LETTER: Moving Of Karuna Arts Yoga ‘Will Leave A Big Hole In Olde Burien’

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Helpers assist the Bascos in moving out of the Karuna Arts Yoga location Friday, Feb. 3. Photo by Scott Schaefer.

Karuna Arts Yoga has occupied the building on the corner of Ambaum Blvd. and SW 152nd in Olde Burien for 7 years and Anne Basco the owner has successfully taught a wide range of students from the novice to advanced. She has also conducted in-depth programs that have produced many new teachers who now teach at the studio and who have carried the skills taught by Anne to studios around the area and beyond.

Johnny Basco opened The Tag Zone 2 years ago and has built a thriving business that has attracted children and their parents to Old Burien.

The studio is now moving to a new location in Des Moines, on the corner of 6th Ave SW and S. 223rd (605 South 223rd Street). The building has been extensively remodeled, turning it from a boat showroom into a 1st class yoga facility with 2 studios and reception area, bathrooms and changing rooms. The Tag Zone is in the same building but in its own separate and private space.

This weekend Feb 4-5th, the Bascos are hosting an Open House, with tours of The Tag Zone as well as free yoga classes. Saturday at Noon the Mayor of Des Moines will be cutting a ribbon to celebrate the opening of two new businesses in Des Moines. Definitely a celebration in these lean times.

I hope this may be of interest to you and your Readers as the moving of the studio will leave a big hole at the entrance to Olde Burien but will be filling a hole in the business core of Des Moines.

Thanks for your kind attention,
Avril Steele
Yoga teacher at Karuna Arts

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24 Responses to “LETTER: Moving Of Karuna Arts Yoga ‘Will Leave A Big Hole In Olde Burien’”
  1. rradar says:

    Sooo.. thats great they are leaving but what Burien cares about is what is going in the space when they leave. Missing that in this crack piece of journalism.

  2. william forest says:

    Does anyone get the feeling that with the current Burien council’s fixation on annexing White Center one result is a lack of interest and incentives to keep business’s in Burien from folding or leaving?
    When a wonderful resource, like Karuna Arts Yoga leaves Burien, its not just “the greener pastures” thing its more like “rats leaving a sinking ship”!

    • John says:

      Your point was conveyed well until the last sentence which is quite ambiguous. By no means would I ever compare the Karuna arts studio to rats

      • william forest says:

        John perhaps the reference to “rats” was unfortunate.. Maybe CATS would be more palatable. The point is that Burien is going downhill and the current City Council is taking it down that path or just following the path of least resistance rather than planning for a better future. I see the departure of the Yoga business a negative and yet another red flag that Burien needs to do more to encourage business’s to stay in Burien rather than leaving.

  3. Vera says:

    Thank you for a nice letter to Karuna. What a nice way to bid them farewell and a prosperous move, as well as stating the hole it will leave.
    As a resident and business owner in White Center, I hardly see any way of directly relating these two incidents, the move and the annexation.
    The Yoga studio needed a larger space and longterm lease. They solved thier problem, which means leaving Burien.
    It’s hard to accept change. Many folks have a hard time with change. However, that’s how we arrived in today, time moved on, and we moved with it.
    I hope to see another great business take up in Burien where Karuna was.

  4. J. Lutz says:

    William Forest likes to blame everything on the Burien City Council and White Center being annexed. He really thinks anybody listens to him except to laugh at how rediculous he is. It’s kind of like the people who stand up at the city council meetings and other city meetings and say the same thing over and over and think someone is actually going to listen. Maybe he should learn that every problem in the whole world cannot be blamed on the Burien City Council and White Center Annexation.

    • william forest says:

      Lutz likes to push the fiscal disaster and reducing of police services that annexation of white center will bring because he has not done the impartial analysis that is necessary.
      IN FACT BOTH Burien and White Center will get INCREASED police coverage with an annexation by Seattle and plus Burien will be able to dedicate financial resources currently designated for annexation costs to where they are really needed .. In the CURRENT city of Burien!

    • william forest says:

      Lutz you do make one good point that indeed the city council DOES NOT LISTEN to the residents… and that is NOT a good thing.
      I think the current residents of white center are going to get a big shock when they migrate from the unincorporated area’s council meetings where the council actually listens to people and they can ask questions and get an answer to the Burien City Council where they will basically get a deaf ear and no response. Frankly I think the Unincorporated White Center council meetings are infinitely more conducive to hearing what the PEOPLE have to say and actually discussing the subject at hand rather than deferring it to behind closed doors where they can talk about the really important stuff like whether they should move the council meetings to Tuesday night so that staff and certain council members don’ t have to miss Monday night football.

      • How will Seattle annexing North Highline mean we get more police coverage? How is that a fact and please back that with proof. Seattle is very “stingy” with it comes to its own resources.

        Chief Kimerer just stated that with the North Highline annexation he would be adding 15(? or something like that) deputies that could be used in ALL of Burien. Emphasis patrols would be possible in trouble spots. For the next 10 years, these additional costs would be paid for with the tax credit. During that time we use the extra resource to clean up the preception of Burien being crime-ridden.

        Additionally, there will be more admistrative over-head to support the KCSO contract for CURRENT Burien if North Highline is patroled by Seattle PD. The way the admin support is modeled the cost is shared between Vashon Island, Burien, Seatac, North Highine, West Hill, and unincorporated points south. http://kingcounty.gov/safety/sheriff/Communities/Precinct4.aspx

        Additionally, with cost assignment as allowed by law, additonal resources ($$$) will be freed up for more improvements in the general fund.

        Joey Martinez

        • Eaton B. Verz says:

          Chief Kimerer also stated that Seattle figured 44 oficers needed. 44….15 hmmmm, big difference. Sounds like 15 might be a little short. That’s ok, though. We’ll just send the oficers patrolling sw Burien to make up the difference. No crime happens there!!

          • william forest says:

            Thank You Eaton… Its comforting to know that I am not the only one that see’s the elephant in the living room!

        • william forest says:

          Joey READ the Chiefs report.. Seattle estimated they would have to add 44 officers however the chief is only going to add 15. DO THE MATH JOEY>.. Read the blog about what the Chief said.. Its in there. I think that having 44 officers in the area is a heck of a lot better than only 15. How many does King county provide now?

          • I can definitely understand the fear you have with these numbers. The City of Seattle Police Model is very similar to the City of Auburn Police Model. I worked for Auburn from 2001-2005 and understand that model fairly well. The basics are X number of officers per thousand. Auburn averaged about 1.8 officers per thousand. Seattle is about 2 officers per thousand.

            When I first learned, during my studying of the issues back in June/July (during my run), that Burien had ONLY about 1 officer per thousand I was VERY concerned. I did some calling around and tried to learn how/why this was. What I heard only concerned me even more.

            Then the BERK report about contracting versus forming our own force came out (On city website). It helped me learn how the KCSO contract worked. The basics are that you only pay for what you need. The City budgets 1 officer per thousand giving us about 43 (?) officers currently. The vast majority are Patrol officers. When the City needs detectives we “order” detectives on a per usage basis. Seattle pays for a homicide detective regardless if there is a murder or not (usually is). We only pay if we need that detective (or swat…). Additionally, as another example, SeaTac police are also KCSO and regularly augment Burien Police when needed (and vice versa).

            I don’t feel I’ve done this explaination justice but if you’re really concerned I suggest requesting a meeting with Chief Kimerer. He’s very responsive and can truely explain the KCSO model. As to saying he’s worried about keeping his job – I worry more about him retiring in the next few years.

            Joey Martinez

    • elizabeth2 says:

      How did an article saying farewell to a wonderful Burien business get turned into a political rant about police officers and such. Shame on all of you who used this opportunity to forward your own causes, whether anti-Burien, anti-White Center or setting yourself up for the next election politicking?

  5. catherinew says:

    Anyone with info about the Highline Historical Society’s proposed Highline History Museum that is (I think?) slated to go into the space that the yoga place just vacated (at 152nd & Ambaum), I’d be really interested in knowing more details about that… (like when that’s happening; is that the correct space, or is it the Key Bank parking lot across Ambaum; will they have to tear something down in order to build or are they only building on former parking lot, etc., etc…. all the who/what/where/when/how stuff…) Thanks!!

    • Yes, the space formerly occupied by Karuna/Tag Zone is owned by the HHS, and it will be torn down for a new museum. Here’s more info from their website (http://www.highlinehistory.org/museum.html):

      “The new 14,900 sq. ft. museum will be located on prime property owned by the Highline Historical Society. The corner of Ambaum Boulevard SW and SW 152nd Street in Burien teems with pedestrian and shopping activity. Drivers who are stopped at the traffic signal will be visually captured by the building’s windows, which greet visitors with oversized images of Highline’s pioneer faces.

      We are creating a “green museum.” Just as a museum preserves our history and the curator’s team carefully tends papers and artifacts, the new museum will set standards of environmental stewardship by using earthfriendly materials, a green roof, water efficient features and geo-thermal climate control.”

  6. Skeptical says:

    What could possibly be so interesting about Highline that would require 15,000 square feet? It’s not like Highline was the site of some historic event. People cut down the trees and built some houses. Unless it has a majority of the space dedicated to the people who lived here before 1850, it’s hard to imagine needing to spend millions of dollars to tell that story.

  7. Rainycity says:

    Never ceases to amaze me the articles that bring the most comments on this blog..*lol*

  8. Erik Robbins says:

    Thank you Elizabeth. My thoughts exactly. The museum will be a great addition to our city. It was inevitable that they would move sooner than later. I’m sure that they will do great in the new location.

  9. burienres says:

    Karuna was a great studio. Unfortunately their new studio space currently has a concrete floor – not great for yoga practice. Hope they can get back to laminate/wood again.

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