BREAKING: Brian Bennett Selected As Burien’s New Mayor

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After being selected as Mayor, Brian Bennett and former Mayor Joan McGilton traded places...

...and Bennett ran the meeting. Photos by Scott Schaefer.

by Ralph Nichols

Brian Bennett is Burien’s new mayor, replacing City Councilwoman Joan McGilton who has served as mayor since 2004.

Bennett, who joined the city council in 2010 and became deputy mayor last year, was elected mayor on a 4-2 vote of his fellow council members Jan. 9.

He was nominated by Councilman Gerald Robison and was also supported by Councilwoman Rose Clark and McGilton.

Newly elected Councilman Bob Edgar, citing Councilwoman Lucy Krakowiak’s experience and leadership, nominated her for mayor.

Councilman Jack Block Jr. was absent.

Clark was then elected deputy mayor, a position she has held on seven other occasions, also by a 4-2 vote, after being nominated by McGilton.

She is “the longest serving deputy mayor in Burien’s history and it is an honor to nominate her,” McGilton said.

Edgar also nominated Krakowiak for deputy mayor, saying “citizens have confidence in her ability.”

A mayor serves a two-year term in that position; a deputy mayor serves for one year.

McGilton was first elected to the city council in 2002 after serving on the Burien Planning Commission from 1995 through 2000.

This is Clark’s eighth term as deputy mayor. First elected to the city council in 2000, then elected again in 2006 and 2010, she has served as deputy mayor under mayors Sally Nelson, Wing Woo and McGilton.

In taking office, Bennett thanked McGilton for her service to the city, noting she has been “the longest-serving mayor in Burien” and “has worked long and hard and made a substantial impact for where we are today as a city.”

He added that she is “recognized regionally for her environmental work.”

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10 Responses to “BREAKING: Brian Bennett Selected As Burien’s New Mayor”
  1. Ian Gunsul says:

    Excellent choice. Mayor Bennett will do a great job representing the City of Burien.

  2. Greg Duff says:

    Mayor Bennett is a great choice for our city. Thank you Joan for your service as mayor.

  3. Keith J. Weir says:

    I fully support this choice, and believe that Brian has the capacity to lead Burien forward in these tough times. Thank you former mayor McGilton for your service.

  4. Andrea Reay says:

    Congrats Brian, and thank you for your continued service to our community.

  5. VERY TIRED says:

    It’s time for a direct vote for the mayor from the public.

    I have nothing against either the former mayor, or Mayor Bennett. I just think the idea should be visited, as the city is growing, and there is more of a voting base to consider it.


    Also, people need to get over this whole attacking Bob Edgar. He won. Deal with it. You don’t like his wife? You didn’t elect her, and she has her opinions, and the right to them. If Mr. Edgar is the “odd man out”, great. We need someone with a different view.

    • Burienite says:

      Our city isn’t the right type of city to establish a “strong mayor” form of government. Yes, our city has grown, however we really don’t have much need for an executive side of government when many of the services are contracted out or handled by other governmental agencies (eg, fire districts, water and sewer districts, police, etc.).

      If there was an elected mayor, they would be in charge of very little and it would be a layer of government that would most likely not aid in making our city less buearocratic (sp?).

      As far as Edgar is concerned, I have no problem with differing opinions of the council, however I’m concerend about his willingness to work with the existing council on much of anything. His wifes over-zealous approach to governmental and community change I stand by whole heartedly….

    • william Forest says:

      Very tired.. I totally agree.. the bottom line is the way the city is being governed it is ill served because Mike Martin has basically usurped the power of the ELECTED representatives of Burien. He even refers to them as HIS council instead of the other way around. We should try directly electing our mayor and I predict that if part of their platform was putting Martin on a short leash or getting rid of him they would win in a landslide.
      The only hope we have in the short term is that Martin does not have Bennett in his back pocket to manipulate unlike the previous mayor.

  6. william Forest says:

    McGilton was a terrible mayor who was unresponsive to the voices of the community of Burien and who let Mike Martin run the show. As for her sidekick Rose Clark, she lives in old biddy land where she sees little and understands less of what is going on.. She is a terrible choice for deputy mayor.
    I think Brian Bennett is s good choice for mayor and I expect him to be a lot more inclusive than McGilton who was all about cronyism and not listening to the people she was elected to represent.

  7. Truthseeker says:

    Congrats Brian.. Finally someone with both eyes open as Buriens mayor.

    I am disappointed with the choice of deputy major as Rose seems to be disconnected from the needs of the majority of the residents of Burien

    The scuttlebutt is she was overheard when asked why she was supporting annexation she said “because she knows some people that live there!”

    Weather thats true or not from my direct observation she never makes a move or a vote without getting the nod from her buddy former major McGilton and thats a sad comment on her ability to think and analyze for herself.

    • Burienite says:

      I agree with your asseesment about Clark being tapped as deputy mayor. As is the case with McGilton, I also believe Rose Clark is pretty-much out of touch with the majority of citizens in Burien. She has been a strong supporter of annexation, so perhaps this why she was voted in again as deputy mayor.

      I think Brian brings a much-needed youthfulness to the position and I welcome that very much. I often felt that the council was just “too old” and didn’t have good representation overall. In looking at the council make-up you had Clark, McGilton, Shaw, Robison, Lucy, Block and Bennett. With the exception of Bennett and Lucy, they’re all pretty old–especially Clark, McGilton and Shaw. I belive they qualified for senior citizen status….lol

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