PHOTOS: High-Speed Collision at SW 155th and 4th Ave SW Tuesday Night

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BTB Reader Tonya Lamourex sent us the following pics from her phone, taken at the scene of a high-speed collision Tuesday night around 9 p.m. at the intersection of SW 155th and 4th Ave SW in Burien (click images to see larger versions):

Tonya said via email:

We heard a car fly down SW 155th at VERY high speed and then a very loud sound of impact.

Looks like it was a dark Honda & red Jeep that were involved.

Police were on the scene immediately (possibly already in pursuit of stolen Honda? I jump to that concluson due to the high number of Honda thefts in this 4 block radius, including mine).

I overheard another bystander say that somebody jumped out of the car and ran towards Ambaum.

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4 Responses to “PHOTOS: High-Speed Collision at SW 155th and 4th Ave SW Tuesday Night”
  1. Cissyrene says:

    I live on 155th just up from 4th. The police now have 155th and 4th closed for an accident investigation.

    On a side note: We heard the crash, then a couple seconds later heard police sirens. It was our thought that the police heard the crash and came a-running, though that, like the theft idea, is pure speculation.

  2. kellie bassen says:

    no speculation of theft, this was theft and a hit and run. this was my jeep. hubby would have been dead w/o seatbelt. there was no siren to warn us of any pursuit so we were unable to avoid. hubby was knocked unconscious and my wrist was broken in several places.

    thank goodness we are alive. car thieves NEED MORE CONSEQUENCES!

  3. cissyrene says:

    Hey, I’m glad you guys are ok. But the article clearly states that the theft idea was speculative at the time it was written, which is when I commented. Thank you though, for confirming. I could not attest either way at the time because i live on that hill and people haul ass over it all the time, whether driving a stolen vehicle or not.

    • kellie bassen says:

      oh no prob. i knew no one really knew. wish i could thank the nice lady who came to hold my hand when they were working on my husband, blondeish and 30-ish. whoever she is…she helped me SO much.

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