VIDEO: In Case You Haven’t Seen It Yet, Here’s Comcast’s Video on Burien

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A couple of months ago, a crew from Comcast’s Neighborhoods Production team did some filming around Burien, and in case you haven’t seen it yet, below is the video they produced about our lil’ ol’ B-Town.

Produced and Hosted by Sabrina Register, this 8:49 video includes appearances from local celebs like:

What do YOU think? Did they miss anything or anyone? Please Comment below…

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7 Responses to “VIDEO: In Case You Haven’t Seen It Yet, Here’s Comcast’s Video on Burien”
  1. Scott,
    Except for the film that you and I produced about Highline, this is the best one I’ve seen about Burien. No warts…
    A nice, professional puff piece.

  2. Eric says:

    Burien has a very vibrant arts scene that did not get mentioned. Not only live theater like “reasons to be pretty” which opens at BLT ( on April 20th, and the Hi-liners shows, but there is music galore, fine art, dance and much more. It is not the hardscape that keeps me in Burien, it is that hard to define “quality of life” that relies on the arts as its foundation.

  3. Joy says:

    Wow! That was a great video showcasing Burien. We have been residents for about 30 years, and the Burien community is what keeps us here!

  4. Diana Lincoln says:

    My husband and I have looked forward to our move to Burien for years. We finally made it and are more enchanted with this area every day! The video was a wonderful reminder of much of what Burien has to offer. I agree with Eric about the vibrant arts scene not mentioned in the piece. My hope is that curious visitors will continue visiting and discover all the opportunites Burien continues to present. We have really enjoyed welcoming friends to events and eateries around town. The most common comment is, “We had no idea…”

  5. William Forest says:

    Thanks for the video.. Good piece.. the only downer was that it was clueless cluck Rose Clark who was interviewed instead of someone actually more engaged like Lucy K , Jack Block or Bob Edgar.

  6. liljo says:

    I think they did a great job.
    Love me some B-town!

  7. Think different says:

    “Puff piece” description is about right. Interesting that the most “exotic” accent / ethnicity that got any real airtime was Australian. For a city where the 2010 US census indicates over 38% of our citizens self describe as minority, I had to look hard to see anyone not of European ancestry in the video. I dimly saw Tami working the counter through the window at the Seahurst PO, but daily excursions bring me into contact with the rainbow of folks that call Burien home and I call neighbors and friends.

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