Gov. Gregoire Now Proposes Cutting Annexation Sales Tax Credit By 10 Percent

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by Ralph Nichols

Gov. Chris Gregoire proposed $1.7 billion in state budget cuts Nov. 21 – including a 10 percent reduction in the sales tax credit that help Burien and six other cities pay for annexation of neighboring unincorporated areas.

This credit allows cities that annexed an area with a population of at least 10,000 to retain 0.2 percent of the state’s sales tax generated in the city to fund the cost of extending city services to the annexed area.

Late last month, Gregoire released a detailed list of Budget Reduction Alternatives to offset the $2 billion shortfall in anticipated revenues for the current fiscal biennium, including elimination of the state annexation sales tax credit.

But mayors from 115 cities statewide – including Burien Mayor Joan McGilton – responded with a letter to Gregoire, stating they were “extremely disappointed with the depth and breadth of your ‘preliminary choice’ budget cuts targeting cities and towns.

“These deep cuts are intolerable and, we feel, do not reflect our longstanding partnership…. Given our partnership, we want to work with you to help the state meet its economic goals. Instead of firing salvos at one another, we should be working together to stimulate economic recovery.”

“One major concern raised in the letter relates to the Governor’s proposal to eliminate the state sales tax credit that is helping several cities such as Burien that have recently done annexations,” Burien City Manager Mike Martin said earlier.

“For example, for the first North Highline annexation the city has received a total of $584,000 to date to help the city provide services in the North Burien annexed area,” Martin noted. “This funding was anticipated to last 10 years following annexation, but would be eliminated under the Governor’s [initial] proposed cuts.”

The mayors also noted that the responsibility for implementing and enforcing many laws enacted by the Legislature falls on local governments.

Neither McGilton nor Martin were immediately available for comment about what is now a proposal by Gregoire to cut by only 10 percent the state annexation sales tax credit to the seven cities in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

The governor’s new budget cutting proposals would also reduce by $43.8 million liquor profits sharing by 39 counties and 281 cities and towns, eliminate state liquor excise tax revenue sharing ($26.4 million), and reduce by 10 percent ($2.2 million) streamlined sales tax mitigation to two counties including King, 51 cities and seven transit districts.

The Legislature will convene in special session Nov. 28 to offset the $2 billion revenue shortfall to balance the budget through June 2013.

Burien, which has taken the first two steps toward annexing the remaining North Highline unincorporated area, anticipates receiving $5 million a year from this sales tax credit for 10 years to offset the costs of a second annexation.

If this proposal of Gregoire’s is approved during the special session, Burien would get only $4.5 million a year for the costs of annexing unincorporated North Highline.

The state’s Growth Management Act requires the annexation or incorporation of all currently unincorporated urban communities.

After Gregoire initially proposed eliminating the sales tax credit, opponents of this annexation intensified their objections to the move, saying there was no way the city Burien then could afford it.

In early October, the Burien City Council adopted by a vote of 5-2 a resolution to proceed with annexation of the remaining unincorporated area. A notice of intent to annex then was submitted to the King County Boundary Review Board, as required by state law.

The Boundary Review Board will hold a hearing on Burien’s proposal Jan. 9 (read more about that here).

In proposing her budget reductions Monday, Gregoire said, “No governor in modern times has had to weigh cuts of the magnitude I am proposing. But I have no choice…. Over the past three years, we have had to reduce existing and projected spending by nearly $10.5 billion. And now we must cut even deeper.”

In addition to $1.7 billion in state budget cuts, Gregoire is proposing some fund transfers – and asking state voters to approve a temporary half-cent increase in the state sales tax, which would generate an estimated $494 million through 2013. The tax increase would expire in 2015.

If the Legislature approves that request, she wants a special election for a public vote on the tax hike in March.

Gregoire said the majority of the money it raises would go to K-12 and higher education and restore public safety funding.

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55 Responses to “Gov. Gregoire Now Proposes Cutting Annexation Sales Tax Credit By 10 Percent”
  1. TcB says:

    White Center is Burien’s Manifest Destinty. Opponents to the annexation may be viewed as we today view opponents to the Louisiana Purchase or “Seward’s Folly” in Alaska. 😉 Hyperbole? mayyyybe.

    • elizabeth2 says:

      Hyperbole? Mayyybe says TcB. Not even close, my friend.

      The Louisiana Purchase cost the United States 3 cents an acre, the Alaska Purchase 2 cents an acre.

      If you can demonstrate how Area Y would fall anywhere near that cost, go for it!

      • Elizabeth2, I’m working on that on my own time. Currently, the city council costs you and I $200k per year. Allocating that at 2/5ths split (paid by sales tax credit) we save approximately $25k per year. That is a conservative estimate, and it will probably be closer to 1/3rd, not the 1/4th I’m projecting. On this single line item we have $250k savings to current Burien over 10 years.

        That single line items saving alone of $250k that will be invested back into Burien. While other cities cut services and fall into disrepair we can build and be ready to be the next Bothell when the recession is over.

        Joey Martinez – on vacation.

      • TcB says:

        Are those costs in todays dollars? I’m talking tongue in cheek when I say manifest desitiny, but what I really think is that in 50 years I want the people to be able to say we didn’t let a small group of people who have been dead for 35 years stop us from becoming whole again. If you oppose annexation, then please imagine for a second, that the area in question has NO PEOPLE. Imagine that it was just annexing an area of land to our north. Do you have an opposition to that? ok now imagine that the area in question has just as many people but that they were white people who would bring in a completely neutral cost due to the tax credit. Opposition to that? Ok now imagine that it’s people of all colors. Oh THAT’S where I hear the opposition!

        • Neil says:

          Race has nothing to do with this. Its a question of costs and if a small city like Burien can bear the cost to annex an area that will take a lot of resources to fix. Resources that Burien needs badly itself. Please dont play the race card to shut down any legitmate arguements that anti-annexation voices have.

          • Coverofnight says:

            Neil, you’re spot on regarding this race comment – it has NO place in this conversation.

            These people that are against the anti-annexation people just aren’t listening when we say that we simply don’t want to pay increased costs for increased services to an area that needs big-time increased attention to fix! If White Center is so wonderful, let them incorporate into their own city!

            And I am also anxious to see the cost breakdown from Joey Moretaxez; we’ll then see his true colors as a free-spending liberal. Actually, I’m not that anxious – I already know that his “analysis” will use Obama tactics (lying) to paint a rosy picture and that it would cost us more not to annex.

          • TcB says:

            State Tax credit and Alcohol sales taxes from a few large groceries in the area means that there’s going to be an inflow of money. I hear a lot of people here saying “I don’t want that area to be a part of our city.” If you imagine it with no people in the area then that argument sounds ridiculous. What they’re really saying is that they don’t want “Those people” to be a part of our city. And what those people are, are minorities. The most feared words from the anti-annexation crowd MAJORITY MINORITY.

        • elizabeth2 says:

          TcB – I think you are insulting when you attach racial motives to those who are opposed to annexation.

          Some of us simply have no desire to be part of a larger city, black, white, or purple.

          We have no desire to earn lots of extra money developing properties, needed or otherwise.

          We have no desire to have a large political base for doing all sorts of powerful political things.

          We have no desire to add to the responsibilities we have now as we would sort of like to make sure where we are living now gets fixed.

          No motives except “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”!

  2. William Forest says:

    I have contacted the governors office and made it clear who is pushing annexation in Burien.. And its NOT the majority of the residents of Burien. There are special interests agendas at work here that don’t have the benefit of the residents as a priority. As usual its the one percent getting theirs at the expense of the 99%.

    I urge anyone who cares about the fiscal health Burien to attend the Boundary Board meeting and give reasons to oppose annexation.

    • J Lutz says:

      William You are throwing out another of your factoids. How can you prove that a majority of citizens are against the annexation? I have talked to thousands of citizens of Burien when I was working on the election and more people are concerned with Public Access to Lake Burien then they are about annexation. As soon as you get north of 148 and east of Ambaum, people do not even talk about annexation. Please quit throwing out your “facts” until you can prove them. Contact the Governor all you want. She will just see you as the constant negative person that the rest of us on the blog see.

      • Neil says:

        The city council can put the question of annexation to rest by holding a special election for Burien residents on whether they want annexation of white center or not. This has been brought up in numerous meetings but they refuse. The last election was a referrendum of sorts on what the resident of Burien thought on the subject of annexation when Bob Edgar who had dropped out of the race initally and spend maybe a tenth of the money that Gordon Shaw spent won. Gregg Duff another pro annexation candidate suffered the same fate even though he was endorsed by three of the city council members. Debra Wagner lost by a very small margin which wasnt bad for a first time candidate and she ran on a shoestring budget. So i think the proof is in the pudding here on what Burien voters want. And also by the way the B-town blog had a online vote and i think the vote for anti annexation was 80% versus 20% for pro.

        • Ian Gunsul says:

          That poll was so inaccurate it was laughable. All you had to do was clear your history and you could vote over and over.
          Funny how all you tea partiers claim you’ve been in contact with all of the citizens of Burien and they are all against annexation, but you’ve never really been in contact with anyone who lives East of Ambaum, where the majority of registered voters live. You just have a lot of free time during day, most likely retired or trust fund kids, who have a lot of time to rant and whine and moan on the internet about everything that is wrong with the city you live in like no other municipalities in the whole US are having problems with the current economic situation which is behind the increase in service costs, business failure, crime and the decline of property values.
          You people are the ones trying to drive a wedge between two communities that have a long history together. I grew up in this area and have lived here most of my adult life and cannot understand the hate/bigotry that drives you people.

          • Girthman says:

            “Tea partiers”? Really? It’s pretty lame when you have to resort to name calling. Then you go on to mention how “you people” are the ones “trying to drive a wedge between the two communities”. No Ian, people like you who can’t see beyond politics are the ones dividing our community. And thanks for the tip on how to cheat the B-town online polls….must be nice to have the free time during the day to figure that out.

          • William Forest says:

            Ian G… The only one full of hate and bigotry from what I read is you… The fact that the majority of residents want nothing to do with the poison pill of white center is a reality you will just have to live with.. You sound a lot like Lutz.. you guys should go have a drink so you can both cry into your beers.. Lol

          • William Forest says:

            Ian G .. Just to correct the record. I work 10 hours a day and have been a progressive probably since before you were born, since your arguments are so adolescent. So to refer to the folks against annexation as tea party sheep is in fact upside down from reality. The reason I am on here regularly is because I won’t allow fiscal illiterates like you to get away with spewing their propaganda about why annexation is a good thing when in fact its fiscal lunacy for the residents and a developers wet dream. The fact that white center does generate anywhere near enough income to support its self is just a fact of life and just because the majority of Burien residents don’t want to be saddled with the net revenue loss involved in annexing white center doesn’t make us bigots, thats just a red herring you are throwing out there, because any common sense argument to annex White Center at this time doesn’t exist.

        • J Lutz says:

          If you want to spend thousands of dollars on a special election, lets also ask the question

          “Do you want public access to Lake Burien?”.

          More people are concerned with that issue and the lake people may not like the results at all.

          It is a known fact that people with money or a cause will vote. The more people we have in Burien, the less power the lake peple will have and all it takes it a huge campaign to register new voters.

          • William Forest says:

            Lutz …What a pile of hooey to say that the hundred or so people that live on the lake had a disproportionate effect on the vote …look at the numbers and it shows you are full of it. The fact is you are a sore loser and what better people to blame than the people around Lake Burien the same neighborhood where the WINNER happens to live.

            Sour grapes Lutz.. thats all your diatribes are… democracy works and all your crying moaning and complaining is not going to change the fact that your guy lost.

      • William Forest says:

        Lutz… You are full of it.. I doubt you even live in Burien.. You certainly are in cahoots with the developers.. Public access to a small lake that has a fragile eco system was never an issue until people with a vested interest in profiting from said access entered the equation. Its been that way for decades and to say that its a big concern for residents that live west of Ambaum is a bald faced lie.
        I have actually door belled ALL OVER Burien in support of Bob Edgar and found the the only issue of real importance to people was the proposed annexation of Burien and they were adamantly against it 10 to 1. So stop with the attack and distract.. Thats the typical tactic of those that don’t have a leg to stand on.

      • William Forest says:

        Correction I meant the annexation of white center..

        Oh and btw Lutz to claim you spoke with thousands of residents is so unbelievable it completely destroys your credibility. I door belled for weeks and did not get near that number.. And by some incredible stretch of the imagination if what you say was actually true.. the election results proved your propaganda had minimal impact.

        • J Lutz says:

          William I love the way you attack Ian saying he is full of hate and bigotry and then you turn around and attack me in the next post. Let me set the record straight. I campaigned for a person running county wide and I am from Burien. In talking to the three pro annexation candidates, they all heard the same things I heard that annexation is not the major issue. Open access to the lake is more important. You can argue all you want that the area south of 148 and west of Ambaum does not have a huge affect on the results but those of us who do this for a living know better.

          Here is what I predict, William

          The Governor’s cut of the sales tax credit will get slashed and it will go back to what it was. The annexation will go to a vote of the North Highline people in about August and pass on the first vote. The annexation will do just as well as the first and you will have a huge pie in your face.


          Your one issue candidates Bob Edgar and Lucy Krakowiak will take out a map and find out how to get to North Burien and North Highline (becasue they have never been there) and then not know what do do because the only thing they have done is fight angainst annexation.

          and then

          the people of Burien will be so pissed at the people on the lake for their rude treatment that they will demand access and the Burien City Council will have to give in and the poor minorities will have access to your lake. I have my beach chair ready!

          • TcB says:

            I can’t say I favor public access to the lake because I know what the lake can support from an ecological standpoint, and I doubt it can support public access (pollution increased x fold) I don’t live on the lake but have a history with it. I think it should be treated as a historic artifact since the settler who lived there ended up becoming the city’s namesake. There just isn’t enough water inflow/outflow to clean itself. It really is more like a big mud puddle.

  3. William, I commend you for taking the time to contact the Governors office. So few people care enough to voice out their opinions. I’ve also written and spoken with those in the Governors office, as well as my local reps. I’ve sent them preliminary reports on the benefits versus risks to annexation that I am working on.

    I don’t believe there is any special interest at play here. I think that you and I (among others) are both looking out for the best interests of Burien. We just have differences of opinion as to whether annexation is good or bad for Burien. As time permits, I’ve been working on the following scenarios. I hope to present them to all by the end of the year.

    1) Burien Annexes – No economic (or extended) Recovery.
    2) Burien Annexes – Economic Recovery (<10 years).
    3) Burien Does not annex – No economic (or extended) recovery.
    4) Burien Does not annex – Economic Recovery (<10 years).
    5) Area stays unincorporated
    6) Seattle annexes – This one will probably be longer than end of year.

    Joey Martinez – on vacation

    • William Forest says:

      I commend you Joey for doing the work the city manager should be doing and the members of the council should have done before voting to move forward with annexation.
      Are you doing this gratis on your own time and initiative?
      I have also contacted my state reps and given my opinion and so has my wife.

      I would be interested in knowing where you are going to come up with the numbers for your scenarios since the actual costs have not even been fully explored or tabulated for public consumption. I suspect unless you are have an accounting or actuarial background you will have difficulty with credulity as to the conclusions of these scenarios you are attempting to construct.
      The first Berk report contradicted the second Berk report and although I am sure these reports were a boon for their balance sheet they neglected to address a number of issues/expenses that would change the conclusion of the second report from a revenue neutral report (what the city manager and their contractor was looking for) to a net revenue loss.
      I do work with numbers and my background is in Business Administration and imo the numbers just don’t add up.

    • Eaton B. Verz says:

      Joey Martinez – on vacation

      I was wondering why it was taking you so long to post……

      Eaton – watching all my(illegal?) blue tarps flap in the wind.

  4. TcB says:

    I think the only thing I will actually believe about the “polling” of thousands of residents being done by some (yeah, right) here is that a majority of those opposed to annexation are anti-annexation. However, if the tax credit actually does disappear (which it won’t) then annexation may have to be put off until the state can reinstate that, since it’s designed to make annexation financially viable, not to mention the new alcohol taxes that will be received by the city. So it’s not about annexation at all costs, it’s just about annexation because it makes sense for the city’s FUTURE. This future is about 50 to 100 years from now, not the next couple of years. White Center will not have this “stigma” that it has now in 50 years. Your children and children’s children will thank you.

  5. William Forest says:

    Lutz you live in la la land.. Annexation is not going to happen for a lot of reasons all of which went in one of your ears and out the other.
    Also the destruction of the ecology of Lake Burien which you advocate is not going to happen either. Look at the election results.. two of your candidates went down in flames and not coincidentally the two most vocal annexation proponents.
    Robison was the lesser of the 3 evils and having spoken to him myself I think he will be inclined to do the right thing and stop the annexation process when the Governor slashes the sales tax giveaway.

    Mike Martin the out of control city manager and the prime pusher of annexation will be put on a much shorter leash with the new council, since Shaw isn’t there to run cover for him anymore.
    I am also hopeful that starting in 2012 we now will have a council more inclined to listen to the MAJORITY of the residents as proven by the election results rather than the lies and propaganda pushed by you sore losers.

  6. J Lutz says:

    William Jerry Robison is a good friend and anybody that knows him knows that your last statment made you look silly. Jerry is by far the biggest supporter of annexation. Take a look at the vote on the council. If the governors proposal is rejected (which I suspect it will) the vote is going to be 5 to 2 in favor of annexation. Every person on Burien City Council supports annexation except Lucy and Bob. Jack has supported it all along but thought it was a little premature but will not hold it up. If you doubt what I am saying, look at the minutes of the council meetings and you will see that what I am saying is a fact and not what you seem to like, a factoid.

    • William Forest says:

      If what you say is true the Robison lied to my face and its truly unfortunate that Debi Wagner could not have gotten another 500 votes and then we would have been rid of him and have someone that is much more worthy to serve on the council.

      • William Forest says:

        Btw I think you are wrong about Jack. He had his hands tied before I have faith that Jack will in the end vote against annexation at this time.

      • J Lutz says:

        William You say I live in La La Land? Jerry has been the strongest advocate for annexation. He did not hide the fact. He was the first to speak up a the Burien City Council meetings. I don’t know what you are talking about.
        If you say that the vote was strickly about annexation, look at Duff’s website and you will see that 5 of the 7 councilmen endorsed him. You are clearly throwing out some factoids this time ann don’t have the ammunition to back it up.

        • william Forest says:

          Lutz.. Things change.. Apparently the endorsements of 5 council members wasn’t enough for him to make it a contest as he got literally blown away by Lucy K. So I think at least a couple of those council members will think twice before sticking their necks out again because they might just get lopped off in the next election. I never said it was STRICTLY about annexation .. I just said that public access was not even a blip on the radar screen compared to the largest issue which was annexation.. I think the lack of oversight of the out of control city manager is going to be a large issue in the next election and it was also a significant factor in this one.

  7. Debi Wagner says:

    In my experience when I hear someone call another person a name or accuse someone of bigotry it is usually by a small minded person who has no valuable argument to win a debate. Sidetracking the issue is a last resort. I never talked to a single person during the campaign who had any interest in Lake access. If you were to attach a valuable insight into an advisory vote, ask questions designed to discover how to imrpove the small business climate in Burien? Or if you really do care about those people east of Ambaum ask what can be done for those living in the new flight path who are suffering abuse 24 hours a day. But if your real intention is to have a majority of voters north of 116th decide issues for all of Burien like Lake access, then nevermind.

    • J Lutz says:

      And sometimes, Debi, bigotry is truly bigotry. When the comment “We have enough Mexicans in Burien” is said over and over or “Let them get their own town south of the border” I tend to think that the person might be just a little racist. We want to think our “llitle town” of Burien is free from racism and I wish it was so. The unfortunate fact is, racism exists and it hits home with annexation. I heard one guy say “I have lived here all of my life and we don’t need anymore Mexican welfare recipients” He proceeded to go home and put up a sign that said NO WHITE CENTER ANNEXATION.

      I am not saying that every person opposed to annexation is doing so because of race issues but please don’t insult our intelligence by saying it does not exist in the issue.

      Your ran for office, Debi and you never gave an answer as to what you would have done if you won and if the hundreds and hundreds of units of low income housing were built in the North Highline Area as is proposed. If you doubt that they are goijng to be built, go over the records of the North Highline Unincoporated Area Council Meetings and see how many groups and individuals have given presentations on the low income housing they are going to build. Where are those kids going to go to school? What library are they going to go to now that the King County Library Board is moving to close the WC and BP Libraries. The problem with the anti annexation people is too many of you just assume it is not going to happen and if it does you do not have a plan. When you don’t have a plan B you end up being a part of the problem instead of part of the solution and I fear that is what is going to happen with Bob and Lucy when annexation passes.

      • William Forest says:

        You assume annexation is going to pass.. I wouldn’t count my chickens just yet. it maybe true that the old biddies Clark and McGilton are basically brain dead and that Robison is a slime ball lying lawyer, now that Shaw is gonzo that leaves 4 members that actually have clue who could form a majority that neuters the clueless 3 and leaves them in the minority.

  8. Debi Wagner says:

    Let me clarify, I get the feeling that some of these posts are not so much about adding North Highline as they are about doing away with old Burien.

    • William Forest says:

      Gee what a coincidence that I get exactly the same feeling!
      They in fact are the ones that are acting uppity while accusing others of exactly what they are guilty of. Sure seems like classic Rovian bait and switch strategy to me.

      • TcB says:

        What is your plan if annexation happens? Have you thought about it? It is a possibility. My plan if annexation doesn’t happen is to try to slow low income housing growth (the concentration of..) in King County land (White Center). This will prove to be extremely difficult. Again, what is your pan?

  9. TcB says:

    I’m very very sorry to tell you people who think that little old Burien is just going to remain in some sort of time warp and freeze population is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. It is going to continue to grow, and the ironic thing is, is that if annexation doesn’t happen, then White Center will grow population faster since the zoning will allow to create housing complexes with more units. And White Center people will continue to come to Burien, making Burien seem like a “Bigger” city. I know you don’t want things to change, but it is going to change and sticking your head in the sand and not wanting to take control of your own destiny is going to end up hurting the future population of Burien.

  10. William Forest says:

    How about a different approach ..
    Instead of making Burien BIGGER how about making it BETTER!
    Get our current house in order before looking for more green pastures!
    (although in this case the pastures are just painted green to disguise the fact that they are actually brown and toxic).

    The only people sticking their heads in the sand are those that cannot see this .. What will hurt the future population of Burien is not looking before we leap.. And I mean take a good look . We need to bring our current city up to snuff before taking on the burdens of others. Thats why the “damm torpedoes full steam ahead” approach towards annexation lacks even a modicum of common sense and is akin to fiscal insanity.

  11. Debi Wagner says:

    Mr, Ms.? Lutz: I didn’t give an answer on the low income housing in North Highline because nobody asked me the question. But frankly, my comments and answers to questions were focusing on Burien and as William said; making Burien better not on unincorporated King County because that area presently belongs to King County. You know, good and bad people come in every color. I think it is embarrassing to even repeat what someone has said about Mexican’s. My best friend I grew up with is Mexican. She wants to be considered an American as do we all. Is it you who are afraid of the element low income housing brings into the area? And why do you and TcB sound so much like Joey and Greg? Who are you really?

  12. J Lutz says:

    I can assure you that I am neighter Joey or Greg. I worked on a King County race and followed all the races. I happen to agree with Greg on a lot of the things he said EXCEPT Greg said he would only vote for annexation if everything fell into place and I feel we would be silly to pass it up. I have tried to tell him he should write on the blog and he does not even read it most of the time.
    I am not afraid of the element that low income housing brings to the area, I am afraid of the NO TAXES that low income housing brings to the area. 40% of all low income housing in King County is located in our area. We don’t need more. Am I afraid of minorites? I am a minority.

  13. Debi Wagner says:

    “We?” It is only ‘we’ if we annex the area. Our area? It is only our area if we annex it. Face it, if it were sustainable they would incorporate themselves.

  14. J Lutz says:

    What school district are they in? What city are they right next too? What librarywill they use? It will be our problem whether we annex or not. The only way to stop the low income housing boom is for us to annex and then not issue permits for low income housing. No one will say that annex the North Highline Area is an easy thing. They have problems. If we don’t take on those problems, all of Burien is going to suffer by not annexing. If you think your property values in all of Burien will not be affected by having a HUGE low income housing boom, you better think again. The way King County has cut the police services in North Highline and Seattle does not have the money to spend on extra police services will affect us. Do you think the bad guys are going to rip off the low income homes in North Highline or will they move just one city south and feast on the higher income homes in Burien. Ignoring the problem is will not sove it. We need to take the steps to control the zoning.

    As far as North Highline incorporating themselves, no city of 17000 could afford it. Look at the cost to incororate and you will see that is not even an option.

  15. TcB says:

    Hear Hear. J Lutz is totally right on the annexation part of his debate. Oh, and Debi, I am a real person, not Joey, not Greg. “n my experience when I hear someone” “accuse someone of” not being real “it is usually by a small minded person who has no valuable argument to win a debate”. Are you just a chat bot?

  16. Debi Wagner says:

    Unlike you, I give my real name. I put my face on flyers. People who don’t know who I am can call me. My home phone was in the voters pamphlet. They can read my book that is an autobiographical history of the third runway fight. It is a personal story, mine, of how I lost everything I had worked for all my life just to move away from a flight path. It is a story of how communities banded together to try to save themselves from financial, personal and health injury. I pour my heart out in that story. I wrote the first letter on the blog about the costs of annexation after reading Berk, the Seattle financial feasibility study and talking to King County finance department. I talked about losing the tax credit before the governor announced the proposed cuts because Seattle included this concern in their report. I like to learn on my own so I feel confident about my facts. And I have a background in accounting. So chat bot? More name calling? After you used my line to deride me?

    • TcB says:

      again, I make comments that sometimes use humor or irony. I’m not trying to call names but you insulted me. I’m sorry that you lost everything and like some on this site, I would never be the one to tell you that when you live by an airport that’s your choice and your expectation. However, I just simply disagree with you on the annexation issue. It’s not meant to be some evil plot. We both live here and except for this one issue enjoy what Burien has to offer without complaint. Don’t forget to shop locally people!

  17. Debi Wagner says:

    TcB: I aappreciate your response. One of your statements bothers me though. When you say “when you live by an airport that’s your choice and your expectation.” This is one of the things I talk a lot about in my book and on a recent tour. Many people who live/lived in Highline were here before the airport. For proof of that, Sunnydale and Highline both predate Sea-Tac. In fact, Sunnydale school predates the invention of flying. This area was also the most populated by acre in the state before jets were introduced in the early 1960’s. The four post plan of 1989 put my home smack dab in the middle of the flight path. People don’t chose to be abused. And they definetly have never been warned properly about the emissions and soot that cause cancer. Just so you are aware, the FAA/Port of Seattle is the only business I know that can claim the injuries their operations cause are the victim’s fault and get away with it.

    • TcB says:

      You chopped my quote which makes it seem like you either don’t read things through well or are purposefully misquoting, which is it? I said ” I would never be the one to tell you that when you live by an airport that’s your choice and your expectation”.

      • elizabeth2 says:

        TcB – I did read all of your quote.

        I also understand that when you said “would never be the one to tell you that when you live by an airport that’s your choice and your expectation”.

        The I will quote you again when you say that you “sometimes use humor or inony”.

        The definition of irony: Definition: The use of words to convey the opposite of their literal meaning.

        So, perhaps Debi, like me, read your statement above regarding the airport, she may have read the irony in your statement…..meaning your words implied exactly the opposite of what you said? Maybe? Irony?

  18. It appears that the annexation tax credit has survived the special session. This budget amendment represents about 25% of what the Gov. proposed including no tax increase.

    The legislature still has to approve this budget and the regular session starts in January. I still imagine the 10% cut in annexation reimbursements is on the table. Stay tuned…

    Joey Martinez

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