Burien City Council Decides to Move Annexation Vote to November

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BREAKING: At Monday night’s Burien City Council meeting (April 2), lawmakers voted to move the election for North Highline residents to vote on being annexed by Burien to Nov. 6.

The final tally was 4-3 to hold the vote in November:


  • Mayor Brian Bennett
  • Deputy Mayor Rose Clark
  • Gerald Robison
  • Joan McGilton


  • Jack Block, Jr.
  • Bob Edgar
  • Lucy Krakowiak

We’ll update this post with more information soon, so stay tuned…

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11 Responses to “Burien City Council Decides to Move Annexation Vote to November”
  1. William Forest says:

    I guess it was too much to expect for Jerry Robison to do the honorable thing and recuse himself from the vote.

  2. Perplexed says:

    Annexation… we have more than a year to decide so why did we have to make this decision now? It seems we have some real gamblers on council with sales tax credits undecided.

    I’m disappointed.

  3. FYI says:


    A responsible council: City of Renton delayed their annexation vote until the state decides the sales tax credit issue which appears to be a very credible concern.


    Could this article be a snapshot of our future? Services slashed if sales tax credit eliminated?

    The montra: “it’s the right thing to do.”
    Hmm, I’m not sure it’s the job or function of City council to regulate morality. I was thinking their responsibility was to make good policy & financial decisions for the residents — the residents of Burien.

    Doing the right thing for the residents of White Center is admirable but the Burien Council is responsible for Burien residents first and foremost.

    I don’t think that happened here.

  4. Jennifer says:

    So I find it interesting last week people were up in arms because the city council wanted to hold this annexation vote in August. Now people seem to be up in arms because they are having the vote at all…interestingly the council followed the voice of the community to have the election held in November. Perplexed a year goes fast so I don’t think hold off on a decision is wise either. The annexation conversation has been happening for many years now and I imagine it will continue to happen even after white center is annexed to Burien.

  5. Perplexed says:

    That is another good point –

    Again we hear an echo ‘the voice of the community’. To my knowledge the only effort that was made to get the ‘voice of the community’ was the signatures that showed 2 to 1 against annexation by Burien residents and that was dismissed as falsified – fact or fiction I don’t know but at least somebody tried.

    If somebody else actually attempted to get a consensus I haven’t seen it. A secret? Don’t want results made public? More likely no effort was made. Every time I hear ‘this is what the citizens want it’s actually just friends & associates who share a common view.

    If that is not correct please share this data or study. I’d love to see it.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Yes in 2006 the vote was 2 to 1 against anexation. That was 6 years ago. things have changed in our economy since then. To be very honest there is no way to accuratley predict how things will be in another 6 years. There have been plenty of studies done all of which hve been made available to the community at large.
    In addition I am not a “friend or associate” of anyone on the council. I personally am pleased with the way our city council members are conducting themsleves. I really believe that both Burien and White center will benefit from this annexation.

  7. Perplexed says:

    Plenty of studies have been done. None show the majority of Burien residents want annexation. J is right. We get the tab.

    It would be helpful if people would remove opinions an subjective interpretation & discuss the facts. I’m not seeing facts that support a decision.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Have either of you visited downtown White Center lately? It has wonderful resteraunts that are always busy. There is the new Green Bridge Center, always busy with activities. I don’t think Burien will be left holding the tab as you both put it. There is a lot of opportunity for growth in White Center. I believe that everyone that posts on here includes their opinions…that is just the nature of conversations. The fact is this right now White Cneter is part of unincorporated King County, the Fact is Seattle is no longer interested, the Fact is Burien will be able to control the infastructure as far as zoning, police, fire etc. Here is a news flash North Highline Fire and Burien/normandy Park have been working together for years now. I live in Burien (for 25 + years) and work in White Center. I see the potential for both communities.

  9. Perplexed says:

    Deceptive & some probably believe it. Police is contract & infrastructure is typically capital improvements & both will increase substantially. Possibly the $5 million sales tax credit will cover it but what if we don’t get that now or in the near future? I did my homework & yes, have been there recently. Infrastructure needs a lot of work. Expensive work. Streets are pretty obvious. Growth only helps if it generates enough revenue to offset cost. However, all this is irrelevant because White Center is not Burien.


    Here is the mission statement for Burien. It is not our mission to support surrounding neighborhoods or grow the size of Burien. It’s a moot point. I believe it was stated in past council sessions we would like to keep it a nice suburban community.

    We should have waited until we knew the fate of the sales tax credit.

  10. Just Business says:

    I have a business plan for a non-profit lemonade stand.
    I project a cost of $5 million/yr. – as long as there are no anomalies like lawsuits.
    I get a grant of $5 million/yr for 10 yrs from the state that I never have to pay back BUT they could stop that any time during that 10 yr period.

    I’m pretty sure they’ll keep it in the budget this year. What do ya think? Should I open my business?

    I’m kinda thirsty –

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