Burien CARES Pet Of The Week Is ‘Kona,’ A ‘Very Lovey’ Chocolate Lab Mix

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The Burien CARES Animal Control ‘Pet of the Week’ this week is a very large, very lovey chocolate lab mix named ‘Kona’:

Kona is a big Teddy Bear. He is a Chocolate Lab Mix.

He is very large and very lovey.

He likes to sit next to you and lean on your legs.

He’s four and a half years old.

Would be a good family dog. ?

If you would like to meet him for a possible adoption or for fostering contact CARES at:

[email protected]


(206) 81-CARES

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18 Responses to “Burien CARES Pet Of The Week Is ‘Kona,’ A ‘Very Lovey’ Chocolate Lab Mix”
  1. Marianne says:

    Is Kona neutered?

    • CuppaJoe says:

      I looked through their adoptable pets on Petfinder and some are labeled as spayed/neutered, others not. Kona is not. There has been discussion on another thread about whether CARES adopts out unaltered animals. I certainly hope they don’t and that it is simply careless online entry. They also have at least four adoptable animals described as “hyper” – huh? Is that a good quality? Maybe they just need to do a better job on the animal descriptions in general.

    • PetsRule says:

      Yes he is. He is Altered and up to date on all of his shots. He is a Pure breed. We also have his papers. He is a total sweetheart!! Likes other dogs, is fine around cats. He would be great with kids and already know some commands.

  2. Burienette says:

    I believe all cats and dogs must be fixed before CARES can place them. Thats usually the policy when adopting from a rescue shelter but CARES is a little different so they may have a different policy.

  3. feralcat says:

    I will put it out there right now, that FCAT will pay for this neuter BEFORE IT GETS ADOPTED. Seeing how ‘cares’ is over budget, I will NOT allow this irresponsibility to unnoticed by ‘cares’.

    NO rescue/shelter should EVER post an animal for adoption that is unaltered. Great just think someone taking this dog and breeding him.

    • doglover says:

      Posting an animal that is unaltered? This isn’t the first time, Last time she tried to pawn off a cat that was pregnant. That would have been a good one.

  4. skeptical says:

    Whatever my concerns are about CARES, I think this Pet of the Week feature is a great idea. I hope it continues every week, and that each new notice contains the standard boilerplate that all pets up for adoption at CARES are spayed and neutered. (And I hope that it’s true.)

    Kona looks like a great dog.

  5. Burienette says:

    Kona reminds me of a dog I once had, she was a real lover. Makes me wish I had a great big yard for him to play in 🙂

  6. doglover says:

    Problem as I see it! Jamie has NO idea what she is doing, her posting’ are like a 5th grader…really ?? This stuff needs to stop! And stop now, how can someone who has no idea what they are doing be the placement person for animals. I am really sorry if sound so harsh, but this is so wrong!!We are talking about real animals here, no stuffed !!

    • PetsRule says:

      Kona is altered

    • JustMe13 says:

      You’re not sorry if you sound harsh DogLover. And you don’t sound harsh. You sound bitchy and bitter. For those who missed her last continuous outburst DogLover has already been outted as Sherry the former CARES employee. She reveals information she learned during her employment, posts her opinions as facts and then backs up her own stories using multiple screen-names. And she’s the one calling Jamie a 5th grader?

      Pet of the week is a great idea! The best way to grab attention quickly is to post a picture and keep the information simple and limited.

      Someone needs to call CARES to put a muzzle on DogLover and her negative Nancy routine.

      • doglover says:

        Good one ! I hate to disappoint you, BUT I am not Sherry, I own a business here in Burien, I have for over 10 years now, I know congrats !! I have been following CARES since the beginning, I was a great supporter, I even gave money and Kennels to help with the cats. But have learned what the fate of Sherry and Guy was, So now I don’t support Debra the controller and her great lack of exsperiance, so sue me for speaking the truth. When will people like you really get it! Its all about her and what she gets from it. NOT about the animals and their welfare.

  7. Christine says:

    I wish we could keep the focus on Kona. She does indeed seem like a fabulous dog deserving of a great home! Like this on FB and your friends will get to see her too. Right here…right now…Kona needs a home not debate on the rescue taking cafe of her.

  8. doglover says:

    Your right,, Hopefully Kona finds a home soon, just for the future. tell us more about the animal, is it spayed and neutered what is its temperment is it good with cats or kids.


  9. AD says:

    Kona does look like a terrific dog! Many shelters WILL advertise unaltered animals- with the caveat that they will be neutered/spayed before adoption.

    I will say that I am dismayed by the number of criticisms I read about CARES. Criticism can be a path towards improvement, but when it seems mean spirited, (a problem with email often when it is not meant that way), it is hard to be useful. These are good people that have stepped up to fill an obvious need in our community. There is always a shakedown period for any new undertaking, and it must be a HUGE challenge to make everything work on a shoestring budget.

    I like the simple clear language of the notice-remember many animal lovers in our area may not have English as their first language- or be very young.

    Please consider being the change you want to see in the world (Gandhi). I am sure that CARES can use supportive, active help. Clearly, all the folks I have seen post love animals. Let’s be proactive and positive, and DO SOMETHING to support CARES as they move into a better location.

  10. Randy Johnson says:

    Perhaps doglover will STFU and step up and volunteer some of thier time to help out CARES with placements.
    My only experience with CARES was recently, when my pure bred Irish Wolfhound escaped, and CARES was called. CARES helped me find out where the dog was and was very helpful.

    All that said… Kona looks like a sweetheart, and would be an awesome pet for a responsible owner. I’m unaware of whatever regulations (state, local, whatever) exist that can force any agency to enforce any ‘neuter before placing’ type of regulation… perhaps one exists, perhaps not.
    However, I feel that CARES fills a void in our little town.

  11. Rainycity says:

    I just lost my lab of 13 almost 13 years, Huge void to fill and in my opinion, no dog can fill a void in your life like a lab can. Excellent dogs, companions and protectors of the weak.

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