PHOTOS: Coyotes frolicking next to Miller Creek Sunday morning

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Photos by Brett Fish

Coyotes make their home and playground at Miller Creek and the Walker Preserve, and these two juveniles were spotted frolicking Sunday morning in the rain chasing each other like puppies next to Miller Creek (click image to see larger version):

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8 Responses to “PHOTOS: Coyotes frolicking next to Miller Creek Sunday morning”
  1. Bruce Romero says:

    We have been hearing them at night…it seems like there is 10 or 12 of them but they make a lot of different sounds so there may be only a few.

    They must be keeping the rodent population down and also whatever feral population is out there.

    • Bev Mowrer says:

      Yes! Their main diet consists of rodents.

      • Brett Fish says:

        Rodents, cats and dogs…maybe redtail fox too, they’ve all disappeared.

        • devilsadvocate says:

          Hmmm, Beings how rodents are part of their main diet maybe instead of surveillance cameras outside of the Burien library they oughta just put a few coyotes out front .*lol*

          • Bruce Romero says:

            I most definitely would not let any house cats or small dogs out at night.

            We actually see them walk up the right of way at “16th Ave SW (not really a street or road…just the right of way) and then cross Sylvester. No big deal, they just think we are a bunch of humans “sort of” in the way.

            I bet they have a 20 mile range as there are lots of creeks and places they can cruise through. We actually really like having them around!

  2. Brett Fish says:

    About 3 weeks ago there was an adult road kill coyote just north of the 176th overpass on ramp on the north bound side of SR509. That night the usual excited chorus and din of yelps from perhaps a dozen coyotes in the Miller Creek valley sounded sooooo sad. Like dogs, they seemed to have sensed and shared the loss with each other.

    • kb says:

      Aww, how poignant. I’m sure you are right.
      Thanks for sharing more of your wonderful photography. Must have been fun watching them play.

  3. Brett Fish says:

    A new twist on an old story-it’s not the neighbor’s dogs knocking your garbage all over the street, it’s the coyotes raiding garbage cans now!

    Sunday night, 8th Ave. SW, 3 coyotes working as a team were spotted knocking them over. One look out, two standing on the can spilling the contents. They didn’t run away either. Almost got another photo…Keep your cats and small dogs in at night!

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