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BREAKING: Gina Bourdage elected Executive Director of Discover Burien

Newly-elected Discover Burien Executive Director Gina Bourdage during a board meeting in 2011.

At Wednesday night’s monthly Discover Burien [1] Board Meeting, members voted to remove the “Interim” from the title of current Interim Executive Director Gina Bourdage, thus making her the new Executive Director.

Gina was hired last March as Administrative Coordinator for the organization (we’re members, and Publisher/Editor Scott Schaefer is on the board). Once then-Interim Executive Director Nancy Hinthorne retired (last April), Gina was given the “Interim” Executive Director title.

“We’re excited to officially welcome Gina as Executive Director,” said Discover Burien Board President Brian Frederick. “She’s proven to be a great asset, and has made the organization a more proactive and community-oriented group. We’re looking forward to more of her new and exciting, out-of-the-box ideas.”

“Gina is great for a variety of reasons, one of which being that she’s truly local,” added Board VP Lori Alden. “Along with her deep knowledge about the area, she brings many new and innovative ideas that can only help Discover Burien move forward.”

She was originally hired as an Admin over 219 other candidates based on her ties to the Burien and North Highline areas (she was born and raised here, and still lives here), her knowledge of Social Networking (be sure to “Like” DB’s Facebook Page here [2]) and her web design work. Gina has worked in the DB offices part-time, but will switch to full-time now.

“I love our community,” Gina told The B-Town Blog. “Being a third generation ‘Burien-ite,’ it matters to me what happens here. I want to see our businesses thrive, our students flourish and our community come together to celebrate it all. It’s my goal to continue to help make Discover Burien a frontrunner in making that happen.”

So, the next time you see Gina, be sure to give her a hearty “Congrats” and welcome her to her new gig!

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