B-TOWN BIZ: Longtime Burien Restaurant ‘Dragon Pearl’ Closing Jan. 1st

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BTB Reader Adrienne Peck tipped us to this via email – longtime Burien restaurant ‘Dragon Pearl,’ located at 15304 1st Ave South, is closing Jan. 1st.

“The owners are moving back to China,” said an employee named Lisa over the phone Monday (Dec. 26).

The current owners have operated the business for about a year, but couldn’t make it work.

Lisa told us the restaurant has been in business in Burien for “about 30 years.”

Here’s more from Adrienne’s email:

Our family’s favorite Burien restaurant is closing. Visit the “Dragon Pearl” restaurant while you can!!

This little place looks like a dive bar from the street. To be fair it shares a building with an authentic old-school south-end dive bar…but on the left side of this building is a Chinese Restaurant that rivals anything in Seattle (as good as Jade Garden & the Szechuan Noodle Bowl). It’s owned and run by a couple: he is the amazing chef & she is the service. They speak mostly Chinese, but their authentic generosity and friendliness make up for any language barrier. Everything is made so fresh. Prepare to wait a tiny extra while (if you are use to a pre-prepared Chinese food).

When we walk in (which the first time was a fluke) they hug our daughter and immediately put the humbow (her favorite food) in to the steamer. Sadly we are usually the only customers. We have eaten glorious whole fried fish, every dim sum item, shrimp stuffed tofu, crispy orange beef, the divine sliced fish fillets with mixed vegetables & nearly every menu item. We’ve found that each dish is better than the one before. Last night we ate our Christmas dinner there…and I had to stop myself from saying magical & awesome (because I said it so much that it was ridiculous and embarrassing).

Yesterday they hugged us with tears while we ate. They are closing on the 1st of January. Their last day is the 31st. It’s our favorite restaurant in the Seattle Area (and we consider ourselves connoisseurs of some swanky Seattle food paradises). We will miss them terribly. Do yourself a favor and eat there while you still can. ooh, and bring your quarters for the Foosball & billiards tables. Bummer!

Best Wishes,
Adrienne Peck

The Dragon Pearl is located at 15304 1st Ave South; phone: (206) 246-0776.

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7 Responses to “B-TOWN BIZ: Longtime Burien Restaurant ‘Dragon Pearl’ Closing Jan. 1st”
  1. Kari B says:

    That’s too bad. 🙁 I know new owners tried to make a go of it? We’ll miss it, one of our favorite places locally.

  2. R. Wells says:

    That’s too bad. I didn’t know that the place was under new management and that it had improved so much from the previous management. The poor quality of the prior ownership and the building’s appearance cast a negative light on the establishment.

  3. J W says:

    Well over 35 years – I remember it in the 1970’s.

  4. Burienite says:

    Sorry to see another Burien business go, but this place hadn’t been “good” for a long, long time. Further, it was just slightly “better” than the Wah Long. This place had a quite a few incidents and police interventions over the years, so not too sorry to see it go. Too bad the new owners couldn’t swing it.

    That entire section of 1st, from 156th to 152nd (on the east side) is just plain ugly.

  5. VERY TIRED says:

    I’m sorry that I cannot agree with the glowing review. The one time I went to the restaurant after the new owners took over, I found the food to be greasy, and the portions to be less than desirable. I do appreciate the fact that they were trying to improve the place, and compared to what was there, they did. I do find it interesting that they are going back to China…

    …all of this said, they gave it a go, and it didn’t work out. I certainly hope they are able to find happiness when they return home.

  6. Burien ex-pat says:

    Just another failed business waiting for a nail salon or tattoo parlor to takes its place. Anything to keep the 1st ave tumbleweeds in check as Burien withers.


  7. burienette says:

    I was not aware that the bar and restaurant were separate and not aware of the new ownership. I had been there once maybe 10 years ago and saw no need to return after that. After reading the glowing review I decided I had to try it and went for dinner on Jan 30th. I must say I’m sorry I went. Everything I tried was absolutely delicious and I now find myself craving it and knowing that my usual go-to places just won’t cut it anymore. I did have to wait a long time for the food and the building was drafty but the woman serving was friendly and the place was clean. DAMN YOU ADRIENNE! Why couldn’t you tell us about this place sooner? I probably could have single-handedly saved their business. They are only a few blocks away so I probably would have eaten there 4 days a week and I have many friends that either cannot or hate to cook. I wonder if they are still there? If I go beg at their door with an empty bowl do you suppose they would feed me?

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