State Annexation Sales Tax Credit Remains on Books After Special Session

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The annexation sales tax credit was not included in state budget reductions adopted by the State Legislature earlier this week for the remainder of the 2011-13 biennium.

This means that the sales tax credit, which seven cities including Burien currently rely on, and which both Burien and Renton are counting on for new annexations, remains on the books.

The fate of this credit was a ‘go/no go’ factor for Burien to proceed with annexation of unincorporated North Highline – even though city lawmakers voted on April 2 to place the question before North Highline voters in the November general election.

Additional details coming…

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16 Responses to “State Annexation Sales Tax Credit Remains on Books After Special Session”
  1. Erik Robbins says:

    I guess all the money that the city paid on the lobbyist’s paid off.

  2. Ron Laiminger says:

    What does it say That the city had to be paid to take this part of town? Dont do it.

  3. Coverofnight says:

    I read this article and the one regarding the new tax for police and can only feel that we’re getting hosed BIG TIME in this city. This definition is SO appropriate:

    Although it has its origins in the world of gambling, the phrase “the
    fix is in” is commonly applied to all sorts of events (games,
    contests, sporting events, trials, political battles or elections)
    that have the outward appearance of fairness but actually have been
    secretly rigged so that a certain outcome either will definitely
    happen or will be more likely to happen.

    Guess Friday the 13th is an unlucky day for the citizens of Burien, but a lucky day for Joey Moretaxes and Mike Martin – wonder which one is buying the first celebratory round?

  4. Erik Robbins says:

    It still is not a done deal.

    “Gregoire said the state needs a bigger reserve fund than the $300 million left behind by lawmakers, so she may use her line-item veto to save more money.
    The governor has 20 days to sign the budget. She’ll spend much of that time looking for cuts.”

  5. Ghost of Seward says:

    If this were the 1867s Im sure Robbins, Laiminger,and CoverofNight would be calling this purchase “Martin’s folly”. We all know how that turned out, Sarah Palin as vice presidential nominee for years ago.

  6. Erik Robbins says:

    Mr. Ghost – I for one am a staunch Democrat ( CON don’t hate me please :-)). I am just simply pointing out that the numbers will never add up IMHO. As a current citizen of Burien, I just don’t see the city being able to provide the needed services for the populous we already have. Let’s fix Burien first and then if feasible take on more. But right now in this economical environment I just see a train wreck coming down the tracks. Example – I called and wrote the City of Burien about the rampant speeding issue on my street. I was told that it would take at least 4 MONTHS before they could even look into it.
    Have you looked at “Martin’s Folly” on 1st ave? If not please take a look at the wonderful project that we were promised on PHASE 1. And the law suits that ensued costing Burien millions of extra dollars. It has yet to be completed.

    • Chris says:

      Not defending Mike Martin, but how is he to blame for 1st Ave Phase 1? Was that not initiated when Gary Long was still the city manager?

    • Coverofnight says:

      Erik, you’re a Republican in disguise – you just don’t realize it yet. Same with Debi Wagner and Diane Toledo……you’re all sincere, good people who want effective government with no waste and accountability – same as the Republicans and Tea Party.

      I’m confident that you’ll all leave the dark side soon.

      • CON, I was about to say the same thing to you good sir! You’re a democrat in disguise and you just don’t know it. If you want effective government with no waste you VOTE democrat!

        ¡Dios mío, enojé el gato!

        Jose “Mas Impuestos” Martinez

        • Coverofnight says:


          That made me laugh so hard it almost gave away my location in the foliage.

          But I like you – we’ll feed on you last.

  7. William Forest says:

    Check out the sidewalks that need fixing.. like the one my elderly mother tripped on fell and broke her nose . Then of of course the LACK of SIDEWALKS. I am going to be starting a web site showing pictures of unfixed sidewalks and other city infra structure showing the lack of care and proper maintenance demonstrated by a city manager that can’t do the job of taking care of what he already has but is on an empire building folly that he thinks will make his job more secure. How crazy is that?

  8. Erik Robbins says:

    Mr Forest – Not crazy at all I was thinking of doing the same thing.

  9. Scaredandparanoid says:

    Perfect sidewalks, you guys are dreamers. Let the people of White center vote. If it passes it will surely bring to the table more then it takes.

    • William Forest says:

      Scared and Paranoid.

      Are you living in fantasy land.. Its a known fact that White Center cannot pay for itself. No one disputes that even the pro pro annexation crowd..

  10. William and Erik, I recommend you also send pictures/addresses to the city at the same time. Once the city knows about a defective sidewalk (or pothole as another example) they are obliged to make sure it’s repaired within a short time frame. Once they know about it they are liable for any damage as well. William, I suggest you have your mom check with the city as she may be entitled to reimbursement if they knew about it. Also, sorry she had to go through that pain.

    Joey Martinez

    • TcB says:

      lol. You have to be careful anytime you use the phrase “your mom” cause someone here will use it out of context…

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