New Art Project Seeking ‘Found Sounds’ in B-Town + Artists to Collaborate

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‘The Sounds of B-Town’ is a new audio art project that will take “found sounds” recorded within the city limits of Burien and premiere them in an interactive installation at the Wild Strawberry Festival the weekend of June 16-17.

“I’m looking for residents to give me ideas of sounds to record,” said Artist/Producer Scott Schaefer. “I’m also looking for help from other artists, craftspeople, set designers, audio engineers, technology geeks and anyone else who is interested in giving a hand with this innovative project.”

Schaefer, who also serves as Publisher/Editor of this here B-Town Blog, also adds:

I’m currently seeking ideas for sounds to record within the city limits of Burien. These sounds can originate from nature, animal, human, machine, and more, with the only criteria being that they’re found within the city limits. Do you hear any sounds that are interesting? If so, please email me at scott(at)

You’ll probably see Schaefer walking around town with a handheld boom microphone rig, which he will be using to record sounds.

“My ultimate goal is to create an ongoing, growing audio art project where residents can submit sounds and listen to and mix them online as well as in person,” Schaefer added. “The interactive installation should be affordable to build, be kid friendly and easy to operate, but ultimately provide Participants with ‘aha’ moments. And I’m putting a call out for help on this!”

Schaefer also plans on utilizing one of his other local media ventures – SoKing Internet Radio – to broadcast ‘found sounds’ interspersed between local music.

“And anyone who helps will receive credit on the installation, website, and any mentions of it in the blog,” Schaefer said aloud to himself as he wrote this story.

Some of the items still needed for this project include:

  • A P.A. System that can be used in a tent at the fest.
  • Ideas on feasible interactive elements.
  • Sound recordings from around town as high-quality .WAV files (already in progress but more would be good!).

Schaefer won an Arts & Culture Grant from the City of Burien for this project, and he’d love to collaborate with artists/craftspeople and others to create “something really cool and memorable.”

For more info, email scott(at) or check out (and “Like) the new Facebook Page here.

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5 Responses to “New Art Project Seeking ‘Found Sounds’ in B-Town + Artists to Collaborate”
  1. Shari says:

    Scott, this is so beyond cool I can’t stand it. But then I used to run an acoustics lab, so I’m biased. Do you have enough money in the grant to buy equipment to give to some kids in K-12 to run around listening for interesting sounds and recording them and logging a description of what/where/when and submitting for possible inclusion? Teachers could incorporate it into science lessons on sound and digital recording and mixing in an age-appropriate way. Maybe you could get some airplane sounds, pie joust splats, skateboarding, brat trot crowd noise/runner panting, kids on local school playgrounds, eagles, the Sound at 3 Tree, MIller Creek, lots of different residents saying the same phrase (like ‘I love Burien’) in all of the languages spoken here, and sounds of people clacking away on their keyboards while they type a B-Town Blog comment (you’d need to watch out for peak clipping if you record William Forrest). Is the Tsutakawa sculpture at the library used as a fountain? if so, that would be another one.

  2. M-on-a-bike says:

    Wow! Shari sure covers the gamut with her suggestions of around-town-sounds! All great ideas. Hmmm. I’ll have to scratch my head for a while to see if I can come up with anything worth adding to the heap. Brava, Shari.

    And what a great idea, Scott. I’ll look forward to seeing it’s outward expression in our world. What form will it take?!

  3. J W says:

    How about the sounds of kids hanging around the Burien library? Hahahahahaha! (Ducking the flames, LOL!)

  4. jimmy says:

    what about the sounds of the morons that illegal race in there loud a** Honda’s up and down 1st ave from 112st to 160th or the other morons that spin there tires at 3am or that moron that has to rev up his motorcycle and fly down 1st at 2am or the 100’s car that drive slow down the streets bumping there bass so loud that you feel it from almost a block away or the sounds of the homeless peeing in someone yard or the sound of malt liqueur cans being smashed or the sounds of people bickering over the annex of white center you know the true sounds of burien

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