LETTER: ‘Concerned About How This Annexation Is Being Approached…’

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On January 9th I attended a Boundary Review Board meeting at Cascade Middle School to listen to people make their cases either for or against a Burien annexation of what is known as “Unincorporated King County Area Y.”  Only one thing was really clear when I left this meeting: I am concerned about how this annexation is being approached.

To be clear right off the bat, I have not decided if I am for or against annexation of North Highline yet and I had hoped that these meetings would help me decide. What I experienced at this meeting was a lot of noise and what I am starting to believe is willful ignorance towards the facts.

Person after person got up at the meeting and talked about how the City of Burien was trying to pull a fast one on everyone or how the BERK report was a scam or incomplete or how we don’t want “those people” or “all that crime” in Burien. What stood out to me was how many of these people had no factual evidence to support their claims and most had no background in what they talking about. I was amazed at how many people spoke with such authority on matters such as finances, city planning, urban development, crime, and the morality of Burien City Council Members when most, if not all of the speakers had no platform or experience from which to speak from with such expertise.

A number of speakers were allowed to speak for longer than 3 minutes because they claimed to represent groups of citizens concerned about annexation. In these extended speeches I heard a number of outright factual errors about finances, education, and crime. The City of Burien and the King County Sheriffs Department have provided plenty of information about these topics on their website but for some reason these speakers “facts” and figures were no where close to what the City of Burien and the King County Sheriffs Department have provided. That tells me that these speakers are either patriotic Americans who are standing up against our deceptive local government or people who don’t care about facts, only care about what they want to be true, and don’t care how much they have to stretch the truth to get what they want. I think the latter is probably the most likely.

One of these speakers, the wife of newly elected Burien City Council Member Bob Edgar, Chestine Edgar, went as far as to claim that the region (Burien and White Center) are “over saturated with libraries.” Mrs. Edgar, I want you to know that I disagree with your support of the two Burien libraries being closed and believe that you are stretching the truth if not outright lying* when speak against annexation.

*EDITOR’S NOTE: We spoke with Ms. Edgar shortly after this letter was published, and she states that she did not make the statement Mr. McCumber quoted her as saying. Also, we encourage future Letter Writers to defer using accusatory, slanderous language.

I was also extremely concerned about Burien City Council Member Lucy Krakowiak’s actions at the meeting last night. When it came to speaking about Burien libraries being closed, she chose to not speak her opinion about the issue as it may be a conflict of interest because she is both a City Council Member and a member of the King County Library Board. Last night Krakowiak showed no hesitation to speak her opinion about annexation. I perceived her actions at the meeting last night to be very hypocritical and again made me wonder if she understands her elected role.

I still do not know if I will support or oppose the annexation of the unincorporated area, but I do know that the decision should be made out of reasonableness and factual evidence.

– Mike McCumber – Burien

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25 Responses to “LETTER: ‘Concerned About How This Annexation Is Being Approached…’”
  1. Dr McDreamy says:

    The entire meeting was recorded and is viewable on Whitecenternow.com

    It surely does sound like she DID say that to me, boss. If a picture is worth a 1,000 words how much is video with audio?

    Dr McDreamy

  2. Barbara says:

    And I quote “both Burien and Area Y are are overserved for library space”. It is on tape Ms. Edgar.

    • william Forest says:


      According to the formula that King county uses to determine population per library ..YES they ARE over served. Thats not Ms Edgars determination that is the King Counties… No one including Ms Edgar is saying that the library is not needed but there are NOT enough people in the designated area to justify King County spending the money to maintain 2 libraries. Thats a FACT… Hiding behind annexation is just kicking he can down the road for a while. In the end one of these two libraries will close.. UNLESS you can an additional source of funding. Maybe instead of griping about Ms Edgar you could spend your time writing a letter to Bill and Melinda Gates to see if they will pony up to support two libraries in the affected area, since its very clear that King County will not because the number of residents contributing to the tax base is not there to support it.

  3. J Lutz says:

    Mike The things you write about are becoming the norm for this very select group of people. If the Berk Report were negative on annexation, they would swear by it. It happened to come out in favor of annexation and suddenly it is flawed. Berk did the report for the last annexation and they were spot on. The last annexation was a success and this one will be too. I am glad the meeting was taped so people will know how the facts get changed from what a person actually says and what they claim they said. The committee is smart enough to know that the people west of ambaum are there in force saying the same thing over and over and they do not speak for the majority of the people. In the end, it will eventually go to the vote of the people and it will pass and be successful and then all of these negative people will have egg on their faces.
    As far a Ms. Krakowiak, she only speaks up if it is to harm North Highline or North Burien. People are seeing the true Lucy in action and it is not pretty.

    • william Forest says:

      Lutz.. You were a SHAW supporter.. and you are a sore loser.. Lucy got 70% of the vote .. Your opinion of her is in the extremist minority.. Lucy has it right you have it wrong and its all about sour grapes and whatever you have going that will benefit YOU PERSONALLY from the annexation of white center by Burien.. Thats whats happening. Of course you will deny it but you are not fooling anyone. Berk was NOT SPOT ON .. FAR FROM IT? Do you work for Berk? or what because you are blowing smoke big time and in fact your statement is so far from the truth I would call it a lie!
      What do you have against people west of Ambaum.. oh and btw there were a LOT more people that DON’T live west of Ambaum that spoke against annexation including the head of the chamber of commerce for white center.
      YOU are the NEGATIVE people you are talking about.. Is this actually about getting access for boats to Lake Burien? Or do you have other pots in the fire that will benefit you personally from the fiscal insanity of Burien annexing white center.
      Either way you have ZERO credibility..

      • J Lutz says:

        William There you go again with your “factoids”. Your tell only half of the facts and then you mix it with your “perception” of what the truth is and then you end up with a half truth that you think is the fact. Justine got caught on tape and tried to deny it, move on.
        Your facts about the election were wrong as usual. You mention the President of the White Center Chamber of Commerce, you are talking about Mark Ufkus and we all know Mark has been anti annexation forever because he owns property in North Highine and thinks he can do better in Seattle. You know, you sound a lot like Mark. Are you using a phony name on the blog, William?
        And by the way, William, don’t try and bully me like you try to do everybody else on the blog that disagrees with you. I have dealt with bullies all my life and have come to realize that bullies are not smart enought to have a civil conversation so they resort to name calling. All of us at work laugh every time you attack someone and use your half truths. Have you thought about a career in comedy?

        • William Forest says:

          Lutz.. Bully..??

          You and your dopplegangers are the ones trying to bully Ms Edgar for revealing the truth and the FACTS of the situation about the two libraries.

          You are projecting your own inadequacies towards others rather than dealing with the false picture you have of yourself.. Factoids? Lol A word you overuse in a futile attempt to inflate your imaginary picture of yourself and putting up another wall that shields you from reality.

          You also do Mark Ufkus a great disservice by your insult of him and your slanderous comment about his motivations. Mark does more for the residents of of area Y in one day than you have done in your entire life. Lutz do you think insulting my intelligence makes you look smarter.. In fact it is just another factor in maintaining that imaginary picture of yourself.. Your comments are ludicrous… and unfortunately they are so pathetic they are more tragic than comedic.. I pity someone that has so little grasp of reality and who they are, that they have to find an external object to criticize, in order to verify they actually exist and are not a figment of their own imagination.

  4. william Forest says:

    Barbara… You have been listening to rhetoric that is just NOT factual..

    Annexation will have ZERO impact on whether both libraries remain open or they consolidate..

    If Burien annexes then king county will close one library and consolidate.

    If Burien does not annex then king county will close one library and consolidate.

    If Seattle annex’s then King county will close one library and consolidate.



    You have misunderstood the REALITY of the situation.

  5. william Forest says:

    Mike.. You are NOT fooling anyone .. Pretending you are undecided and looking for facts is a joke considering your off the wall letter.. If you had a clue then you would have noticed that all those people speaking against annexation and questioning the Berk report turned in DOCUMENTATION to the board supporting their position..
    Obviously you are short on facts mike.. Your agenda does not allow facts to come into it because whatever does not support your agenda is not a fact.. YOU DON’T know these people who were exercising their freedom under the constitution to speak their minds..
    Apparently in your narrow mind which was already made up even though you pretend its not anyone that speaks against your formatory opinion and inflated picture of your own importance cannot be credible..

    Mike you are LYING when you SLANDER Ms Edgar by changing what she said in your little mind.. She simply stated the logic or formula that KING COUNTY used and will use to determine the fate of the two libraries.. You Mike are guilty of SLANDER and anyone who wants to confirm that can view the tape and see what was ACTUALLY said..
    Mike it is very apparent you need to seek anger management therapy… I suggest you do so soon and stop infecting this blog with your negativity.

  6. atkmh says:

    Really, you claim Mike is lying, a slanderer, and evidently has a small mind ( I never knew), but yet HE is the one with anger issues. WOW. He certainly isn’t using the blog to insult you. He isn’t the only one that heard Ms. Edgar’s statement. She isn’t the only person with facts….. But evidently anyone that hears something different than what you profess to have been said is somehow misinformed. That just translates to: If you don’t see (or hear) it the way I do, you are wrong. Your intent on posting on the blog seems nothing more than an opportunity to put people in their place and insult them if they disagree with you. Facts about annexation have been misconstrued for years. Crime Reports, an independant agency serving cities everywhere, clearly indicate that Burien has more crime than White Center now, currently. And not up by the northern border of the city. Lucy does not represent the citizens of Burien, just a collect few. Extremists are not the only people who do not hold Lucy in high regard. And it’s sad that others have to fight her fight for her. Every time she asks a question of the council that has already been discussed in detail just confirms that she isn’t paying attention to what is going on in front of her. Mc Dreamy, thank you for the link. It was wonderful to hear Ms. Edgar’s comments and confirm that she did indeed make that statement.

    • william Forest says:

      Atkmh… Are you a resident of Burien? I doubt it because if you were you would know that Lucy won with about 70% of the vote.. So You are Lying when you state incorrectly that Lucy does not represent the citizens of Burien.. This claim flies in the face of the facts and reality.. Are you a troll? I bet you are .. Its easy to get another email address and pretend to be someone else like you have done here.. Yes Mike has anger management issues and I am guessing that you ARE mike under another name..
      Facts are never misconstrued.. thats a contradiction in terms.. Facts are Facts.. You state that Burien has more crime than white center.. That is ridiculous.. My intent on this blog was to set the FACTS straight and defend reality from fabrication.. You must be a big Faux news fan… I am also responding to insults and slander by calling a spade a spade.. Don’t like it ? Tough.. no one if forcing you to post here.. However when I see blatant BS being flogged as truth then you better believe I am going to call them on it! Just like I am calling you on it! Oh and btw I was there and clearly head what Ms edgar said and I actually have a copy of her text which was stating the FACTS about King county and how they determine if a library can be funded or not depending on the population. Of course it sounds like you want an exception to be made here.. Well if everyone got and exemption then the majority would suffer at the expense of the minority.. Thats NOT how democracy or democratic governance works.. I find you ignorant but I respect your right to express your ignorance on this blog.. However don’t expect to get away with it without being called on it!

      • Ian Gunsul says:

        here’s a fact for you:

        Council Position No. 2

        Lucy Krakowiak 6169 63.73%

        Greg Duff 3472 35.87%

        Write-in 39 0.40%

        once again, your information is skewed toward your agenda.

        • william Forest says:


          Open your eyes and smell the coffee… Gung ho annexation Duff was blown out of the water by Lucy in the election.
          64% of the people voted for her.. HOW in hell does that represent just a select few?
          Are you deaf dumb and blind or just so prejudiced agains Lucy you can’t see the forest for the trees?

  7. VERY TIRED says:

    Considering that people have been taking the time to name call and not look at the facts, I think people should calm down a “smidge”

    If the annexation cannot be paid for within the current budget or proposed tax income without the use of State funds, this should be tabled.

    As for the comment about “those people”, I lived in White Center for 8 years in my teens and early 20’s. I really don’t like people being lumped into a group by illogical perception. The people of White Center are hard working, blue collar families who have no business being maligned in this fashion.

  8. I’ve attended both meetings and would say that the first meeting’s public comments weighed heavily against annexation. The majority of those opposed were from the “pre-annexatio 34th legislative district.

    The second meeting weighed heavily in favor of annexation. The majority of those in favor were from “North Burien” or the “area Y” crowd.

    . Both were good meetings and I am happy to see people partake in the democratic process. Democracy works because we hold discussions such as this.

    As for the Chestine Edgar bit here is the clip in question, it seems to have caused an uproar going so far as for a search for this Mike McCumber on Facebook.

    Copy/Paste it and you decide.


    I, personally, think she is restating the facts as laid out in Issaquah at the KCLS board meeting – which I also attended.

    My opinion is if we ARE overserved in this area is SO WHAT. The county (meaning all of us King County Residents) are responsible for concentrating poverty in North Highline. We, at least tacitly, allowed the concentration to happen for dacades.We should pay to provide libraries to these areas. It’s the least we can do.

    Joey Martinez

    • I’d like to add: (since I didn’t do a good job of proofing my post last night – it was late and I was tired)

      These libraries may very well be overserved “statistically” speaking, however, as far a usage goes they should both be bigger with longer hours.

      Joey Martinez

  9. Coverofnight says:

    These comments……WOW! Can we get a little more gasoline to throw on this fire?

    I’m can’t wait for Joey Moretaxes to weigh in on the subject…:)

    • C.O.N. – I like you sir. I like the nick name you’ve given me.

      I am for more Federal, State, and County taxes being spent in Burien to improve this great city.

      I am for more sales taxes being collected in Burien because it means our businesses are prospering.

      I am for more taxes (not additional) being collected from our residents because it means our houses are worth more, our jobs are paying more, we’re funding our schools and educating our kids better, able to maintain our infrastructure. The list goes on and on…

      Joey Martinez

      • Neil says:

        So Joey, in a nutshell you are a tax and spend guy. News for you pal, get your hands out of my pockets. I work hard to provide for my family and not for some politician to forcefully take it from me to fund their pie in the sky utopia.

        • In a nutshell I am as much for the right cuts as I am for the right taxes. I work hard for my family and cringe when I see fica and those other taxes taken out. I am sure I will cringe when I finally start paying property taxes directly (not handled by mortgage company).

          At the same time I like driving on smooth roads. I like taking the family to the park. I like when an officer shows up when I call 9-1-1. I am thankful that the fire department showed up in less than two minutes when my house was on fire. That tax payor funded 9-1-1 was able to take that call to send them. Clean water, air, food, products…

          Taxes are a necessary evil in this world. I don’t like to pay them either, but I realize they are needed and if I am ever lucky enough to serve as a politician i will always do my best and keep my and your feelings on taxes at heart.

          Joey Martinez

          • Neil says:

            well joey, more reason not to annex. our taxes should be used to benefit our community. I am also for smooth roads and a fully staffed police and fire service but I alas we dont have that in Burien. Lets fix our city and make it nice and livable before we take on Area Y. If we annex and there is shortfall on budget to fix that area, our taxes here in Burien will get raised to pay for their infrastructure and services.

      • Feral Dog says:

        Why do you feed the troll?

  10. Elizabeth says:

    If these blog posts were all I knew of Burien, I’d move. Wow people.

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