LETTER: ‘Had a Chance to Look at the New Zoning Code Amendments?’

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Have you have had a chance to look at the new “2012 Zoning Code Amendments”?

We hope you noticed, as we did, the push to eliminate citizen comment in conjunction with city planning procedures, to control and diminish our rights as property owners. We are sure it will be more efficient for the planning department to have us out of the loop, but we don’t think it will be good for the individual resident, or for the city in general.

Please join us at the Planning Commission Meeting tonight – Tuesday, Feb. 14 at 7:00 p.m. – in the City Hall meeting room to let your voice be heard, while you still can.

This zoning code will negatively impact every property owner in this city.

Come even if you haven’t had time to read the Agenda so you can at least listen to the comments.

Best Regards,
John and Linda Poitras

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7 Responses to “LETTER: ‘Had a Chance to Look at the New Zoning Code Amendments?’”
  1. Betsy says:

    John and LInda – I’d really like some more details about your concerns. There seems to be several revisions on the process – is there one above all that concerns you?

  2. john poitras says:

    Yes, Betsy these are some of my concerns,

    1. The elimination of the posting of Type 4 land use using a reader board, flyers and a mailing notice to residents within 500′ of the proposed property land use change.
    Doing this will eliminate vital sources of information from the residents that live in that neighborhood and limit their ability to know about a project and when to submit comments about the issue. This keeps the neighbor residents from knowing about and protecting the land use in their neighborhood.

    Just using the local newspaper to announce Type 4 land use changes is not realistic for Burien. The City posts in the Seattle Times legal section and most Burien residents do not scan that section to get information on land use in Burien or their Burien neighborhood on a daily basis.

    2.The clear intent to keep citizens from filing for changes to the Comp Plan and Comp Plan map. Removing or strongly limiting citizen voice in this process. These changes limit land use rights for citizens and makes it very expensive for citizens to challenge any city decisions by having to go to Superior Court.

    3. The elimination of the requirement that the city will help to keep and protect significant trees in the City. Soon all of our significant trees will disappear. These trees have an impact on storm water retension.

    • Coverofnight says:

      I don’t have a real problem with the City getting out of the tree business. It’s a bit drastic, though, to say that all of our significant trees will disappear; generally, places will look at trees with trunks greater than 6″ in diameter as significant – so with that criteria, it’s obvious we have LOTS of significant trees around that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The greater concern should be a property owner’s right to cut down any trees on their property without government interference, unless erosion control and/or slope stability is an issue. I don’t agree with the requirement to have an arborist involved just so you can cut down a large tree on your property if you’re tired of it.

      Regarding storm water retention – again, trees are the least of your concern…..just wait until you have to deal with the requirements of the King County Surface Water Design Manual for any work on your property! Gone are the days of a simple downspout to a splashblock for an addition to your home – now it’s into a catch basin, then over to a designed underground storage/drain field area, etc. This can easily add $10K to $20K for construction costs….talk about government controlling you…..gee, how’d this area ever survive all this rainwater for decades before King County started regulating us?

      • Rainycity says:

        A requirement to have an arborist involved to cut down your own tree? What a f`ing joke.
        Good luck with that, if I chose to cut down one of my trees on MY own property, I`ll cut the f`ing thing down.
        I don`t need anyones blessing or approval, after all were we asked about the trees Burien cut down along ambaum?
        what are they going to do? Kick me out? or just unannex me?..*lol*

  3. WC says:

    Those people not yet in Burien please note how the City of Burien will CONTROL you
    and Vote NO to joining the City of Burien!

  4. I’ve had a chance to look into this. In reply to Mr Poitras’ comment:

    1) According to the Planning commission video that Mr Poitras recommended we watch the language removes duplicative text. No actual loss of the sign boards for type 4 notices.

    2) Still digging into why this is the way it is but in my opinion this is like arguing a ticket with a cop. You should bring that up to the Council to address why it’s so different compared to other cities as well as why it’s so different.

    3) Haven’t had a chance to look into this much either. Trees are handled differently by each city but there are general rules (that I’m still looking into) set by the state.

    Joey Martinez

  5. Betsy says:

    Joey and John – Appreciate your thoughts. John, do you agree on second look with Joey regarding the sign boards? Thanks.

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