Owner Of Hoarded Dogs Rescued In Burien Is Veteran AKC Dog Show Judge

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Screengrab from a video of a rescued Chihuahua.

by Scott Schaefer

As we previously reported (read our coverage, including photos, here), a Burien house was raided Oct. 6, where 38 dogs were rescued, nine of which had to be euthanized. 

Turns out that the Owner/Hoarder of the dogs is actually a veteran American Kennel Club (AKC) dog show judge.

Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and Chin dogs were found in homes in both Burien and Issaquah, all in poor health and kept in extremely dirty dog crates.

CARES Animal Control took in the surviving Burien dogs, and cleaned them up for fostering/adoption.

Pasado’s Safe Haven provided law enforcement with video footage of the dogs, showing them living in life-threatening conditions at the homes.

According to Amber Chenoweth of Safe Haven, the video shows that “some of the dogs were neurotic, spinning uncontrollably, and others were nothing but hopeless – lying in the back of small crates, lined with urine and feces. The cage doors were rusted with mats of fur stuck to the bars. The dogs seemed to be in a dark room living in absolute fear. You could see the desperateness of each tiny soul who had been in this condition for an unknown amount of time.”

Pasado’s Safe Haven is now asking for 14 counts of Animal Cruelty charges in the first degree for the Owner, who apparently has “decades of involvement with dog breeding and showing,” according to Chenoweth.

“Many of the dogs did not have food, water, sanitation or necessary medical treatment,” Chenoweth added.

The Owner and her husband, who has since passed away, have decades of involvement with dog breeding and showing for the AKC, and they’ve owned many of the top show Chihuahua in the world. Pasado’s was informed that she was few days away from sending one of her dogs off to another big show when this case came to light.

“Because breeding is a money making business, there are many breeders who do it for the money alone,” Pasado’s added. “The dogs that had been shoved away into the Burien basement had possibly at one time been Hamilton’s prize dogs. When they no longer could bring money in, they became as useless as the old, rusty crates that they were forced to live in.”

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One Response to “Owner Of Hoarded Dogs Rescued In Burien Is Veteran AKC Dog Show Judge”
  1. Patty Lessley-Douglas says:

    This totally DISGUST me! Whoever did this should get the same treatment, locked in a filthy small cage with no toilet, food or water. What is wrong with people that think this is OK to do to poor helpless animals? I personally hope they rot in hell.

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