UPDATE: Shootout between two injures Bail Bondsman, Man in Burien

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Crime scene tape still littered the scene of Wednesday morning's shooting in Burien. Photo by Scott Schaefer.

UPDATE 4:30 p.m. 3/7/12: A 32-year old bail bondsman and a 42-year old Burien man were both shot when gunfire was exchanged Tuesday night around 11:40 p.m. in front of a Burien house in the 12600 block of Occidental Ave South.

The bail bondsman told police he had information that a woman with a warrant he was looking for was associated with the house. The bondsman said he had been watching the house when there was a confrontation which occurred outside between him and its residents.

Witnesses said that someone in the house brought a shotgun outside and after a brief struggle over the shotgun shots were fired. The bondsman, who was wearing a bullet proof vest, was struck in the chest with birdshot. A resident of the house was struck in the leg by a bullet presumably fired by the bondsman. The woman the bondsman was looking for was not in the house and police do not believe she is actually associated with the house.

“At this point we are still sorting out the details of what happened leading up to the shooting,” said Sergeant Cindi West, spokesperson for the King County Office.” “We know that multiple rounds were fired by each side but detectives are still trying to piece together the specifics.”

The King County Sheriff’s Major Crimes Unit is handling the investigation.

PREVIOUSLY: A shootout in Burien early Wednesday morning resulted in the wounding of a bail bondsman and another man, according to the King County Sheriff’s Office.

Sgt. Cindi West of the KCSO said the bondsman was apparently staking out a house in the 12600 block of Occidental Ave South, waiting for a woman with an outstanding arrest warrant.

Several people then exited the house and started arguing with him. One of them fired a shotgun at the bondsman, hitting him in the chest with birdshot. The bondsman fired back, and hit one man in the leg. It was unclear if that was the same man who fired at the bondsman.

The bondsman and the other wounded man were taken to a hospital and are expected to recover.

As we learn more details on this incident, we’ll update this post.

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36 Responses to “UPDATE: Shootout between two injures Bail Bondsman, Man in Burien”
  1. Don says:

    once again, a story showing the rest of Puget Sound what kind of trashy folks live in our neighborhood. Burien is on a nasty downward slide unless we get rid of the homeless and the druggies/rapists/losers.
    Why do I live here??

    • the truth says:

      funny what the media tells you.. the bounty hunter shot first… i knew who the house is why hes got a gun bounty hunter .. when then they get guns kinda sketchy

    • buriens slide says:

      Get rid of the druggies, rapists and losers and all you have left is a ghost town.
      The whole damn town will look like the town square, muahhahhaahh

  2. Craig says:

    Should have sent “the Dog” after this guy.

  3. Bryan says:

    This is a perfect example of why we shouldn’t annex White Center. We need to clean up our own backyard before we take on more problems.

    • TcB says:

      I think the people of White Center are saying that about Burien since we have the higher crime rate…

      • raquel davis says:

        Sure, now that we’ve annexed North Highline, our numbers have increased dramatically! That’s why….

        • othersideofthetracks says:

          Oh jeez, blame the folk that didn`t want to a part of it anyways.
          thats the Burien way…. Seems to me the crime rate in north highline went up after the annex. *lol*
          On a serious note though, I did hear a bunch of gunfire Tuesday night I think it was and possibly a shotgun blast at the very end but there was a succession of gunfire before that.
          One round, then a couple of seconds later, a series of 10-12 rounds, then a blast like a hot round. I just thought maybe rainy was doing a little target practice until the loud blast at the end.

  4. c says:

    know the story before u talk out your ass!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Do you realize that these kinds of things happen in all neighborhoods? It is not exclusive to Burien or to White Center.

    • Eaton B. Verz says:

      Yup. We have weekly shootings in Normandy ParK!!

      • Jennifer says:

        Well, Normandy Park has its fair share of crime. So please just realize these kinds of problems are not exclusive to Burien and White Center. These kinds of things happen all over. I bet if you look at police reports you would be surprised by who lives in your neighborhood. I agree with Ralph it is important to get to know your neighbors. I have and we watch out for each other.

  6. John says:

    It may not be unique to Burien but you can’t deny that violence has been on the upswing for quite some time. Why is that? Any of us can speculate on why we think the increase has come; enlarging our boundaries, types of people coming to live here, increased homeless being pushed out of Seattle or other areas, etc. as the list can go on.

    I agree we need to put more effort and resources into cleaning up our city. The size of our city has nothing to do with it. When people let people do this to each other this will happen. When you dont’ know your neighbor or care to look out the window once in a while things like this will happen. Did the neighbors know this person? Did they know they were wanted? Gosh I know each of my neighbors on everyside behind and in front of us. Make it your business to know. If they don’t want to let you know then there is an obvious spot to start!

  7. :( says:

    I live a block away from where this happened. I’m really wanting to move out of this neighborhood.

  8. Ralph Nichols says:

    Perspective is needed here.

    First, John makes some good points, and a logical extension of his comments is to participate in your neighborhood block watch if there is one in your neighborhood or to start one if there isn’t. The Burien Police Department will be happy to assist you in this effort. Police respond to crime and solve it, they usually can’t prevent it. But ordinary citizens, with their feet on the ground and banded together, can do much to make this and every community safer, neighborhood by neighborhood.

    Second, many criminals are transient, moving from neighborhood to neighborhood and city to city for a variety of reasons. Among those is that they are pushed out from one area and migrate to another, until stepped up law enforcement encourages those not behind bars again to move on.

    Third, where would you suggest moving to, Don? Seattle’s Belltown or SODO or Rainier Valley neighborhoods? Bellevue where criminal activity exists below that city’s upscale veneer? What about Kenmore where there was another bail bondsman incident yesterday … or the Kitsap Peninsula where meth activity led to the death of a State Trooper or Bremerton where a serial killer is on the loose … or Tacoma or elsewhere in Pierce County where underworlds of crime also exist? (See the paragraph above.)

    Finally, if you’re that concerned about crime in Burien and the surrounding area, and there are legitimate reasons for all of us to be on guard at all times anywhere, go to Burien City Council or North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meetings and voice your concern – and encourage logical public – and private – solutions. I attend almost all city council meetings and very few people comment on any issue.

    This is your city too. Instead of complaining, become part of the solution.

    • Jennifer says:

      Very well said!

    • Shari says:

      Ralph, I really appreciate your post. I agree with you that active block watches play a very important role in crime reduction and in creating a stronger sense of community in a neighborhood. But I’m not sure that block watches are a sufficient response to the kinds of things many people are expressing their concerns about in these comments and in lots of other comments to other articles lately. A lot of us are concerned that neighborhoods are deteriorating, that popular businesses are leaving and and in their place we get vacant storefronts or businesses that might end up actually attracting more crime, that the area has a bad reputation (which may not be deserved, but still determines a lot about whether people come here to shop, eat out, live, and work)…etc.

      Your point about attending Council meetings is an absolutely valid one and should be a bigger part of my ‘if you don’t vote, don’t bitch’ commitment (credit to Steve Earle) – but as far as going to sessions in order to propose logical public and private solutions— I don’t *know* what those solutions are. I’m not an urban planner, economic development expert, code enforcement specialist, criminal justice professional, or politically savvy activist. I just know what concerns me about Burien’s trajectory. I can shop locally (I do, except increasingly aggressive panhandlers are actually making me start to think twice), I can support my neighborhood block watch (I do), I can talk up the great things about Burien to people who have a bad opinion of it (I do…CONSTANTLY), I can vote (I always do), I can weigh in on key school district and municipal decisions when my input is invited (I do)… but …. it would be great if there was some way to find one or two really big issues that lots of people could rally around and take action on to make a meaningful difference on a large scale… to go beyond “complaining” on the blog (or having a public dialogue, however you look at it) to taking significant action to make things significantly better. Going to Council meetings and sharing my concerns doesn’t seem to be enough … especially when there’s no critical mass of people standing alongside me saying the same thing, when I don’t have several million to add to the budget, and when I have no idea what the logical solutions are— who are the people who do and how do we get them involved?

      • william forest says:

        One solution is to have SEATTLE who is willing to add 44 police to the area annex white center and rather than Burien who is only willing to add 15!

  9. C says:

    Well said Ralph

  10. ????? says:

    don’t look down at the area that house has been know to be a so called bad house it has bunch people with guns that don’t know how use them correctly living there it not to surprising that there was a shooting i feel bad for bond man he should have done a better background check and bring a dam street sweeper next time

  11. C says:

    O really I know these people and they are very great people to know!! don’t judge people you don’t know!!!! As for proper use of firearms with people that live in that house again making assumptions about people u dont know! Making accusations is an ignorant!! Do you know what happen?? were u there?? Do u know if the bondsman identified him or her self as a bonds man?? Did they do what they were suppose to do correctly?? These guys were doing what everyones talking about getting more involved looking out for there neighbor hood!!

  12. ????? says:

    no i do know what happen that last night but i know other things that happen at that house like the kids that live there robbing people then the people are at there door to get there stuff back they come out with ak-47 acting like some dumbasses trying be quick pull a gun when there the ones in the wrong also these are some of the same people that continue to drive at 80mhp up and down these roads peeling out running dam stop sign so i do not think these people are the greatest people in the world but of course there provably your friends or family so have to protect them there even say on king5 that other people in the area know its a bad house there has been some thing that go on at that house this is just what i know ask other people that live around that house look into the police reports from that house in the past 10 years see what you find

  13. MBL says:

    I live 2 doors away from this incident. Not surprised at all by it. 2 years ago serial rapist arrested across the street. Moved in here in 2006 and had homeless couple walking the street daily with open containers of alcohol. Had one of our vehicles stolen from in front of our home. The area is going down hill quickly. I love my home but not my neighborhood. Sadly things like this are becoming more and more common in all neighborhoods.

  14. SpazZ says:

    I’m very disappointed at everyone spreading rumors, even the news! The news twisted the story so much and its ridiculous! The bondsman shot the man first and then the bondsman was shot by someone else defending the man. Also, the bondsman never identified themselves, they just sat accross the street for two days staking the damn place out! Not once did the come up to the door and ask if they knew the person or ever even heard of the person. The people that live there are always helping people out. So what if some of the people that hang out there speed sometimes, who doesnt… everyone had a little fun in there younger years! The media and the people around should not be running there mouth all over town unless they know the WHOLE story! This is making the family involved look horrible and that is messed up, because they ARE NOT!

    • ????? says:

      if these are such nice people then why the hell was there bonds man there in the first place and what was warrant for i don’t think a bonds man would bring a gun over some traffic tickets

      • J says:

        see you dont know the whole story, have someone pull a gun on you on your own property and what are you gonna do? no badges were shown no papers were shown, they had the wrong house which is theyre fault not anyone’s who was trying to protect theyre home and family.

        • ????? says:

          like i mention before i have had a ak47 pulled on me from that house when the people there where the in complete wrong they drag someone down the street with a car because the people in the car want to robb the guy then when his friends and family showed up at that house to see what your problem is and to get to the bottom of it you morons friends at that house pulled a ak47 on us you don’t like pepole talking about your family and friends then don’t do stupid s*&t why don’t you move the hell out of area your a bunch of c#$%^&*s that don’t need to live in this area if there someone your property that you don’t know then you call the f$%^*ng cops and have them deal with it then you have a less chance of getting hurt or causing all this attention to your family or friends

  15. J says:

    in my opinion all of you people are quick to judge, if anyone wants to know what really happened heres the deal from first hand experience of being there when this all went down, the bail bondsman pulled up unidentified and pulled out a weapon and in his wrong doing ended up with a bullet in him thats noones problem he shouldnt of threatened MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY on theyre own property. of couse this add wont say there was 5 other people at the house defenseless being shot at but thats typical media. all of you people are very quick to judge a book by the cover when in all actuality you have no idea what these people are like. ive been down and theyve helped me through alot more than any of you people can imagine so do me a favor and dont bad mouth a family that would put you before themselfs. thanks.

    • J says:

      sorry i wasnt there i meant who’s been there because like i said i consider this home my family and its sickening to see the stuff people post about somthing they have no idea about.

      • ????? says:

        ok why dident they lock the door and call 911 if someone comes to my door with a gun i would lock my door take cover and call 911 the cops would have came out check this guy out he would have said iam bail bondsmen with a warrant for someone listed at that address the cops would come in that house and search for that person if that person not there or does not live there and there no other criminal activity is going on they would have left and tell the bondsmen he got the wrong house no bad press no shooting but no they decided to confront the guy with a shotgun now 2 people have been shot the person with warrant is going to have more problems that house could get took from bondsmen if that person was living there and these people were hiding them then all people there could face other charges to

        • SpazZ says:

          They have been living in this house for decades, so instead of telling them to leave maybe you should f*****g leave. These people are amazing people and you have no right to talk bad about them! This b***h they were looking for nobody in that has has ever even heard of. They mind there own damn buisness and have done nothing wrong in my opinion. If somebody came to my house like that and was threatning to my daughter I would shoot there ass too! That bondsman got what he had coming and he’s gonna regret showing up with a gun. He was wearing a bulletproof vest.

          • ????? says:

            yeah and if you lock your door and call the cops the cops would a done quick search for the person if there not there or not living there the cops would tell bondsman to leave that would be that we wouldn’t have a double shooting all over the local news and press you wouldn’t have to sit here and try to defend all friends family what ever how the hell you let some sit out side your for 2 days and not call cops with all crap that goes on in this area and have fun in court you better hire a high price lawyer because i bet this bondsman going to come after who ever was involved look up the laws bondsman have

  16. Loren says:

    Everywhere that liberal policies have been put in place, this becomes the norm. People who can move away, and people who can’t live in fear. Detroit anyone?

  17. raquel davis says:

    So, so true. “…to bring a child into existence without a fair prospect of being able, not only to provide food for its body, but instruction and training for its mind is a moral crime, both against the unfortunate offspring and against society”
    ? John Stuart Mill, On Liberty

    We are seeing the fruit of not following that advice.

  18. Rick says:

    Would a few of you posting comments regarding the story at hand please take the time to focus on your sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling. Perhaps returning to school beginning at the 4th grade reading and writing level would help.

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