CRIME: Robbers Invade Home, Assault Woman, Steal Car In Burien Wed. Night

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by Scott Schaefer

A home invasion robbery took place Wednesday night (Feb. 8th) around 10:19 p.m., where a group of three knocked on the door of a house in the 13500 block of 6th Ave SW in Burien (map below), forced their way inside, physically assaulted a female resident, stole her credit cards, Xbox, games, jewelry and finally her car before escaping, according to Burien Police Sgt. Henry McLauchlan.

We were first tipped to this crime by a neighbor of the victims, whose door was knocked on first by the suspects. The suspect asked him “is Patrick there?” before being told they had the wrong house. The neighbor was immediately suspicious of the stranger, who quickly walked away.

According to our source, whose story was corroborated by the police, the suspects then went to the next house on the same block, where they asked the female resident if her husband was home. When she said no, they forced their way inside and robbed her. While the neighbor did not witness the home invasion, by then he had called the Burien Police non-emergency line, where the dispatcher told him there was a robbery in progress next door (our source was unable to intervene, as the perps had escaped by then).

The three suspects were described as a tall, thin African-American male (who knocked on the door), a younger Hispanic boy, and a 40-ish, heavyset African-American woman who was “clearly the ringleader” according to the neighbor.

The victim, a smaller-framed East Indian woman, told her neighbor the following details:

  • No weapons were visible during the robbery, although force was used and the victim was physically assaulted.
  • At one point during the robbery, the female ringleader threatened to kill the victim with the cord of a wall charger.
  • The young Hispanic boy continually apologized to the victim as he pilfered through her belongings.
  • At one point the boy referred to the female ringleader as “Momma.”
  • One of the stolen credit cards was attempted to be used at the AM/PM Mini-Mart on Ambaum and SW 136th around 3 a.m. Thursday morning.
  • The victim was hosting a friend from out of the country, whose credit cards and cell phone were also stolen.

“We love the blog and we want to make the community aware,” said our source, who prefers to remain anonymous. “Do NOT answer your door, even in the middle of the day, if you don’t know who’s there. Also, get motion sensor lights, or a dog, and other deterrents.”

Sgt. McLauchlan concurs:

“If somebody knocks at your door and you don’t know who they are, don’t open the door – you can talk to them through the door. The best words of warning I can give are make sure you have a peephole, make sure you identify the people before you open the door, If they want to use your phone or they need help calling do not let them in your house – make the phone call for them, and if you have any suspicions about them call 911 immediately.”

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46 Responses to “CRIME: Robbers Invade Home, Assault Woman, Steal Car In Burien Wed. Night”
  1. Jason says:

    What’s it coming to it seems. Why is this stuff increasing in Burien? What are our esteemed city council doing about this sort of stuff? And don’t tell me its my job to protect myself from low lifes. I beg to differ. It is our council’s job to work with the police forces to ensure the citizens of this city are safe.
    Yes, Officer McLaughlin has the right points we all should consider. Never open your door if you don’t know them and if you are not expecting someone, then don’t open it at all.

    But I’d like to know what our council is doing about this. Buck up folks what do you say?

  2. mike says:

    i live just a couple blocks from there and have lived there for years. This kind of thing is absolutely happening more and more in the 136th & Ambaum area. During the summer I hear helicopters circling the area at 2 am once a week. Often times I’ll call Burien dispatch to find out what’s going on and it’s “stabbing” this and “shooting” that. I woke up a couple weeks ago to look out front and see two young black males inside my car rifling through the glove box…at 7 am when it was light out! This neighborhood has gone to absolute waste, which is a shame because it hasn’t been like this until the last couple years.

  3. Keith J. Weir says:

    I will have my wife make sure she knows how to point the shotgun at the door and be able to pull the trigger without remorse!!! My family WILL NOT be victimized!!!

  4. Lisa B. says:

    Scary stuff, right in my neighborhood. It was great that the neighbor followed his instincts and called the police. Unfortunately we can’t let our guard down with people anymore. If people come to our door we don’t even talk to them, I know it’s mean and sad but that’s the way it is. Chances are they’re fencers or want to do you harm. Or window salesmen.

  5. Jerry D says:

    This happened 3 blocks from my home. Not cool.

  6. Christine says:

    I know I am beating a dead horse but why is our city one of only three in the state that specifically has a policy against responding to home alarms??? This is not where we should be saving money. I want to use this valuable tool to protect my family!!!

    • steve says:

      Chr8stine can you elaborate?

      • Kevin says:

        According to Burien Municipal Codes the alarm company (or the homeowner in the case of non-monitored alarms) will be fined $100 if they call for a police response when an alarm goes off UNLESS they have verified that a crime is actually in progress. They can verify by calling the homeowner (Hi, is anybody threatening you with a gun?) or by sending a someone by to confirm that there is a break-in. The Alarm Company I used contracted with a security service who would do a drive-by in case of an alarm and no answer when they called the house. But the security person wasn’t supposed to get out of his car, so they’d only see something if the burglar broke in on the street side of the house and left visible indications. There’s also a $150 fine for a false alarm and a $100 fine if an alarm is called in and canceled before the police arrive.

        You can get more than one fine for a single occurrence, and you can (but hopefully wouldn’t) be fined for a real break-in if it wasn’t verified before the police were called. The original ordinance was passed in 2004, then renumbered a few years ago.
        New version:

    • Burienite says:

      Automatic residential burglar alarms that are FALSE are so chronic that many cities will not committ resources and respond to them.

      I’m somewhat skeptical of your info that Burien is only one of THREE cities in the state that operates like this. Where did you get your data?

      As far as Burien’s policy goes, I totally support it and don’t see a real need to change it. False alarms are still chronic and it’s no different than the numerous car alarms we hear all day long.

      • Christine says:

        This is the list of city alarm code ordinances in our state:

      • Christine says:

        Car alarms sort of prove my point…they are ineffective because they are not monitored. They are also often set to go off at the slightest movement so everyone ignores them. I had alarm systems including smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for 12 years in Georgia and never had a false alarm. My old city fined for false alarms but it was not a huge problem.It is a tool that can be very effective. Insurance companies would not give you a discount for having one if that were not the case. I just wish I could move my house a bit south into Normandy Park.

  7. areyouserious says:

    Come into my house like that and your getting shot.

  8. areyouserious says:

    Excuse me; you’re, I mean

  9. A.Z. says:

    What are things coming to you ask? I have been living in Burien my entire life and have been aware of incidents such as this for as long as I can remember.The difference is that there are sites such as this, and others I’m sure, that now notify us of these crimes.I personally, was notified of this crime via Facebook. Notice the location of this incident? It is considerably close to The Heights of Burien ( formerly, Seahurst Manor, and a variety of other names ) Apt’s. These Apartments have been KNOWN for YEARS to have a fairly high crime rate. I don’t believe many people would be “surprised” so to say, that something like this would take place so close to one of the largest low income, community housing complexes in the city. In regards, to the city council…since when did it NOT become our responsibility to protect ourselves and our family’s from said “low life’s”? I was always taught to be wary and make proper judgments (in order to avoid situations such as these), because the police aren’t always going to be around when needed.

    • Christine says:

      Look at the past year’s crime stats…even Three Tree Point had break ins over the holidays…this is not just a poor neighborhood issue.

      • areyouserious says:

        If you look, those are for thefts from vehicle in Three Tree Point. None of the stuff going on in North Highline is happening there. Not to say it can’t, but it won’t match North Highline or other areas such as South Park and White Center. While it’s not just a poor neighborhood issue, crime is higher in poor neighborhoods. Problem is, it doesn’t stay confined to those areas all the time. Have what it takes to protect you and your family. I ditto AZ on “The Heights” Big old housing project; lots of crime.

        • PJ says:

          Chelsea Park which is where this crime occurred is not in North Highline, it is actually in Burien and has been since Burien incorporated.

    • atkmh says:

      A-Z, you are spot on. I too have lived my entire life in Burien and have been an avid police scanner junkie for years. These crimes have been occurring in this City forever. And as you mention, we hear about it now through the new types of communication, ie the B-town Blog. And not to diminish these crimes, but the economy always has an impact on criminal activity. Surrounding cities are experiencing the same increase as well. And you are correct, the Heights has been a thorn for years. Getting the word out and making citizens aware of the problem now just opens the eyes of people that formerly were under the impression that nothing happened here. It does and will continue to do so. It is our responsibility to report anything that looks suspicious immediately. Thanks for your comments.

      • areyouserious says:

        I certainly am not under the illusion that anywhere is crime free. That said, lower income neighborhoods do have higher crime rates. Burien certainly has it’s pockets of bad areas. I do agree with you on the reporting and the economical influence on crime. We all need to stand together.

  10. susan shulenberger says:

    There was another break-in/robbery yesterday, apparently by 165th and 21st SW. I was running down 21st yesterday and was stopped by the police and told there had been a robbery and that I should not run in that direction (toward Seahurst). There were police at 27th and Marine View Drive, 21st, 164th, 165th and 19th. According to someone on FB someone living on 165th and 21st came home to a robbery and pepper sprayed the guy. Otherwise I could get no information about what happened.

  11. Erik Robbins says:

    “One of the stolen credit cards was attempted to be used at the AM/PM Mini-Mart on Ambaum and SW 136th around 3 a.m. Thursday morning. ”

    Any video available of this?

  12. Jane says:

    If anybody takes one step inside my house, I’ll shoot first then start asking questions. I’m a stay at home mom with two kids and I will do whatever I need to to protect my family. The door is always locked and I DO NOT answer it if I don’t know the person on the other side. I hope the woman was not traumatized too badly.

  13. Jack says:

    Hope next time that she tries this on someone who has a really bad temper and knows UFC moves.

  14. Brett says:

    Many astute and wise people warned us early on about the possibility of a jet ghetto from the Port’s third runway. The noise, pollution, falling property values and uncertainty are all components.

    These are our communities, stay involved and informed. Sometimes it is hard but we can’t give up. Don’t give in to crime. United we stand…

  15. I attended the North Highline Public Safety Forum last night. It covered what’s going on in the area (gang-wise) in South King County. I’d like to thank Bob Edgar for also attending the event as it was good to see a Burien elected in the audience! has a very detailed write-up and video about what happened. I recommend you check it out. It doesn’t cover this particular style incident directly (I think) but is very good none the less.

    Through attending several other public and informal meetings in Burien I’ve also heard about some other ideas that should be proposed to Council later this month. I’m excited about a potential initiative that would “kick the crap out of Crime in Burien” and those aren’t my quotes.

    Joey Martinez

    • Coverofnight says:

      Hold on there, Grandote! Don’t get too excited about a potentially violent initiative…..isn’t Robison a lawyer? I wouldn’t be surprised if he helps push something through, then gets off the council and starts defending the criminals against something he helped put in place – all at the expense of us taxpayers!

      I’m siding with the 2nd amendment folks on this one. We saw how long it took the cops to respond to a 9-1-1 call on that Powell incident; the home invasion is like a smash-and-grab…..they’re long gone by the time the cops arrive. Better to even the odds with some friends on your side – friends like Smith & Wesson.

      Remember, when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns!

      • CON, that “potentially violent initiative” is a question I had for the Chief a few days ago – though I phrased it “a little different”.

        As a minority growing up in East LA and Bakersfield I saw and was subject to “agressive policing” on a regular basis. I now understand that it’s at least partially for officer safety as I’ve seen it through their lense.

        The main concern I described to the Chief was that as a kid I’d see the cops come in agressive as all get up, bust skulls and then would leave. The gangsters would then come around intimidate those who “snitched” and to the rest would say that they would protect the neighborhood against the cops.I now know that all of that is BS, but to the kid who didn’t know any better/different this makes sense.

        The Chief introduced me to new techniqes they use such as “Weed and Seed” that, through targeted enforcement, removes the bad element without making the cops look bad to these vulnerable youth. There were several other techniques, but…

        Getting back to this article… I would agree and support your “friends on your side …” comment. I support both your right to bear arms, and Michelle Obama’s right to bare arms 😉

        As far as I know, Robison is a tax attorney and don’t know if he does criminal law.

        One last thing, “Jose MasImpuestos” isn’t as Catchy as the ingles version. Please stick with the original 🙂

        Joey Martinez

      • Rainycity says:

        Never thought I would live to see the day we agreed on something con man.
        Squeeze the trigger, don`t pull.
        Will wonders never cease

      • Eaton B. Verz says:

        Con, You forgot “When seconds count the police are only minutes away”….

  16. Dave says:

    We had our car broke into 2 doors down from the home invasion, I’m buying a gun and getting better lights around my house. I’m not going to stand for this sh#&.

  17. Darus says:

    I live a few houses down. This is sad news. I’m always on high alert. Time to stay vigilante and keep watching out for each other.

  18. Greg Duff says:

    Although I believe in defending my home and family at all costs and would not have a 2nd thought about shooting someone threatening my family, what about the rest of the neighborhood? Every neighborhood needs a functioning block watch program. I am the block watch captain for my neighborhood and we all have each others phone numbers and email addresses. If something suspicious is happening, we know about it. I even receive pictures from my neighbors of cars that were parked in front of homes during the day when they know no one is home. Of course most of the cars are just parked and nothing is happening but what about the one time it happens to be a burgler? I get crime reports from the City of Burien and pass it on to the neighborhood. We have crime meetings at my house and the Burien Police Department is glad to come out and let us know how to protect ourselves. The only way to beat the bad guy is to be smarter than they are and team up to fight them. If you aren’t part of a block watch program, join one or start one. It is very easy to get one started. Let’s take back our neighborhoods from the crooks.

    • Probably the best comment on this story, in my opinion! That North Highline Public Safety meeting had good info about creating a block watch program. They went into what it takes to create one, which isn’t much. If most people in the watch group participating have ready access to e-mail it sounded very do-able with minimal time commitments.

      Definitely something to look into.

    • william forest says:

      Duff you are overlooking the elephant in the living room.. Annexation of white center by Burien which you have been actively promoting is going to result in more crime in our area.. The reason for that is Buriens inadequate plan to hire an additional 14 or 15 officers to take over police services from King County is not even half enough to get the job done.
      Seattle said it would take 44 or 45 officers to adequately police the proposed white center annexation area. OBVIOUSLY we would have LESS CRIME with 3 TIMES AS MANY POLICE in the area with SEATTLE than we will have with Burien taking over this high crime area. The end result will be that police services that are barely adequate to police the current city of Burien will be continually be called upon to respond to crimes in the white center area resulting in even LESS POLICE COVERAGE than we have now!
      So it begs the question WHY are you so adamant on Burien taking over white center when SEATTLE will bring MANY MORE RESOURCES to the table??

  19. Vcburien says:

    It was our house that was invaded. I was not home at the time and it was just my wife and a female friend. It is difficult to describe the feeling of helplessness that I felt while driving home as as soon as I came to know mahout the incident. I agree that better communication between the neighbors andIt was our house that was invaded and I was not home at the time. My wife and a female friend were the only ones at home. Our friend had just arrived from alabama and they had been home for just about 15 minutes. My wife was mentioning that it is a very safe neighborhood and that she should not have any safety concerns when they heard a knock at the door.  My wife saw a middle aged african american woman with two young teens (an african american and a smaller hispanic boy) at the door. The woman said that they had made some phone deal with me and that she wanted to talk to me. When my wife denied that we had not sold any phones and told her that I am not at home she looked around and suddenly pounced on my wife. Our friend was in the kitchen and did not see what was happening at the door. The woman was wearing a dark brown/ black puffy jacket. She was about 5’8″ and heavier set. My wife is from Nepal and is much smaller than this woman. The african american teen was thin and about the same height as the woman. He did call her “momma” a couple times. He was wearing a grey hoodie and blue jeans. He seemed comfortable helping this woman and did not seem like this was the first time for him. The other teen was hispanic, about 5′ and was acting nervous as well as continuously apologizing for the invasion. He had a black hat and a black sweat on. Anyway as my wife was fighting this woman the two teens came in and my wife was pushed into the bedroom with her mouth and nose covered. The woman took our phone cord and threatened to kill my wife. At this point my wife stopped fighting and was gasping for air since her mouth and nose had been covered. The teens went towards the kitchen and subdued our friend. The whole thing went on for about 15 min and they left the house in my wife’s car. 911 was called at this time along with me.
     It is difficult to describe the feeling of helplessness that I felt while driving home as as soon as I came to know about the incident. I agree that better communication between the neighbors and having a proactive neighborhood watch plan would deter these criminals. We are taking all the steps to educate ourselves on security measures to keep our family safe. Our car was recovered just a couple of blocks from our house near 135th and Ambaum blvd. King 5 news did a brief story on the invasion to get the word out. The police is still looking for these people and hopefully they will be caught soon.

    • Greg Duff says:

      It makes me sick to hear what happened at your house. My heart goes out to your wife and your guests. I can not imagine what terror they must have been going through. Now is the time to become pro active. If you don’t have a block watch program on your street, start one now. Contact Henry McGlaughlin at the Burien Police or email me at gregduff and I will be glad to let you know how we started our program.

    • PJ says:

      I live just about a block away from you and have an active Block Watch. I am a member of the Block Watch Steering Committee for the City of Burien Police Department, please send me an email so I can talk to you about this. [email protected]. I am so sorry that this happened to you and your Family and would like to help if I can.

  20. Nicole says:

    I live near Chelsea Park and I am sick and tired of the park getting tagged! I have seen them, and called 911, in the middle of broad daylight doing it. It also makes me curious about the rates of truancy around here. Kids under 18 shouldn’t be roaming around the neighborhoods during school hours. That little boy who was missing for over 8 hours last week? What was he doing? This brings it back to the schools, who don’t have the resources to even make sure that every kid that went to recess, returns. I know that many of these crimes are probably not committed by kids but they all start somewhere with smaller offenses.

  21. ResidentX says:

    I am afraid now more than ever. I live 3 houses away. I want to set up a block watch… Who’s with me? Let’s get to know one another on 6th Ave sw!

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