sheen also had teeth knocked out and according to Davey had “internal bleeding and had to have his spleen removed.”

Sheen was missing his cell phone, shoes and possibly his wallet, and apparently had no recollection of how he was injured.

King County Sheriff Deputies searched several blocks attempting to locate where the incident occurred but was unable to locate any evidence.

Sheen is 5’7” tall and weighs about 140 pounds. He was wearing a black jacket and dark jeans.

“We are hoping that someone saw something and will come forward,” said his sister Davey.

We also received the following email Friday morning:

“My nephew, who is a special needs adult, was the victim of a hate crime.

He is currently at Harborview Medical Center, in ICU on life support. There is a chance he may not recover.

I’m asking residents in the area to please contact local media and ask them for help in gathering information and public support to assist in the capture and prosecution of the person or persons responsible.

Any help or information is greatly appreciated.

It happened in Burien, near his home. Around 7:30 pm or so.”

UPDATE 11/18/11 2 p.m.: Cindi West of the KCSO said that while police don’t know exactly where the beating happened, Sheen’s home is in the 12400 block of 22 Ave South (map below).

If you have any information about this crime, please call the King County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit at 206-296-7530 or email [email protected].

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19 Responses to “Special Needs Man Severely Beaten In Burien Thurs. Night; Police Seeking Help”
  1. Erik Robbins says:

    This is absolutely horrible. Who would do this to another human being. Hang in there Joshua. Thinking about you and your family today. Does anyone have an approximate area where this happened? The info was vague.

  2. Angel says:

    That is horrible. I own a business in downtown Burien and it makes me sick to know that as much as I love this town there are people who make it a place where a special needs person can’t walk home. I will offer a “full sleeve” tattoo to anyone who comes to Burien Tattoo with information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for this.

  3. Rebecca says:

    This is awful. This isn’t the first time recently someone has been assaulted in Burien and something needs to happen. I sure hope local police are doing everything that they can and catch the person/people who did this. My thoughts and prayers are with Joshua and his family. Praying for a full recovery.

  4. Horrified says:

    This is so sad. Joshua please get better and know our community is ashamed and mortified that this happened to you.

    Someone saw something, come forward and help justice be served.

  5. Sean says:

    Sickening. I little more info may help catch the suspects. Such as, what is the route Joshua usually takes to get home from work? Maybe there are traffic and security cameras along the route.

  6. Susan says:

    Sending positive thoughts to this poor man and his family. I love my neighborhood and find this incident reprehensible. Please if you know anything, come forward and help police catch whoever did this. I know the B-Town Blog is good at posting updates and sharing information – the more we know, the more we can keep our eyes open for any suspects. This is a great area to live in and we as a community will not tolerate this sort of hate crime.

  7. jimmy says:

    dam sound like we need to catch the punk or punks that did this and have some street justice teach them a lesson then turn them over to the cops

  8. Lisa O says:

    I think I read that the beating happened in Blvd Park area – S 124th & 22nd South

    • Helen says:

      He and I live in former Boulevard Park. I live only 2 blocks from Joshua, 12200 block of 22 AV S. We’re now Burien. I was mortified to read this, and hope whomever could do something like this is brought to justice. My thoughts are with Joshua and his family.

  9. BK says:

    Oh how this kind of thing just pisses me off and frustrates me. I don’t know how some people have the ability to hurt others or animals. Seriously, how do they do that without caring about how the person feels. Or how they would feel if it were done to them. I hope tips come forward to make it possible for you to find and convict whoever did this. Crapheads. I feel that a crime such as this (to a helpless stranger) should have harder sentences than an assault case between people who know one another. I hope this is true. They set out to find victims on purpose. And sometimes just for fun, to pick on someone and feel cool. AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Tommy says:

    That’s beyond messed up.

    Side note: How do they know it was a “hate crime” if they don’t even know what happened?

  11. Get a clue burien city council says:

    I know who Josh is. The worst part of it is he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Just wants to be everyones friend. Terrible. Just terrible.

  12. Greg Duff says:

    Our prayers are with you, Josh. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and that just isn’t right. My heart hurts when I see that people can be so cruel.

  13. TS says:

    This is absolutely heart breaking. Our prayers are with josh! Does anyone know if there is any tangible way to reach out to the family to offer support? Would love to help organize fund raising efforts to pay for hospital expenses. Mostly I just hope that this family feels supported by our community.

  14. btowner says:

    Hate to say it, but I think this kind of thing goes hand in hand with too much low income housing in one area. Low income housing should be spread through out King County and not just concentrated in one area. Your create a rats nest when you concentrate then all in one area. Our city leaders need to realize that and prevent that from happening. Annexing White Center should not even be on the radar. I aslo think we could just about put two police on the streets for the price of one, when you look at overtime hours racked up. So many initiatives on our ballots are about saving law enforcement or adding funding while cutting teachers funding. Seems like we should get more bang for our law enforcement bucks.

  15. STEPH says:

    I know Josh through my cousin and he is the sweetest, gentlest, most positive energy guy. My heart goes out to the family and my prayers are with you dude. Hang in there honey.

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