PHOTOS: The B-Town Blog Gets A Brand Spankin’ New Server!

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Many of our Readers may recall several recent (and oftentimes severe) Server issues with The B-Town Blog, which caused numerous outages and glitches, resulting in frequent frustrations (and um, many censored rants) amongst blog staff, and perhaps even a few Readers.

Well, we’ve got GREAT – make that FANTASTIC – no wait make that SUPER AMAZINGLY AWESOMEXPEALIDOCIOUS news – we took a huge leap of faith and actually bought our own Server!

We picked up a shiny brand new HP S-Buy DL120 G6 X3440 NHP SATA US Svr (not the most user-friendly name we know…), and thanks to our good friends at HomeTask – namely CEO Jerrod Sessler and Tech Guru Justin Williams – we are happy to say that we’ll soon be serving up all our blogolicious goodness fresh and local (and perhaps organic and free-range), from HomeTask’s fiber-optically connected rack at the super-cool, sleek and futuristic Westin Datacenter in downtown Seattle.

Blog Tech Guru/Photographer Michael Brunk has already migrated sister website The Normandy Park Blog as well as parent site South King Media to the groovy new high-tech device thingamajig (click on over and see how much quicker they load), and initial prognosis is very positive – both sites load incredibly FAST – this is most likely because of a few factors:

  • Brand new hardware. Remember, this Server is a brand spanking’ new HP S-Buy DL120 G6 X3440 NHP SATA US Svr with 12 gigs of RAM, an Intel Xeon 2.53 GHz CPU and fast, spacious RAID drives.
  • Fresh install of software. The latest versions of all the base web software, mostly things that only code gurus understand, having to do with acronyms like php and sql, as well as (for some odd reason) a former Native American tribe Apache (yeah, we don’t get it either) and a bunch of other highly technical thingys.
  • Locally-hosted Server on the main flipping’ backbone of the Northwest Internet, connected with screamingly-fast fiber optics! What more can one want?

This new Server is great news if you’re one of our ~55,000 regular monthly Unique Visitors, as all our blog(s) will soon load much faster and consistently. Hopefully no more delays during page loading. Buh-bye distant Server Host Company with crappy Customer Service!

If the name HP S-Buy DL120 G6 X3440 NHP SATA US Svr turns you on, then you’ll surely drool when you check out the following unboxing pics taken by Michael Brunk (we’ll be posting another story with pics from the new Server room – which has a view – once BTB has migrated over, most likely on Monday, May 7):

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6 Responses to “PHOTOS: The B-Town Blog Gets A Brand Spankin’ New Server!”
  1. Technically, the server is actually an HP ProLiant DL160 G6 blade server… I’m just sayin’


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    • Joey Martinez says:

      RAID-5 or RAID-10? I used to recommend 5, but with today’s drive space RAID 10 is the way to go!

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      • Nothing that sophisticated, we’ve got an array of four drives in a RAID 1+0 configuration.

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        • Basically the same thing!

          Yanno, throw in a 3D Video card and you’d have a SWEET Gaming machine! Just sayin…. Although I am sure it sounds like a Jet taking off when you first power it on.

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    • Yes, but “HP S-Buy DL120 G6 X3440 NHP SATA US Svr” is MUCH cooler looking and sounding!

  2. justin williams says:

    You guys made all the nerdy stuff I love sound as cool and exciting as it is!

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