LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A ‘Shout Out’ Of Praise For Burien Bark

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I don’t know how to post this, so hope you can help me.

I would like to give a ‘shout out’ of praise to Burien Bark.  Today I visited Nickelsville (our local homeless camp) with some food and saw how low they were on wood chips and gravel…essentials for keeping the mud at bay.

I came home and called Burien Bark and asked if they would be willing to donate some wood chips and gravel. Without so much as a one second pause, Jeff of Burien Bark said ‘absolutely’. They will go Monday the 9th to deliver Wood Chips, observe  what kind of gravel they are using and turn around and deliver that, too.  Jeff also said he would be on the look out for ‘pallets’ which the camp uses to elevate their tents from the muddy surfaces.

I have used Burien Bark for 10 years and I love their sense of family and ‘community’.  Jeff mentioned that when the camp was in Burien a while back that he delivered some gravel to them, simply upon seeing their needs.

Support Burien Bark!

– Adelle Comfort

PS: Nickelsville has many needs, some of which we can fill from ‘extra’ items we have at home. If people think they have items that can help the homeless, please let them know they can contact me at [email protected]. I am just one person trying to help, but will do my best to respond to all efforts on their behalf.

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9 Responses to “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A ‘Shout Out’ Of Praise For Burien Bark”
  1. Eric says:

    Yes. A well deserved shout out to Burien Bark. Truly a good neighbor to help out.

  2. AD says:

    Well done!~ It is so important to let the community know when a business steps up like this!

  3. L says:

    If you have ever wondered if one act of kindness can make a difference, I am here to say: YES IT CAN!! Thanks to Ms. Comfort and her acts of kindness, the people living in Nickelsville have received food, clothing, and now some much needed gravel and woodchips. Also a big thank you to Burien Bark. I have been a Burien Bark customer for over 15 years and will continue to give my business to this caring company.

    It is wonderful to see the outreach from a local business. I hope this inspires other businesses in our community to consider how they can help as well.

    I know that the camp has run out of firewood. I am certain they would be very thankful for donations of dry firewood, as it is their only source of heat on these very cold nights.

    Thanks to Ms. Comfort, Burien Bark, and others that take time to help those in need!!!

  4. Joanna says:

    I have been a long time customer of Burien Bark. This is really awesome of them to help out the community.

  5. Mia says:

    They deserve the PRAISE! For them to take a time out to help out the community. Not many businesses would be able or willing to help during times like these. My family has been going to Burien Bark for all their garden needs for many years. Also this winter they donated partial proceeds of their christmas trees sales to St. Bernadette’s.

  6. Seth Caine says:

    Love burien bark!! The only bark yard you should ever go to!! The best for sure!!

  7. Cc says:

    Nickelsville can use anything you might take camping. From tents and tarps to firewood to water. Food that can be prepared over a fire or on a bbq if they have propane. What you may not know about nickelsville is that they do Not allow drinking, drugs or sex offenders. Everyone is required to work in the camp from kitchen coordinator to round the clock security. It is located at the intersection of W marginal and Highland park way( at the bottom of boeing hill).

    • Adelle Comfort says:

      Thanks cc. It is so true. This community of people has their rules and their pride. They have their ‘food masters’ and their ‘pet masters’ and their ‘structure masters’ and their ‘security masters’. They have lives and goals and hopes. Imagine coming home from work or school to a pup tent with no heat and no running water! These people are amazing. The more we do to help and expose the needs, I hope the more the City of Seattle will recognize them and give them basic help, like electricity and running water. Thanks to eveyone who understands the ‘catch 22’ of people who can’t ‘get and shower and get a job’! They would LOVE to!

  8. Rob says:

    Way to go Burien Bark and Adele!

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