In Case Of Snow, City Of Burien Has Its Own ‘Mr. Plow(s)’ Standing By

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Call Mr. Plow,
That’s my name,
That name again
Is Mr. Plow.

I’m Mr. Plow, and I’m here to say,
I’m the plowin’est guy in the USA.
I got a big plow and I’ll move a lot of things,
Like your cow if you have one…

Senor Plow no es macho,
Es solamente un borracho…

Every city needs its own ‘Mr. Plow’ (or 3), and the City of Burien is no exception.

Cityfolk have released an updated Snow Removal Route Map, and states on its website that:

“Road Crews are working 24-hour shifts and have extra sand stockpiled to keep roads clear and drivable during the snowstorms hitting our area. Primary arterials are plowed and sanded first, then secondary streets.”

We’re huge fans of “Mr. Plow” so we hope we see him out and about Wednesday morning during the potentially-snowy commute (even if he’s been working for 24 hours straight…).

Here’s the Snow Route Mr. Plow’s map (click image to see larger version, or download a PDF here):

So…have YOU seen an efficient response from the city’s road crews Mr. Plow? Please leave a Comment below…

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12 Responses to “In Case Of Snow, City Of Burien Has Its Own ‘Mr. Plow(s)’ Standing By”
  1. Bryan says:

    SW 146th and 1ave S wasnt plowed at 6:30 AM

  2. Jim says:

    The map shows Sylvester Road is a snow route, but a portion of that road is closed due to bridge construction. 12th Ave SW, that is the steep part of upper snake hill road, had not been plowed as of about 10:00 this morning.

  3. wheels says:

    Not a single street in Burien plowed as of 2 PM.

  4. Kevin says:

    the city has been getting plowed all night long it just didnt quit snowing until a little bit ago the city is being very proactive with snowplowing not like sunday night when the city was all ice

  5. ck says:

    Burien Crews are doing a great job plowing! I can’t believe how many times they plowed my street since it is on a primary route. They did a nice job near the Highline Hospital also.
    Good Job Burien!!!!Keep up the great work!!!!

  6. Danthedog says:

    Came home road plowed great job! Work in Kent what a mess nothing really plowed or sanded or salted great to be home thanks.

  7. Rainycity says:

    How many plows do you think Burien has?

  8. Greg Duff says:

    I was out today driving around Burien and I thought Burien did a nice job of plowing the streets. The problem with driving today is people should not be out driving unless they have a 4 wheel drive AND only if they know how to drive in the snow. Too many people in 4 wheel drives flew around me today thinking that the all wheel drive will work on ice.
    I pulled 4 cars out of ditches that should not have been out of their driveways.

  9. stacy colombel says:

    Can anyone tell me why those of us who live in Blakely Manor are considered unworthy of being on the primary snow removal routes? We are part of
    Burien- south of So, 160th and West of Des Moines Memorial Way. We have arterials that need to be plowed.
    We seem to be one of the few arterials who are secondary.

  10. Rachel says:

    Burien Public Works crews have been doing a awesome job this whole week and should be rewarded with high five. They even came down my dead end street in the middle of the night and cleared the road out completely.

    Thanks Public Works Team

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