Saturday Night Carjacking Incident Sounds Like it’s from an Action Movie

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On Saturday night (Feb. 18) around 7:18 p.m., police received a 911 call about a person with a gun in the area of the 500 block of South 150 Street in Burien (map below).

It all sounds like a scene from an action film:

  • Armed guy tries to carjack car, fails, then jumps in the back of a pickup truck.
  • Bad guy pounds on the roof of the truck, flashes his gun.
  • Driver tries to make bad guy fall out of his truck by swerving and slamming on the brakes before finally ramming into a light pole.
  • Cop responding to 911 call witnesses the collision.

Here are the full details, according to Sgt. Cindi West of the King County Sheriff’s Office:

A deputy was traveling southbound on Des Moines Memorial Drive South area checking for the reported suspect with the gun. As the deputy was traveling southbound he saw a vehicle traveling towards him at an estimated speed of about 60 mph. He saw the front of the vehicle dip a couple of times indicating to him that the driver was braking, causing the front of the vehicle to dip. He then saw the vehicle aggressively swerve from the northbound lane of travel into the southbound lane. The vehicle continued traveling towards the deputy, and he swerved into the northbound lane and the truck again swerved sharply off the shoulder of the road and started traveling straight towards a light pole. The truck suddenly accelerated and collided with the light pole.

The driver of the vehicle jumped out of the truck with his hands raised and told the deputies that a guy in the back of his truck had a gun. He also told deputies that his girlfriend was still in the truck. Deputies found the suspect in the back of the truck injured and found the victim’s girlfriend in the front of the truck. Deputies recovered a weapon at the scene and the suspect was arrested and taken by ambulance to Harborview for treatment.

The victim told deputies that he had stopped at the intersection of South 152 Street and 8th Ave South behind a Honda. He saw a suspect trying to get into the Honda. Victim said he locked the doors to the truck and tried to get around the suspect but the suspect jumped in the back of the truck and started pounding on the roof and rear window of the truck yelling “faster, faster.” The victim turned around and saw that the suspect had a gun pointed directly at him. The victim said after the suspect jumped in the back of his truck with the gun he was scared for his life so he started speeding away and tried several maneuvers to get the suspect out of the truck before colliding with the pole.

Suspect is a 42-year old male from the Burien area.

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11 Responses to “Saturday Night Carjacking Incident Sounds Like it’s from an Action Movie”
  1. wow says:

    People suck. I say that in regard to the suspect.

  2. norman bottem says:

    thank you for the good job on the car jacking saturday night .i was the one driving the red truck .my truck is smashed up bad my body is the same .my mental state is not well i cant get this out of my head im worried about going out side .i no its only been a couple of days i have not been scared in my life . thank you norman bottem the red truck driver

    • Lisa says:

      I was the driver of the Honda, as soon as I got about a block away I pulled to side of the road, I called 911 (7:21pm) and reported that a man was wondering in the intersection and had approached my car stating he “needed help”, “needed a ride”, “had to get outta here” and tried to get into the vehicle. (Thankfully I did not see the gun) I was scared enough with just that, I can’t imagine how scared you must have been. My thoughts and prayers go out to you Norman, wishing you a speedy recovery. Lisa

    • Ed says:

      Hope you feel better soon Norm. Buddy, don’t blame you for feeling a little rattled after that. I heard about this a few days ago but just now found out it was you.

    • atkmh says:

      Are you Norman G. Bottem?

  3. devilsadvocate says:

    Thats only one reason why I carry. What an opportunity.
    The guys in the back of your truck, instead of hitting a light pole,
    Turn around and BANG, you`re it.

  4. Wulfie says:

    Norman, I am so glad that you are ok! It sounds like a really scary night. There is nothing wrong with seeing a councilor to get this worked through! You will be in my prayers

  5. Michael Ingram says:

    actually i was the driver of the honda. Norman my work called my last night and told me that your girlfriend stopped by to see if i was ok. I am ok and I am very happy to hear that you guys are ok too!! I locked my doors when he came to my car first then drove past him when he tried opening my door!! I still cant believe that he got into your truck!! I couldnt see him get into the bed of your truck becuse of your HID headlights LOL…they are bright! i thought he got in the truck when you hit me the first time. I looked in my mirror and by then i was hit a second time…luckily i was off the brake and hitting the gas cause your dodge would go through my accord lol. I would like to meet you two and shake your hand or something. U guys know where to find me. i am there saturday and sundays after 5. Id like to buy u guys a drink or a cup of coffee or something if you are up to it.

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