LETTER: ‘See What New Tricks Are Unfolding’ With 4 City Councilmembers

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The Burien City Council had a retreat on January 28, 2012 at the Environmental Science Center. These retreats are open to the public but most citizens do not know about them and the retreats are not broadcast or videotaped. However, it is important to know what is going on at them. For example at this last retreat, Jack Block put forth the idea that the City Council meetings should be changed from Monday to Tuesday or some other night of the week. The reason for the change that was given by Jack was that the City Staff needed more time to prepare for meetings. However, Mike Martin/City Manager told the Councilmembers that there was no need to change the meeting night and his staff could be ready on Mondays just as they have been ready for more than 11 years. Councilmember Lucy K. made it clear the she could not change the night of the meetings from Monday on her calendar due to other professional, business, community and personal commitments. One of the councilmembers attacked her for daring to say this.

So what is the change of the Monday night meeting really about? Well one of the councilmembers – maybe jokingly –said that it was so that some councilmembers could watch Monday night football. However, it is important to remember what happened in the last election cycle, Nov. 2011. Five of the city councilmembers joined together and held a fund raiser to defeat Lucy K. Why? Because she dared to question or voted against their pet projects-the annexation of Area Y, the problematic, badly run animal control program in Burien and against renewing the City Manager’s contract. She won the election by 64% of the vote. Citizens like her because she represents their vote on many issues. The four remaining Councilmembers who wanted her gone are still looking for ways to get rid of her voice and the citizens she represents. Changing the meeting night so that she can’t attend seems to be one way to eliminate her voice and vote. This Council is desperate to silence anyone who questions or speaks out against the annexation of Area Y. They forced Doug Moreland off of the Economic Development Partnership Advisory Board -because he and members of that group presented a report to the Council that stated the annexation of Area Y did not make good economic sense for the City of Burien in the long term. This is exactly what the Berk Report and what some members of the Boundary Review Board have also noted.

So if you are concerned that your citizen elected representative voice, Lucy K., will be silenced by this squeeze play of four Councilmembers, now is the time to email your new mayor. Brian Bennett-the man who ran on the ticket that he believes in quality animal control and animal rights. Email Brian [email protected] about this issue. Better still write to Joan M., Rose C., Jack B. or Jerry R. who are pushing to have the meeting night changed for no apparent or emergency reason. Oh Jerry R. mentioned at this retreat that the only legacy that he wished to leave Burien is the annexation of Area Y. Interestingly, he failed to put that on his campaign flyers this last fall. because he was afraid that posting that statement might cost him the election to Debi Wagner. Stay tuned to TV tonight to see what new tricks are unfolding with these four councilmembers. But speak out or email, if you want your vote and voice represented on this Council.

– Roger DeLorm

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24 Responses to “LETTER: ‘See What New Tricks Are Unfolding’ With 4 City Councilmembers”
  1. william forest says:

    Rose Clark , Joan McGilton and Jerry Robison do not belong on the council. They have their own personal agenda’s which almost never reflect what the vast majority of Burien residents want and they don’t care about citizen input, unless it coincides with their skewed version of reality and isn’t going to require much effort on their part, then they are against it. Of course they wanted to renew Martins contract.. He runs the city with no oversight whatsoever .. EXACTLY the way they want it.. Its great of them because they do not have to do anything. I look forward to seeing both Joan and Rose being thrown off the council when their terms expire.

    • JJ Greive says:

      That is ridiculous, Jerry was just elected, and represents our city very well, thank you. If you are so sure you know how to run the city, I suggest you run. Good luck!

      • william forest says:

        JJ … Open your eyes and smell the sewage you are standing in. SO WHAT if Jerry just won the election? He is still a one issue candidate . Considering his opponent had no money, little advertising, no canvassing and he was on the city council, what is surprising is the he did not win by more than the slim margin did win by.
        IT DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT THAT HE WAS AND IS A ONE ISSUE CANDIDATE. ALL he cares about is pushing annexation thru at any cost. Regardless if its best for the majority of Burien, because all he cares about is the North Highline part of it ,where you live, so its also no surprise that you are a huge supporter of his!

        • PJ says:

          And you are a one issue commentator!!

        • TRUTHSEEKER says:

          you make an excellent point, Jerry R. was just elected to the Council for 2012. However, at the beginning of 2011 he was only an appointed member to the Council by his buddies/cronies. In that year-2011- that he was appointed, the major thing that he worked on by his own words, wishes and desires was to leave a legacy to Burien- the annexation of Area Y. This was not and is not what the majority of what Burien residents want. By Jerry R.’s own words at the election forums, he has stated that he does not want to hear from citizens. They are a nuisance to deal with at City Council meetings. He does not believe that neighborhoods should have a voice in what happens to their neighborhoods. His fear is that they might form a coalition to get a change for their neighborhoods to protect, preserve or maintain their neighborhoods. He said that he sees himself as a satellite who is intended to look a things from out there but not get involved with the citizens. I hope that the people in Area Y read this because they can expect no representation from him if they annex to Burien-he listens to no one but himself and what he personally wants. His personal legacy to the City of Burien is to be the annexation of Area Y whether it is good for the citizens of Area Y or the citizens of Burien. What a narcissist.

          Yes, he was elected to the City Council in 2012 and he very carefully avoided putting anything about annexation on his campaign flyers because he was afraid that it would lose him the election to Debi Wagner. You are fully aware of this as your wife was the Treasurer of his election campaign. Furthermore, the reports on his campaign to the Public Disclosure Commission had some serious reporting errors in them and needed to be corrected almost to the last day before the election. I am sure that you as also aware of that. So Jerry R. is just not a new guy out of the gate who is doing a great job for all of us and representing what the citizens of Burien really think and want. He has had an agenda from the get go and so do you and your wife

  2. william forest says:


    Duff your buddy LOST by a MILE to Lucy .. WHY do you continually whine and complain about our democracy??

    • William Forest says:

      Do the math Lutz.. Last time I checked 100 subtract 36 = 64% of the vote which is what Lucy got.. She got 64% of the vote and I am sure that’s what Roger meant. Since there is no way on this blog to edit your comments he may have said “by” and obviously meant “with”!
      I sympathize with him because I have reread some of my posts and wanted to correct some grammatical errors but was unable to because of the lack of an edit function.
      So stop with the tempest in a teapot give the guy a break..
      And btw I know Roger and he is not a racist as you claim.

  3. I don’t know about the comments – but Mrs Clark made remarks that gave her point of view to this letter, at least partially. They were addressed to Mr Edgar. The video should be up shortly, if it isn’t already, on the city website.

    Joey Martinez

    • William Forest says:

      You don’t know much do you Joey.. ?

      What does Mrs Clark whoever she is have to do with this discussion or Rogers letter?
      What does Bob Edgar have to do with this letter?
      What do you have against Bob or Lucy other than they, like the majority of Burien residents disagree with you on most issues?

      • William, sometimes you raise good questions or make some comments that make me think… but at the same time with the way you reply (“Don’t know much”, or “sewer” comment as a couple of examples) I find it VERY diffiicult to take anything you say seriously, as do a great deal of people who’ve walked up to me and told me in person. Now this is your right to comment this way and by all means please do.

        Mrs Rose Clark, one of the elected officials of Burien, had a conversation on the record (as in recorded on the TV) directed at Bob Edgar toward at least a partial list of what this letter was covering/questioning.

        I’ve got zero problems with either Bob or Lucy. Except for annexation, I’ve agreed with or at least understood many of Lucy’s positions. I’m giving Bob a couple years (to learn Councilmatic business, roles, and procedures) before I make up my mind on him.

        Joey Martinez

      • atkmh says:

        Dude, really? Who is Mrs. Clark? You wre the first person to mention her in your reply.

      • atkmh says:

        Dude, really? Who is Mrs. Clark? You were the first person to mention her in your first reply.

    • Coverofnight says:

      Hey Joey, at what place is that comment in the video? To be honest, I stopped watching shortly after you spoke (and in honor of your mother, I think I might start calling you “Jose Masimpuestos”)…..;)

      • Hotrodgal says:

        Rude. And pretty telling. Shame on you CON.

        I’ve been sitting back during this debate but….

        • Coverofnight says:

          Hotrodgal, you obviously didn’t watch the video, otherwise you’d know that what I said to Joey Moretaxes (Jose Masimpuestos) was all in good fun regarding what he said his mother calls him. I know Joey enjoys the verbal sparring…..

          Now take your white trash fanny back to Boulevard Park and stay off this blog!
          (By the way, that too, was a joke………………..or was it?……;)

      • elizabeth2 says:

        Almost towards the end.

  4. Hotrodgal says:

    I guess I wasn’t done after-all. 😉

    I’m not really on Ragers side~ he’s had more than his 3 minutes.
    Lord knows he’s had more than his share…council meeting wise.

    But, in defense of Joey, dispite my anti-annexation bent; Joey has
    been the only commentor in this blog that seems to be able to
    do some research before opening his mouth. Thank you Joey.

    Being a person from Boulevard Park, I tend toward being against the
    annexation of WC. But it doesn’t hurt me to see the other side of the coin.

  5. Sorry been unavailable all day. CON -about the 40 minute mark or there abouts, not exactly sure as I’ve not been able to check the minute mark.

    Thanks for the words hotrod gal! I’m always up for a good discussion, preferably sans the negativity. We all care for Burien, right now we just have differing opinions on what is best for Burien. If we can remember that, hopefully we can work together to minimize the risks and maximize the rewards of annexing or not annexing (as well as everything else).

    Joey Martinez

  6. Check out whats going on in SeaTac. Might be related to Burien City Council concerns.

  7. stacy colombel says:

    Obviously the rest of the city council people should listen to the citizens as well as Lucy. They have given no good reason that we should expand again and include all of north highline and white center. The area will always have the same access to social services if Seattle took the area. We simply can’t afford it. Most of us moved to Burien also to get away from a large city. Now due to the fancy transit center we have a lot more transients and crime already. It is getting embarrasing to live here.

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