VIDEO: Injured Bald Eagle Returns to the Skies above Burien

Print This Post  Email This Post has a video report about a once-injured bald eagle that was set free in Burien Saturday morning (March 17).

According to the report, the bird was found injured in December, then treated at the Sarvey Wild Care Center in Arlington before being released at a Burien park (looks like it was near Seahurst Park Beach to us):

Read KING’s full report here.

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One Response to “VIDEO: Injured Bald Eagle Returns to the Skies above Burien”
  1. Coverofnight says:

    Such a beautiful bird – can’t understand why the Native Americans feel they have to kill them for a “religious” ceremony. Surely, any necessary relics can be obtained from one that has died by natural causes or accident. Same with the tribes that kill the whales. I’ve always equated tribes with the preservation of life and nature – I’m surprised these ceremonies still exist in these modern times.

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