CRIME: Major Police Turnout Near Olde/Lake Burien Tuesday Afternoon

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Story & Photos by Scott Schaefer

If you were near the Olde/Lake Burien neighborhood Tuesday afternoon (Feb. 21) between around 1:30 – 3 p.m., you may have wondered what all the police action was, with at least seven cruisers and two vans staged in a parking lot on 10th Ave SW near SW 151st Street.

It was not part of a drill though – Burien Police and King County Sheriffs were out in full force, with at least three donning full S.W.A.T.-style body armor, responding to a man who might be armed in an apartment building a few blocks south at 10th SW and SW 154th.

According to a woman who lives in the apartment complex, the man in question had personally threatened her over the last several days, one time with a gun, another time with a large rock. She ended up calling 911 to report the man.

At one point onlookers, along with this Reporter/Photographer, were told by an officer that, if we were to stay where we were, we might be “targets” of the armed man.

As of 3 p.m., it appeared to us that that the situation had not yet been resolved, as the police were still in the parking lot.

Here are some photos taken of the scene:

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5 Responses to “CRIME: Major Police Turnout Near Olde/Lake Burien Tuesday Afternoon”
  1. Ian Gunsul says:

    I saw them gearing up and thought something was happening in the Blog offices.

  2. A. says:

    That was my sister’s complex…CRAZY!

  3. wow says:

    With all due respect to your sister, A., I hate that pocket on 9th and 10th. A bunch of raggedy apartments that match the majority of their tenants…again, not everyone.

  4. Erik Robbins says:

    What was the final outcome? Any updates?

  5. micah says:

    The info about the gun is incorrect. The guy pretended to have a gun under his shirt the day before and harrassed a friend who was minding his own business sitting on the steps outside the day before. The day in question ,he rang my doorbell and then approached my window with a paint scaper. He started pounding on my window and jabbing the paint scaper in stabbing motions towards the window saying things like “our time has ended,” “our number is up,” and ” I am going to kill you.” He then went back upstairs and a few mins later came back down wearing a trench coat and a cowboy hat. He approached my window again this time with a large rock and made motions as if he was going to shatter my window with the large rock. at that point I called police and the landlord and told them what was happening. The Police tried to ask him to come out of the apartment but he refused so they got a search warrent and that is why the swat team came out in force. Seemed a little dramatic but you just never know what people are capable of. Oh and the people who live in that area are mostly hard working honest people with children……Not raggedy like someone commented. Of course in every area you will see transient looking people but I see that everywhere I go. The police arrested that man without anyone getting hurt. When they cuffed him he screamed for someone to help him (most dramatic part) but that was it. The detectives did not find any guns in his house expect for of course the paint scaper and the large rock. The police said that when they entered his apartment he invited the SWAT team to join him for coffee!!!! So obviously he was not there mentally. I was told that the guy recently lost his job working at a alternative medical despencary of all places.

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