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Here are the Top Finishers of Sunday’s Cove to Clover Fundraiser Race (2012)

And they're off! Runners take off for the Cove to Clover Race Sunday. Photo by Scott Schaefer.

The 4th annual Cove to Clover [1] Fundraiser Run (we’re a Sponsor) happened under dry but on-the-brink of stormy conditions Sunday afternoon (March 11), with over 1,500 registered runners, setting a new record.

The weather went from mild to wild though, and by the time most reached the finish line it was cold enough to molt a snake.

Winner of the 10K for Men was Ryan Prentice, 21, of Normandy Park; his Dad, Ray Prentice, 52, came in 4th (beat ya Dad!).

Winner of the 10K for Women was Sandi Rowden, 47, of Burien.

Winner of the 5K for Men was Angelo Baca, 32, who won the Brat Trot 5K last Fall (read our coverage here [2]).

Winner of the 5K for Women was Thais Pedro, 15, of Burien.

The oldest runners were Clyde Sparks, 76, and Betsy Backstrom, 62, both from Normandy Park,

Here are the initial results, courtesy Rogue Mutli-Sport [3] (see full results here [4]):

Ryan Prentice, 21, of Normandy Park, won Sunday's Men's 10K Cove to Clover Race. Photo by David Sharpe.

10K Men:

  1. *Ryan Prentice, 21, Nornandy Park
  2. Joe Bisignano, 51, Seattle
  3. Samuek Njenga, 33, Kent
  4. *Ray Prentice, 52, Normandy Park
  5. Timothy Petrie, 30, Seattle
  6. Stuart Ayling, 35, Lake Tapps
  7. Shawn Connoly, 25, Seattle
  8. Nick Kramer, 24, Burien
  9. Eric Taylor, 34, Burien
  10. Sephren Barrow, 30, Seattle

* Father and Son

Sandi Rowden of Burien won the Women's 10K in Sunday's Cove to Clover Run. Photo by David Sharpe.

10K Women:

  1. Sandi Rowden, 47, Burien
  2. Jessica Fauconnier, 29, Orondo
  3. Maddi Groen, 15, Seattle
  4. Danielle Klinkhammer, 34, Burien
  5. Sonya Kepler, 34, Burien
  6. Amy McCurdy, 30, Seattle
  7. Angela Pasquale, 31, Seattle
  8. Hidi Michelson Cramer, 37, Des Moines
  9. Kelly Bolma, 14, Normandy Park
  10. Jamie Barton, 32, Burien

Last Fall's Brat Trot winner Angelo Baca won Sunday's Men's 5K in the Cove to Clover Race. Photo by David Sharpe.

5K Men:

  1. Angelo Baca, 32, Burien*
  2. Paul Young, 20, Normandy Park
  3. Joe Baisch, 28, Burien
  4. Samuel Gustafsson, 17, Seattle
  5. Matthew Chacon, 14, Seattle
  6. Jacob Williams, 22, Normandy Park
  7. Zachary Todd, 17, Burien
  8. Christian Tinoco, 17, Seattle
  9. Nick Baisch, 26, Burien
  10. David Lachtman, 24, Seattle

5k Women:

  1. Thais Pedro, 15, Burien
  2. Jenna McPhee, 11
  3. Denise Sagmoen, 40, Burien
  4. Kalina Cordero, 11, Tukwila
  5. Heidi-Lyn Menjonideo, 34, Burien
  6. Taylor Johnsen, 10, Normandy Park
  7. Kelly Williamson, 27, Seattle
  8. Karianne Bolma, 12, Normandy Park
  9. Michelle Hunter, 41
  10. Kathryn Brunette, 46, Normandy Park

This local, grassroots community fundraiser benefits the Highline Area Food Bank and many other local charities.

We’ll be posting more photos over the next day or two, so be sure to check back for updates.

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