CRIME: Lockdown at Highline High; Police action at Social Security office

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It’s been a lively day in Burien today (Tuesday, Feb. 28), with two crime-related incidents to report:

  1. There was a lockdown at Highline High School this morning before Noon, apparently caused by a “verbal threat,” according to Catherine Carbone Rogers of the Highline School District. The lockdown was in effect for 30-minutes before being lifted.
  2. There was a major police turnout, with officers from Homeland Security on the scene at the Social Security Administration Offices at 151 SW 156th Street. Reports are that some kind of “device” was found in the parking lot, and the building was evacuated as a precaution.

Far as we know, there were no injuries involved with either incident.

As we learn more about these events, we’ll update this post.

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15 Responses to “CRIME: Lockdown at Highline High; Police action at Social Security office”
  1. the206 says:

    My buddy got his car jacked today by Kennedy Highschool. B-town is turning ghetto…

    • Don says:

      I agree with you, all the burglaries and car breakins/thefts. I now regret moving to Burien, it used to be a nice quiet town now it’s run by a bunch of thugs, gangsters and all the areas homeless. Just hope my home appreciates so I can get the hell out soon.

      • areyouserious says:

        Me too. I’m sick that I bought here in Burien but I am stuck right now. I wish I would have considered all of these apartments around here. B-town sucks right now.

      • APS says:

        Just know that where there are people, there is always potential crime of any type. You can run and move all over the world, but you still will be among people. Just be aware of them and they need to be aware as well.

        • areyouserious says:

          This is true. However, some of us just don’t like the direction Burien has taken. We were anticipating alot of new shops, etc with the Town Center, but the economy did that in. I would much rather live in a more vibrant community than not. Crime is everywhere. I’d at least like to like where I live! That said, I remain committed to being a good neighbor and community member while I am here.

    • missya says:

      It does not matter where you live today, you will find the same thing happening. Those places are filled with people of all kinds; good and bad. Burien can still be a good place to live.

  2. HSJunior says:

    As a highline hs student, I am absolutely terrified to go to school tomorrow I mean seriously there was a gun threat at school, homeland security looking for a “device” (probably like a bomb or something) down the street, a shootout at the pawn shop, and worst of all, those disgusting juggalos that lurk around the dollar store. Whats next? A meteor slamming headlong into my school? I’m honestly freaked out like this is not ok.

  3. jm says:

    Burien is getting really bad, I grow up here. loved it, never wanted to move so bad as I do now. Ambaum looks like we live in Mexico. What the hell we need to get our city back.

    • Vera says:

      I am wondering who and why Parkers Funeral home in Burien was torn down for a new fire station. Of all the eye sore’s in Burien to choose from to build a nice new fire station, they chose one of the best looking and well kept properties in the city. Drive by and take a look around at all the buildings that would have been a much wiser choice. Nice going to whoever made that decision… Burien City council?

  4. Gina V says:

    As a community we need to figure out a best way to clean up Burien. Leaving helps yes but it does not fix any of the issues at hand. The police dept has a ton on thier plate and instead of feeding negative feedback we should try to look beyond and help our community…. I still enjoy Burien and all that it offers!

  5. sexyfreshman says:

    yuh guyz are over reacting shizzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!! yeah lets go to burien!!!!! mexico!! no more broaders:D

  6. as says:

    burien HAS gotten really ghetto. I used to be fine with walking around my apt grounds past 10 but now I never wanna leave and I try to get to my door as soon as possible. Just in my apts the manager has her daughter living there as an obvious drug addict and of course she brings her drug dealers and druggie friends around the complex all the time. They’ve let mexicans and meth addicts move in. it just sucks i can’t wait until i move to north seattle burien is scarrryy now

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