Power Still Out, Blog Updating Limited

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Power is still out at the BTB Home Headquarters at Three Tree Point, as we’re sure it still is for many other Burien residents.

Because of this we have had to limit our updating. Once we get power back we’ll resume regular postings.

Please check our Facebook page for further updates/info and Comments:


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3 Responses to “Power Still Out, Blog Updating Limited”
  1. Jennifer says:

    So sorry to hear you lost power. Are you still out of power as of 930pm Thursday night? My family is supposed to stay in a rental house in the area and that would be important to know. Stay warm!

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    • Yes…still no power down here after 12 straight hours without! Longest we’ve gone before was 4-5 days so let’s hope City Light figures this one out soon…

  2. AD says:

    Power outages are sprinkled through the area, so there is the possibility of power. Ice storms are more about the branches- more spot problems.

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