PHOTOS: Sylvester Road Bridge pipes, barrier, sidewalks installed

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Story & Photos by Brett Fish

While a completion date on the Sylvester Bridge (number 1052A) is still unclear, the push is on to get it completed soon.

Main water pipe installation, communications infrastructure, the last two 40+-foot sections of pedestrian barrier, sidewalks, approach ramps and dry finishing are the focus. Most of the approach slab fill has been brought in and compacted.

The next pour will be Monday (March 5).

Here are photos of the most recent construction work (click images to see larger versions):

Top L: "Opening a new page on the bridge" pilasters are Justin Tooman and Wally Krause. Top R: Josh Thibeault, Wally Krause and Justin Tooman form up the last pedestrian barriers. Bottom Left: Pedestrian barrier forms freshly pulled give a preview of the final look. Bottom Right: Josh Thibeault applies a white "release grease" to the shape forms for the barriers.

Water District 49 main water lines are being installed by Scarsella Brothers employees. The pipes, lines and fittings are carefully cleaned, sanitized, flushed and tested before being re-pressurized.

Top L: The Sylvester bridge is also known statewide as 1052A. A pilaster at each end has the date and bridge number impressed into the concrete. Like a brand new baby the release grease will be cleaned up. Top R: Concrete is being delivered via a 46 meter reach pumper truck to the pedestrian barrier form. A powerful vibrator settles the concrete instantly. The team monitors every aspect carefully. Bottom L: A "Dry Finisher" from SBI touches up the barriers. They chip and smooth away the rough edges, pressure wash, coat, concrete putty up the pockets like drywall finishing and then apply a cement powder to the pillars. Bottom R.: A preview of a freshly poured pilaster and bracing forms for the last 40 foot sections of pedestrian barrier show the progress.

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4 Responses to “PHOTOS: Sylvester Road Bridge pipes, barrier, sidewalks installed”
  1. Stew says:

    Thank you for the update, Brett. You are our only source for this as it’s tough to get any guidance from other sources. Sounds like from the first sentence that we’re seeing some more delays, is this your perception as well?

    • Brett Fish says:

      Thank you Stew. No further delays known unless we have a serious snow day.

      They are hustling hard to ready the bridge for Sunday’s “fun run”. The approach slabs are scheduled to be poured Friday, ready to walk on Saturday, dry finishing work is on-going to the pedestrian barriers. Dis-assembly of the “false work towers” has begun.

      The rough completion date is 2 weeks for vehicle traffic. That said, no one should try to travel there until the signs are pulled. It’s a safety issue!

  2. Brett Fish says:

    Correction: The Sunday fun run does not include the Sylvester Bridge as stated above.

  3. Brett Fish says:

    Approach ramps at both ends have the concrete pour scheduled for FRIDAY, March 9, 8:00am. The final pedestrian barriers were poured today, March 8. Next week the “false work” huge metal support towers are scheduled to be removed with a HUGE crane. Sidewalk and cleanup shortly——-Almost there.——-

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