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Volunteers Needed To Help ‘Makeover Burien,’ One Business At A Time…

At Wednesday night’s South King Media Advertiser and Reader Appreciation Holiday Party, a positive new project called ‘Makeover Burien’ was unveiled by The B-Town Blog’s Scott Schaefer and Serenza Salon & Spa’s [1] Daniel Keane.

“Makeover Burien will be a 12-month long project where we’ll help a different local business every month,” said Keane. “Each month we’ll pick a business that needs some help, then go in, give employees a makeover at our salon while other volunteers help clean up or fix things up at the business location.”

This project was conceived by Keane, and will be produced in association with The B-Town Blog and Serenza Salon & Spa [1].

Keane and Schaefer are currently seeking volunteers to help with this monthly event, and are looking for local businesses that can contribute in-kind services or products to help fellow local businesspeople. Some of the categories needed are services like handymen, contractors, accountants, business consultants, carpet (and other) cleaners, and just about anything else that can help a business get spruced up.

But it’s not just about helping businesses.

“The ultimate goal at the end of 2012 will be to find a needy local family that could use an extreme makeover,” Keane added. “We’ll then go to their home, give the family a makeover while workers help clean and fix up their house.”

Monthly reports will be posted to The B-Town Blog, including photos of each makeover event as well as lists and links of businesses that helped. In other words, if you or your business volunteers to help this project, you’ll receive free marketing on the blog, which reaches between 50,000 – 60,000 Unique Visitors per month.

In addition, a separate website will be built, and photos and videos will be produced and posted as well.

If you’re interested in helping out, please email [email protected] [2].

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