Boundary Review Board Gives Burien’s Annexation of ‘Area Y’ Final OK

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On Thursday, Feb. 16, the Washington State Boundary Review Board for King County reached a final decision approving Burien’s annexation request of the North Highline, according to a press release from the city, which continues:

The next step is for the City Council to pass a resolution confirming the Board’s decision and requesting that King County set an election date, which could be in August or November 2012.

The City Council is waiting for the state Legislature to approve a state budget before requesting an election.

The Council has indicated it will not proceed with the annexation if the current state tax credit that helps cities provide services to newly annexed areas tax credit is reduced or eliminated from the state budget.

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21 Responses to “Boundary Review Board Gives Burien’s Annexation of ‘Area Y’ Final OK”
  1. The Republican version of the budget leaves the annexation credit untouched. Next up is the Democrat version. Probably to be released early midweek. If both versions leave it untouched….
    Joey Martinez

  2. Erik Robbins says:


    • Bonnie Moormier says:

      It is so unfair that we long-time residents who have invested so much time and effort into our city have to stand by and watch our elected officials make such a devastating decision. We deserve better!

      • mike says:

        What about the citizens of Area Y that want to be part of Burien? Has any of you that don’t want the annexation spoke to them and told them how crappy the City of Burien officials are and how they deserve better? I bet not. I live a block from the city line in Area Y. That’s as close as I want to get to being a citizen of Burien.

  3. Rainycity says:

    Hard to believe at one time folks were proud to be residents of Burien,
    Sure is a messed up p.o.s now isn`t it?
    Maybe we need someone from outside of Burien on the council who will look at the issues we have from an outside point of view rather than what suits me best personally council we have now.

    • Chris says:

      Speak for yourself. I’m still proud to be a citizen of Burien. And I think your comment about Burien being, as you called it, a “…P.O.S.” is pretty lame.

      This great community has much going for it. Regardless of your stance on further annexations, it’s a great place to live.

      If you don’t like it, perhaps yous should move. Let me know where you live–I’ll help you pack.

      • Rainycity says:

        Relax Chris, you take things way to personal. I was being sarcastic.
        But offering to help me pack, thanks, but no thanks,
        You`re such a good boy for offering though.

  4. A. Marple says:

    The Burien City Council should represent the majority of the people and that is what they are doing by moving ahead on annexation. If you look at the primary elections last year, pro annexation candidates Gordon and Joey got 54.03% of the vote compared to anti annexation candidate Bob who got 45.02% of the vote. The pro annexation canditates Ed and Greg got 50.59% of the vote campared to anti annexation Lucy who got 48.82% of the vote. Pro annexation Jerry won over anti annexation Debi in the General (they did not have to run in the primary). The majority of the people favor annexation and with those figures alone, the Burien City Council should move ahead with annexation IF they can guarantee the state will come through with their share of the money.

    • stacy colombel says:

      no – the people you just talked out just barely won out. Most people of Burien don’t like a unresponsive councel who only do their own thing. Look at them being so anxious too to try to get more car lots in- not exactly something to be proud of !-
      We do not want a bigger Burien and more of north Higline.

      • Ian Gunsul says:

        they’re trying to move all of the car lots to an ‘auto row area” by the airport, which will open up the properties they currently occupy to other types of retail business’s that would attract more shoppers to the Burien area.

      • A. Marple says:

        Stacy The figures don’t lie. A majority of the people who voted are in favor of annexation. Talk to the people in area X and most will tell you that they are very glad they were annexed to Burien. The same people who played “the sky is falling” card when annexation happened the first time are saying it again and the facts and figures showed that Area X annexation was a success. You also misquoted the car lots but Ian straightend that out.

        • elizabeth2 says:

          I do not remember a place on MY ballot that asked my opinion on the issue of annexation, so I do not think that there is anyway that one can state “A majority of people who voted are in favor of annexation”.

          We do and did vote for our politicians based on things other than where they stood on annexation – ethics, morals, stance on libraries, car malls, schools, etc. For anyone to extrapolate from our votes how we stand on annexation is just plain misguided.

          There are so many other issues on which to judge.

  5. I just heard, and I’ll check and verify myself later but…

    The annexation tax credit is not mentioned in the Washington State Democrat version of the budget either (House republican version didn’t change – but did mention the credit). I guess that means the credit is unaffected. Good news for the “Area X” annexation as well as the potential annexation of remaining North Highline.

    Joey Martinez

    • William Forest says:


      Its actually BAD NEWS if true for White Center and Burien because if Seattle annexed white center there would be 3 times the number of police officers on the streets than what Burien is willing to provide..
      Of course since you don’t live anywhere near white center that won’t affect you. Then when the number of police officers turns out to not be enough and the capitol improvements promised by Mike Martin have to be paid for it will be all the residents of Burien that will have to pay for it because Burien does NOT have deep pockets like Seattle.. That means MORE TAXES>> something most of us are against >>>but in Joey world thats “par for the course”.. Joey if you ever run for office again you can be certain I will be donating to the campaign of your opponent…

      • William, the Seattle Police Model is very different from the King County model. At the most basic level it is like attempting to compare apples and oranges. WIth the Seattle Model those 45 bodies are paid for regardless if they are needed or not. With the KCSO contract we are able to surge and pay for them when needed, think the SWAT call out yesterday. When we don’t need SWAT we don’t pay for it… That saves us money.

        Another thing about the Seattle model, those 45 officers would be assigned to the SouthWest Precinct (covers Admiral, Alki, Arbor Heights, Beach Drive, California Junction, Delridge, Morgan Junction, Gatewood, Endolyne, Fauntleroy, Pigeon Point, High Point, Harbor Island, Delridge, Westwood Village, South Park
        ) not neccessarily just to North Highline. The commander of that precinct could assign extra patrols to Alki, as one example.

        Seattle does have deep pockets, it also has many hands reaching into those pockets. Seattle has historically treated its Southern neighborhoods poorly. South Park was annexed by Seattle in the early 1900’s and just relatively recently was given a library. Heck, even the northern neighborhoods were told they’d get sidewalks when they annexed into Seattle in the 70’s… They’re still waiting. North Highline would stand to be last in this LONG list of captial improvements.

        I, like everyone, am always weary about more taxes. They are a neccessary evil and should always be minimized when needed. I do hope you, and everyone, participates in all elections, this democratic republic works best when everyone participates!

        Joey Martinez

        • Eaton B. Verz says:

          ” With the KCSO contract we are able to surge and pay for them when needed”

          Yup, When seconds count the police will be just minutes away…. It’s worked REAL good so far. Call about a car prowl or break in and see the surge! I think you are dreaming Joey.

        • william forest says:

          Joey ..

          Try and spin reality anyway you want the FACTS are that SEATTLE is willing to bring 44 officers to the white center area.. Burien is only willing to bring 15.

          Its a no brainer that three times as many police in the area with SEATTLE annexing white center is better for EVERYONE in the area.. BOTH White center (area Y) AND Burien..

          Your response is the same muddy the waters party line approach given by the usual suspects that have a personal financial interest in having Burien annex rather than Seattle because they have much more influence over Burien’s dysfunctional city council than they would over Seattle’s!

  6. Bryan says:

    There goes my property value. Add low value homes to a city and that just drives the current city homeowners values down even more.

    PS. Based off the posting times I see Joey is cruising the internet at work again. Thanks City of Seattle tax payers.

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